Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.3 — The Strongest Warlock

"I can't get out of the Su house unless you take me away!"

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Su Zhenzhen on the bed blinked and reluctantly said: "Well, in fact, the Su family is also very good. Su Wan, don’t you like your home? Where will you go? You don't know this, but this world is very dangerous!"  

A short-lived cannon fodder with a physique that attracted ghosts.

Su Zhenzhen still wanted to live a hundred years!


Su Wan just blinked her eyes: "Actually, I just have an unfulfilled wish and want to go out to find someone. Of course, even if I don't go look for him, he will come looking for me."

Speaking of this, Su Wan couldn't help but chuckle. At this moment, the dark clouds outside the window cleared and the moonlight was cold.

Feeling the brilliance of the moonlight, Su Wan took a deep breath: "I can't disturb you anymore. It's midnight. The best time to cultivate."

With that, Su Wan floated out the window.

Su Zhenzhen laid on the bed, dazed. After a while, she also got out of the bed and looked at Su Wan who was sitting in the garden absorbing the essence of the moon through the glass window.

Su Zhenzhen's eyes became a little conflicted ——

This is…… Ghost Cultivation?

Ghost cultivation, ghosts who cultivate their spirit bodies were a kind of ghost with very strong spiritual power and were the favorite tonic of ghost hunters.

Su Wan once stayed in a certain low-level cultivation plane and was familiar with some common cultivation methods.

In fact, the cultivation technique of a cultivator must be cultivated only in places where there is a gathering of spiritual energy from the heavens and the earth. If you change to a high-tech world, you will not be able to reach the Qi Cultivation Stage even after a lifetime of cultivating.

Any force that was powerful enough to break the balance of a world is not allowed by the laws of the world.

This is like once you’ve reached the Crossing Calamity Stage in a low-level cultivation world and reach the maximum ability value that this world can accommodate, you will be forced to pass through a calamity. Upon successfully crossing the calamity, you can ascend to an upper realm. If you fail, you will be wiped out.

This world was different from a true cultivation world, but it is also a world full of spiritual energy.

The Daoists in this world have their cultivation levels divided into the Conserving Qi State, Gathering Qi State, Condensing Qi State, and Innate State. At present, the people in this world at the highest state are some old hermits at the Innate State.

Because Su Wan's spirit power was stronger than ordinary people’s, she found a spiritual exercise suitable for ghost cultivation in her memory and began to slowly practice.

After one night passed, Su Wan's soul body was already a little more solid than at the beginning.

The morning sun shone on her face and she subconsciously squinted her eyes.

Ghosts are not afraid of the sun but the heavy Yang Qi during the day makes them appear weak.

She flew back to her bedroom. Su Zhenzhen had already gotten up and there was the sound of rushing water in the bathroom.

She was taking a shower.

Su Wan looked at the neatly tidied bed, then she simply sat cross-legged on the bed and waved her hands. The curtains in the room immediately shut and the light in the room dimmed immediately.

Done. Now this feels like a ghost movie.


When Su Zhenzhen came out around the bath towel, she saw a looming shadow sitting on her bed in the dim room. She couldn't help but scream.

"Shut up."

Su Wan's voice was very cold.

Su Zhenzhen immediately covered her mouth nervously. Seeing that Su Wan didn't continue, she carefully removed her hand and asked softly, "You, you can become visible?"

"Not entirely. My current mental strength is not enough to support me in front of others. I can only appear as a vague shadow, just like how you see me now."

While speaking, Su Wan's figure suddenly disappeared slowly.

Looking at the big empty bed, Su Zhenzhen hesitated: "Su Wan, Su Wan, are you still here?"

She called for a long time and still didn't get Su Wan's answer. In the end, Su Zhenzhen had to tiptoe to the cloakroom to change clothes, and went downstairs with a complicated expression.

Su Wan sat on the bed until Su Zhenzhen left and then slowly opened her eyes.

