Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.5 — The Strongest Warlock

Seeing the spirits that rushed over were all being wiped out by Su Wan, Su Zhenzhen was finally not as scared as she previously was.

"These, these ghosts, were they….. really hurt by my merits?"

Su Zhenzhen's eyes widened and looked at Su Wan with uncertainty.

"What do you think?"

Su Wan asked back and then her expression suddenly changed: "They’re coming again!"

While talking, Su Wan floated behind Su Zhenzhen again——

If she could save a bit of mental energy, she would. Su Xiaowan was very shrewd.


Seeing Su Wan disappearing and a group of ghosts rushing in from outside the window, Su Zhenzhen screamed again, but this time she made some progress and didn't close her eyes in shock.

She watched those blurry white shadows getting closer and closer, some already showing sinister faces at her.

Su Zhenzhen's face paled and she gritted her teeth. The moment the ghosts got close to her, Su Zhenzhen saw a flash of golden light bursting from her body, and the spirits were immediately burned. Right at this time, Su Wan rushed over again and effortlessly collected the spiritual power of those spirit bodies again.

When the second batch of ghosts were wiped out, Su Wan's soul body had solidified again, but there was no joy on Su Wan's face.

Outside the window, the wind was whistling and the chill was pressing.

In the wail of the wind, the little ghosts at the courtyard outside seemed to have felt danger and fled, but at this time, a burst of night wind swept through them and those little ghosts were swallowed before they could make a sound.

It was midnight and the malevolent ghost has appeared!


Blu: I have no idea what this sfx is supposed to be, so I left it like that.

Teh: Think it might be some weird giggling from the ghost.

The weird and creepy noise came close from afar.

Seeing that the expression on Su Wan's face had become particularly frightful, Su Zhenzhen on the bed couldn't help but get nervous again: "Su Wan, what's wrong?"

"Hu, hu"

An icy night breeze suddenly blew into the room from the open window and the curtains fluttered along with the wind.

After the cold wind died down, a red figure suddenly appeared outside the window. She was floating in the air, her black hair longer than her red dress.

Oh sh*t, it’s ​​a female ghost in red!

Su Zhenzhen immediately buried herself under the quilt in fear —— you can't see me, can't see me, can't see me.

Su Wan:.....

Female ghost:......

"One body and two souls?"

The gaze of the female ghost in red turned from Su Zhenzhen to Su Wan. Sensing the fluctuation of Su Wan's soul body, she couldn't help licking her blood-red lips: "Your soul smells so tempting. Jiejiejie, if I absorb the both of you today, this woman will be able to surpass Old Ghost and become the leader of the group of ghosts in this area!"

While she was talking, the red-clothed ghost’s eyes suddenly turned red and black and sharp nails sprouted from her fingers, as she headed straight towards Su Wan.

Extremely heavy grievances and ice-cold murderous intent collided with her head-on.

Su Wan calmly condensed the spirit power throughout her whole body and waved her hands in mid-air. All her spirit power turned into a light curtain in front of her ——


The female ghost's attack was accompanied by an ear-piercing ghost roar. Su Wan's face changed and the spirit barrier in front of her began to shake.

I can’t hold on! I still don't have enough spirit power and my cultivation time was too short!

This may be the most difficult task that Su Wan has encountered since becoming an Agent ——

She had no physical body and only had a soul body that cultivated for two days, and she even had to deal with a fierce ghost that had existed for who knows how long.

Moreover, she didn't even have the opportunity to forcibly exit this world now.

Once her soul is destroyed, Su Wan will sink into a dormant state in this world until the laws of this world are restored, then she will be automatically transferred back to the Lost Time-Space.

Moreover, because she now exists in this world as a soul, her main soul will be affected to a certain extent due to this heavy injury even if she returned to Headquarters one day…..

Of course, Su Wan was not that afraid of being hurt. She was worried about Su Rui. Once something happened to her, given Su Rui's personality, there’s nothing that he wouldn’t do.

Su Wan did not want Su Rui to fall into a crisis because of her......

Feeling that her spirit barrier was almost reaching its limit, Su Wan couldn't help turning her head and looking at Su Zhenzhen who was still hiding under the quilt.

"Su Zhenzhen, hurry, bite your finger and let out some blood!"

Let, let out blood?

When Su Zhenzhen poked her head out of the quilt and saw that Su Wan's soul body was slowly becoming transparent, Su Zhenzhen immediately panicked.

Bleed, bleed.

She anxiously bit her index finger directly with her teeth.

Blood flowed out from her fingertip and the dark red blood beads gathered on the fair fingertip, unwilling to fall.

