Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 10.3 - Let Me Take You Somewhere (3)

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As soon as Qin Ge arrived at Jadeite Peak, everyone in the Qin family perked up. Seeing that he was back, all of them looked at him expectantly.

“We got our marriage certificates,” Qin Ge said nonchalantly.

Mrs. Qin was confused as to why her son came back alone. “Where’s Wu Tong?”

“Wu Tong had other business to take care of, so I sent her home first,” Qin Ge said. “Also, we plan on going on a honeymoon next month and move in right after we get back.”

“But I didn’t even get a chance to see my daughter-in-law.” Based on what he said, Mrs. Qin could tell that he wasn’t planning on bringing her over.

“Why don’t we have dinner together with her and her family?” Qin Huai suggested.

“Whatever you say.” After saying his piece, he immediately went upstairs to check up on Feifei.

The remaining members of the Qin family glanced at each other. Did Qin Ge look happy or unhappy just now?

Qin Ge knocked on his son’s bedroom door before pushing it open and entering. Just as he thought, Feifei was on the floor again putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Qin Ge sat down and watched him for a while before taking out his marriage certificate[1] and showing it to Feifei. “Feifei, this is your future mommy.”

[1] I forgot to show a pic of what a Chinese marriage certificate looks like last chapter oops.
It's a little booklet that looks similar to a passport. The couples take a photo with a red background. 

Feifei glanced at it before looking back at his jigsaw puzzle.

Qin Ge examined the photo of Wu Tong on his marriage certificate and started talking to himself.

“She wasn’t happy today. She thought she was hiding her emotions well but I noticed it almost immediately,” Qin Ge said. “To be honest, it’s not like I have anything to worry about. After all, our marriage is just a marriage of convenience and the two of us consented to it. So what if she’s unhappy?”

“But… The way she looked when she practically lit up upon seeing our new home and the happy expression on her face as she gazed at the potted flowers was so damn bewitching,” Qin Ge recalled. “Then, as soon as I asked her when she was moving in, the light in her eyes was extinguished just like that. Watching her force a smile afterward made me so angry.”

“So I kissed her.” Qin Ge looked at Feifei as he asked, “Do you know what I mean by kissing? Unlike adults kissing children, it's a very intimate act for a man to kiss a woman.”

“At the time… I think I lost control. Just thinking about her unwillingness to be with me made me want to be more intimate with her —  so that I could remind her that we’ve already officiated our marriage and that she’s my woman now. Whether she likes it or not, she has to get used to my touch and my place in her life."

“This kind of feeling is very unfamiliar to me. It’s something I’ve never felt before. The voice of reason tells me that this isn’t right, but I can’t help myself. Besides… after doing that, I felt very satisfied. Is my illness acting up again? Should I get this checked by Doctor Li?”

“I can’t control this urge to do something more with her but I also don’t want to scare her away. What should I do?” Qin Ge seemed at a loss. “When she hesitated today, all I wanted was to (take her) right then and there…”


Feifei finished putting together the last puzzle piece. He only glanced at the completed puzzle once before destroying it. A myriad of puzzle pieces clattered to the ground.

Qin Ge suddenly smiled upon seeing this.

When I kissed her today, I think she went along with it.

(Part 3 of 3) Although the spice was pretty cute, I do need to point out that Qin Ge's over possessiveness is not OK. It's good that he's trying to respect Wu Tong's wishes, but it's not enough. Hopefully, their relationship remains completely consensual and he doesn't cross the line.

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