Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.4 — The Strongest Warlock

North mountain range, Ma residence.

Su Rui opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was a solemn sculpture with an ancient teapoy and valuable offerings underneath the statue, and the spirit incense beside the offerings was still burning slowly.

This place is……

Su Rui stood up and found that he was in a sealed stone room. This was where the Ma family worshipped their ancestors and contracted with dragons.

All children of the Ma family can be approved to come here when they’ve attained a certain level of cultivation upon reaching adulthood.

And all the disciples who were allowed to come here must first bathe and change clothes, fast and burn incense, and then cultivate sincerely in this place for 49 days. After that, if there is communication from a dragon spirit to form a contract with your soul, the contract can be concluded if the spirit is compatible and you can become a true member of the exorcist dragon clan.

Su Rui attentively recalled the memories of the original owner, Ma Yue. Ma Yue had been in this stone room for 30 days. According to the development of the original plot, he will successfully be contracted with a powerful purple dragon by the forty-ninth day. The purple dragon was a powerful dragon second only to the golden dragon in the dragon clan.

There was still nineteen days till he could go out? What a joke!

Su Rui's gaze flashed and then focused on the statue of the Ma family's ancestor and the dragon spirit beside him.

Ma Yue was the most outstanding genius of the contemporary Ma family and he could remember things after just one look since he was a child. At this time, Su Rui searched through Ma Yue’s memories and found a book on the Ma clan’s forbidden techniques in them.

Naturally, forbidden techniques were not allowed to be used. This was what Ma Yue secretly saw in the family’s records room behind the patriarch’s back when he was young and rebellious.

This forbidden technique allowed people to forcefully sign a contract with a Dragon Spirit at the fastest speed.

This was a very ancient forbidden technique. It was the era when the people had no way to live because ghosts walked the night. In order for the family to live on and pass down their arts, the Ma family had to use this secret technique to make many people be contracted with the dragon spirits as quickly as possible despite not being qualified.

However, this forbidden technique was very dangerous to use and the success rate was extremely low. Later in the peaceful era, the head of the Ma family buried the technique and prohibited anyone from using it…...

After the original owner Ma Yue learned of this forbidden technique, he never wanted to use it. After all, with his talent, Ma Yue did not have to force a contract.

But Su Rui was different. He was very worried about Su Wan and he didn't have time to waste here.

Raising his hand and igniting the three new pillars of spirit incense, Su Rui took out a spirit dagger from his waist that Ma Yue had always carried with him and swiped it across his fingers one by one. Ten drops of blood fell on the ground, forming a strange diagram ——

With my blood.

In my name.

Su Rui slowly closed his eyes and gathered the spirit power in his body at his fingertips. He then muttered the forbidden spell incantations in a low voice, his speed of speaking getting faster and faster. Dirt kicked up in the windless stone room and amidst the sand and dust in the air, the murmur of the dragon was faintly heard ——

Su Rui's eardrums ached from the dragon’s cry, but at this moment he still maintained his initial posture and was not affected at all.

As time passed by, Su Rui's entire body was covered by gray dust, like a giant human cocoon.

After an unknown amount of time, the strange wind finally stopped and another deafening dragon roar sounded. The dusty shell on Su Rui's body was scattered by the sound.

He still maintained the original posture. At this moment, the spirit power in his body has completely converged. There was no expression on his face. His eyes that were closed all this time suddenly opened at this moment ——

Disciple of the Ma family, are thou calling this King?

The ancient deep voice resounded in Su Rui's mind. He slowly raised his eyes, but his pupils suddenly shrank. What he summoned was actually…...

Nancheng, Su house.

It was already eleven o'clock at night and the ghosts gathered outside the Su family’s courtyard began to rush into the courtyard.

Some little ghosts with no sense of self were blocked by the Su family's merits and were rebounded by the invisible barrier again and again, but they seemed to never tire and kept rushing over.

"What do we do? What do we do? Su Wan, what should we do?"

At this time, Su Zhenzhen in the room was already cowering on the bed and her whole body shook like a leaf in the wind.

"Those little ghosts can't get in and those ghosts with stronger spirit power can't get close to you even if they get in. You have merit to protect you."

Su Wan was sitting under the moonlight cultivating at this time. Hearing Su Zhen's real question, she opened eyes and replied: "You should pray that there are no malevolent spirits near the Su family, otherwise, both you and I would not be able to keep our lives."

Malevolent, malevolent spirit?

Su Zhenzhen's face turned even more pale: "Su Wan, aren't you Ghost Cultivator? If there is a malevolent spirit, can’t you beat it?"


Su Wan took a deep look at Su Zhenzhen: "You know quite a lot!"

"I, I am actually…..."

Su Zhenzhen opened her lips, finally said quickly: "Su Wan, you may not believe it, but in fact, this is a modern cultivation fantasy novel. In addition to Daoists and alchemists, there are also many types of monsters and ghosts. The reason I know so much is because I have read this novel and know the ending of many people in it. Su Wan, you have to help me, you must save me this time! If you save me, I will- I will take you away from the Su family and go.....  go to Maoshan, to find Xun Randou!"

"Go find Xun Randou? Let him save you? And then let him destroy me in passing?"

When Su Wan heard this from Su Zhenzhen, she just smiled coldly.

But Su Zhenzhen desperately shook her head: "N- no! Su Wan, don't get me wrong!"

How could she have forgotten that she was "Su Wan" now, and the real Su Wan has already become a ghost?

If they went to Mao mountain, she would get eliminated by any passing Daoist.

"Enough, don't explain anymore."

Seeing that Su Zhenzhen looked like she wanted to rewind time, Su Wan stood up unhurriedly: "If you pass this part smoothly and listen to everything I say when the time comes, I promise that you will be safe and sound."


Su Zhenzhen's eyes widened in pleasant surprise: "Then I will rely on you, Su Wan."

Su Wan:......

I am just a new ghost who has just started cultivating not long ago. You really do have such a big heart, don’t you~

Midnight, half past eleven.

"They’re here!"

The air in the room became gloomier and cold. Su Wan's eyes flashed and she floated behind Su Zhenzhen.

Su Zhenzhen:......

"Su Wan, what are you doing?"

"Those ghosts with a high level of cultivation are about to come in. At that moment, obstruct them."


Su Zhenzhen was immediately stunned. What happened to protecting me?

"Don't be afraid, you have merit protecting you. Once they get close, they will be hurt by the golden light of your merit and then I’ll take advantage of its moment of weakness to kill it. With you and me combined, all will be well."

Sensing Su Zhenzhen’s fear, Su Wan couldn't help but give her a few words of comfort from behind her.


Su Zhenzhen was still a little skeptical when she heard Su Wan’s words. Although it sounded reasonable, she still felt scared~

"Hu (breathing out)"

At this moment, a strong wind blew the window open and then a few white shadows rushed to the bedside ——


The mournful cries of the ghosts made Su Zhenzhen's hair stand upright and she shut her eyes in fright.

I'm going to die, I’m going to die, I'm going to die again!


There was another ghostly scream, which seemed more miserable than before, but…...

Su Zhenzhen didn't feel the pain she expected to. She trembled and opened her closed eyes a tiny crack. Those white shadows that had just rushed in fell to the ground and groaned in pain. Those spirits had black marks on their body, seeming to have been burned by something.

At this time, Su Wan’s figure fluttered quickly in the room. Her spirit power turned into a sharp sword and felled the white shadows again and again. Those ghosts who were seriously injured after being attacked by Su Wan’s spirit power immediately turned into bits of starlight and gradually merged into Su Wan's soul body.

Ghosts can also absorb each other.

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