Just now, the moment Su Zhenzhen came out of the bathroom, she already felt the Yin Qi leaking from Su Zhenzhen.

Back then, Hermit Zhang used Xun Randou's blood to suppress the Yin Qi in her body. In fact, it could not suppress it all her life, but it was enough to last till the age of marriage.

Yin and Yang are harmonious. Once this body lets out the Yin and copulates with the man that has the most Yang, the Yin Qi in the body will slowly dissipate.

But now, because Su Zhenzhen transmigrated over and her soul forcibly occupied the body of the original owner, the Yin Qi in her body was thrown into chaos and now it had begun to leak in advance. This was really bad news.

Su Wan had no other way, so she could only cultivate as soon as possible while praying for Su Rui to quickly come......

Unlike Su Wan who was filled to the brim with worry, Su Zhenzhen, the transmigrator had the identity of a rich man’s daughter and was experiencing the feeling of being a local tyrant for the first time. She brought her bodyguard and driver, shopping and eating outside, unable to stop spending.

Blu: ‘local tyrant’ as in ‘local rich boi’

It wasn't until night fell that Su Zhenzhen came back contentedly carrying large and small bags filled with goodies.

Su Lin and Madam Su saw that their daughter was in a very good mood today. The two of them were also very happy and never doubted that this Su Zhenzhen was a fake.

Su Zhenzhen returned to her room and threw herself onto the comfortable bed: "It's great to be a Young Miss! It feels so cool to be a local tyrant!"

"You feel great? You’ll feel even better in a while."

Su Wan was standing in front of the bedroom window, looking outside the Su family villa. Out there, some ghosts had already intermittently gathered under the darkness of the night.

They were all attracted by the Yin Qi on Su Zhenzhen's body.

"Su Wan?"

Su Zhenzhen suddenly heard Su Wan's voice. When she suddenly raised her head from the bed, she saw Su Wan's faint figure looming in front of her window.

Yes, it will be night soon and she will be able to reveal herself.

Su Zhenzhen was very scared of creatures like ghosts. However, because the other party was Su Wan and she did not show the slightest bit of malice towards her, Su Zhenzhen now felt that he was not very afraid of her.

"Su Wan, what are you looking at? What did you mean with those words?"

Su Zhenzhen got up from the bed and looked at Su Wan curiously.

"See for yourself."

Su Wan opened the curtains and pointed out the window.

See what?

Su Zhenzhen was puzzled and walked quickly to the window. Looking at the indistinct and erratic shadows outside the villa, she couldn't help covering her mouth with her hands.

Are they, are they all...... ghosts?

What is this? Hyakki Yagyō?

Blu: Hyakki Yagyō - variation: Hyakki Yakō, is an idiom in Japanese folklore. Sometimes an orderly procession, other times a riot, it refers to an uncontrolled horde of countless numbers of supernatural creatures known as oni and yōkai. (Source: Wikipedia)

"Su Wan, Su Wan."

Su Zhenzhen anxiously wanted to grab Su Wan's hand, but naturally she caught nothing but air: "Su Wan, what are they going to do?"

"Your appearance caused the Yin Qi that was originally sealed in this body to begin to leak and these little ghosts with no awareness and those big ghosts with bared fangs and brandished claws were all attracted by your Yin Qi."

Su Wan looked at the moon in the sky. When the moon was in the middle of the sky, the Yin Qi in the world would be at its heaviest and those ghosts would rush into the Su residence with no hesitation.

Of course, there were many Su family members and some bodyguards lived here as well, so there was a lot of killing intent. But because Su Lin - the richest man in Nancheng - often does good deeds, he also has merits to protect him, but these can only resist those little ghosts and those big ghosts that have a very weak spirit power.

If evil spirits and fierce ghosts really were attracted, then Su Zhenzhen's situation would be very worrying.

Currently, Su Wan cannot return to this body and without Su Zhenzhen's help, she can't get out of the Su house and now, Su Zhenzhen’s life is in danger. This truly is a bad situation.

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