"With my blood..."

Su Wan suddenly closed her eyes and silently muttered a spell: "With my blood, the heavens are clearly understood. Lingbao Tianzun, your comforting figure..."

Blu: Tianzun - honorific appellation of a deity /// Lingbao - name of the deity in question /// Sorry, but I’m not poetic.

Su Wan's soul body was constantly distorted along with her voice, but Su Zhenzhen's body continued to emit bursts of soft white light.

This is……

Daoist incantation! Spell to exorcise evil spirits and purify one’s body!

The ghost in red heard Su Wan’s voice and her entire person (ghost) froze in astonishment ——

Crazy, this world is absolutely crazy!

A ghost cultivator dared to summon the Daoist Tianzun to come. Isn't this courting death?

Moreover, why can a ghost practitioner use Daoist spells?

A ruthless light flashed in the red eyes of the female ghost in red: "You are not qualified to purify me!"

Suddenly, her long hair fluttered around. Her hair suddenly grew into multiple long sharp spikes that seemed to blot out the sky and cover the earth, each and every one of them smash against the spirit barrier in front of Su Wan in one fell swoop——


The transparent barrier shattered in an instant and Su Wan's voice stopped abruptly.


The red-clothed ghost rushed to Su Wan with a ferocious expression: "Die!"


At this time, Su Wan - whose spirit body was already trembling - suddenly opened her eyes and she quickly mouthed: "Azure Dragon, White Tiger, wield your various weapons. Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise, guard my body!"

Blu: The animals listed above are Chinese constellations/guardian spirits. Azure Dragon of the East, White Tiger of the West, Vermillion Bird of the South and Black Tortoise of the North.

Spell complete!

The blood from the tip of Su Zhenzhen's finger suddenly turned into a huge golden charm that fell onto the red-clothed ghost ——


The ghost in red will escape whenever the situation looked bad and Su Wan wanted to take this opportunity to end her at once, but as soon as she used her spirit power, her soul became indistinct, on the verge of dissipating.

Sure enough, using her current spiritual power to forcefully hasten Daoist spells, it will slightly hurt others and herself at the very least, but at worst, it will disperse her soul…...

Is there really no way to escape unscathed?

Only a little bit more….. . Su Wan felt determined. Her eyes were a little faint and she felt that her soul was on the verge of collapsing. Su Wan suddenly looked out the window nervously.

A black shadow suddenly flashed past and timely blocked the path of the ghost in red.

Seeing the shadow that suddenly appeared, the red-clothed ghost's face changed drastically: "Old, Old Ghost!"


An icy voice whispered out and the ghost in red was hurt by the charm. At this moment, she was hit by the Old Ghost and she screamed, her soul scattering.

The scattered spiritual power gathered in the palm of the Old Ghost at a wave of his hand.

"Want it?"

The Old Ghost lowered his gray eyes and looked at Su Wan, whose soul was collapsing.

In the desolate moonlight, the night wind blew.

The young man leaning on the window sill held the spiritual power that glittered like a star in his hand. This was Su Wan's only life line now.


Su Wan opened her mouth and at this moment she couldn't even say a complete sentence.

Seeing that her soul was about to be dissipated, Old Ghost’s figure suddenly flickered and all the glowing green light immediately entered Su Wan's body, enriching her soul.

Su Wan was enshrouded with formidable power, but this person's consciousness gradually fell into silence.

She fell into a deep sleep.

“Su Wan! Su Wan!”

Seeing Su Wan close her eyes, Su Zhenzhen immediately yelled and rushed over.


The next moment, Old Ghost waved his hand slightly and firmly threw Su Zhenzhen aside. Su Zhenzhen, who hit the wall, immediately spat out a big mouthful of blood.

It hurts!

This young man named Old Ghost is simply cruel and unreasonable!

"Don't touch her."

Old Ghost's gray eyes were full of malice when he looked at Su Zhenzhen.

Su Zhenzhen was terribly frightened and she immediately shrank her body, wiping the blood from her mouth while leaning against the corner of the wall trembling.

Seeing that Su Zhenzhen was finally quiet, Old Ghost bent down and quietly looked at Su Wan who was unconscious on the ground.

"I'll take you away, I will save you, you will be mine from now on."

Old Ghost gently whispered to himself while gently raising his hand. Su Wan's soul immediately floated in the air and finally floated directly into his arms.


Seeing that Old Ghost was about to take Su Wan away, Su Zhenzhen couldn't help but say: "She, she can't leave the Su family villa, she will die."


Old Ghost just smiled disdainfully: "That was before. Now, she is my person. Wherever I am, is where she must be!"

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