Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.23 — The Strongest Daoist (Epilogue)

Tonight, the North Sea was still red.

The blood of the daoists dyed the sea red and bloody, but this was just the beginning.

The Black Dragon King's soul body had already emerged from Su Rui's body, and now he no longer dared to call him "Little Yueyue" so easily.

Your mother, Benwang has lived for tens of thousands of years and has never seen such a cruel human!

The level of brutality was simply outrageous.

He not only killed the daoists with his own hands, but also enslaved their souls, instructing their souls to kill the mortals of the entire world.

A world that was perfectly fine, turned into a hell on earth overnight...

How many families were destroyed?

How many souls are in a state where death is better than living?

Not enough, far from enough!

The Shang Qing Sect that was once full of spiritual power has now become a dead mountain. There were no living creatures on the mountain and at the base of the mountain. He didn’t even let go of a single bird.

So cruel and inhumane, the Black Dragon King had no choice but conceded defeat ——

Your mother, the human world is too dangerous, Benwang should scram back to the Dragon Pool and cultivate well~

"Xun Randou, don't you like hunting ghosts?"

In a bloody and empty city, Su Rui smiled and snapped a finger, and immediately a few souls flew out tremblingly. They were relatives of Xun Randou.

Currently, they were nothing more than broken soul bodies.

Of course, they didn't die too wretchedly. General Su never liked torturing people meticulously and usually beheaded with a single slash or dismembered the body by five horses.

He didn't like troublesome methods like giving death from a thousand small cuts.

"Ma Yue, you… you beast!"

Xun Randou was still alive, but the spiritual power in his body has been sealed by Su Rui, and now he is just an ordinary defenseless person.

"You can scold as much as you want, scold all the swear words you can think of. Do you know, Xun Randou? I have lived for a long time. I have been to many worlds. I have met many people. You are the first! The first to dare attack my woman in front of me."

While talking, Su Rui's red eyes flashed and a bloodthirsty smile appeared on his face: "You actually wanted her to die? Since you want her to die, I will let your master’s entire sect, your whole family, and all the people related to you in this world, die together!"

Su Rui took out a stack of talismans from his arms and at another snap of his fingers, souls of a group of daoists enslaved by him automatically created a formation. As the charms burned, the ghosts of Xun Randou's family began to scream miserably and their souls burned. As they burned, countless other souls were summoned.

This is the Spirit Calling technique of the Ma Family, which burns the souls of your kin and summons the other departed heroic spirits who are sleeping underground.

Some of those souls have been asleep for a hundred years, but at this moment they have been summoned. Almost all the people who appeared in the entire Xun family’s genealogy records seemed to have turned up......

"It's not simply misfortune to wives and children, but three generations."

At this time, Xun Randou’s eyes were already blood red: "Ma Yue, I - Xun Randou - have followed Master all my life to learn and enter the Sect. I have never unjustly killed a ghost. On that day, I used divination techniques and saw a bloody future. Guessing that the end of the human world was approaching, I had no choice but to stand up for the sake of the common people in the world. Even so, I did not kill Su Zhenzhen that night. I never killed any innocents. Maybe I calculated wrong that day, but she is a ghost and you are a human. You are destroying everything in this mortal world for her. Can you afford this sin?"

"Sin? What sin can't I afford?"

When Su Rui heard what Xun Randou said, he sneered at him: "The Heavens place great responsibility on great men. Xun Randou, you are the protagonist chosen by the Heavens, but unfortunately, your fate is not good enough to actually let you meet Su Zhenzhen. Oh, no. She definitely told you that she is Su Wan, but how can she be worthy of this name? She is just a wild ghost who randomly entered this world from another."

Su Rui waved his big hand and Su Zhenzhen's ghost immediately appeared in front of the two people. Without Su Wan's body, her soul body showed her original appearance.

She was just an ordinary woman who couldn't be any more ordinary. She was even a lot older than Xun Randou.

"How could this be?"

Looking at the completely unfamiliar soul and that completely unfamiliar face, Xun Randou was shocked to the core.

"Su Zhenzhen" was the real Su Wan, while his wife "Su Wan" was just a wild ghost named Su Zhenzhen?

She occupied Su Wan's body and deceived him in her name.

"Why, why lie to us?"

At this time, the Female Lead Ye Yuqi - who was left by Su Rui to the end just like Xun Randou - looked at Su Zhenzhen with tears of blood streaming down her eyes.

They were all deceived by her. She said that the Young Miss Su who followed Senior Brother Ma was a female ghost!

But it turns out that she is the real ghost!

Ye Yuqi abhorred this the most in her life. Although she had always liked and admired Senior Brother Ma, she never thought about breaking up other people or imposing anything. It’s just that when she heard that Miss Su was a female ghost, she instinctively felt that Senior Brother Ma had been confused by the ghost and she just wanted to save him.

Ye Yuqi never thought that it would all end like this…...

"Blood is just right tonight, I'll tell you a story."

Seeing Ye Yuqi's bloody tears, Su Rui's eyes flashed and slowly started speaking with a smile: "This story is called 《The Strongest Daoist》..."

Su Rui slowly narrated everything in the original plot with a cold voice. In addition to Ye Yuqi and Xun Randou, Su Zhenzhen and the Black Dragon King were also stunned.

Su Zhenzhen didn't know until this moment that it was not just her who had the golden finger of knowing the whole plot.

golden finger - cheat

"The end."

After spilling everything, Su Rui looked at Xun Randou and Ye Yuqi: "Do you now know why I left the two of you until the end? Because you are the protagonists of this world, and now this world is about to be destroyed. As long as you two die, its laws will collapse immediately."

"Kill me, Senior Brother Ma."

Father has died, all her fellow disciples are dead. Ye Yuqi, who felt revenge was hopeless, closed her eyes tightly——

What ‘female protagonist’?

She would rather be just an ordinary person, be an ordinary daoist, and be able to slay monsters and demons.

If the price of being the protagonist is to experience many hardships and setbacks that others don't have to experience, she would rather be just an unknown passerby.

"As you wish."

The spirit sword in Su Rui's hand immediately pierced Ye Yuqi's body.

In the air, the smell of blood thickened.

"Xun Randou, only you are left. Watching others wailing and dying one by one, are you afraid? Oh, yes, you are the Male Lead, you are the strongest daoist. Your perseverance is amazing. How can you be afraid? "

Su Rui took out his Yuling dagger and spun it a few times in the palm of his hand.

"Who are you?"

At this time, Xun Ran had already guessed something from Su Rui's words and attitude: "You are not Ma Yue."

"Yes, I am not Ma Yue."

Su Rui nodded. He raised his hand and lit all the True Fire talismans he had collected from the Ma family, and a hell fire immediately appeared in front of him.

All souls were being burned.

"Randou, save me! Save me!"

Su Zhenzhen's soul was constantly struggling in that karmic fire, desperately begging for help.

However, Xun Randou had been staring at Su Rui's eyes with bone-deep hatred in his eyes.

"Tell me your name. Even if my soul is scattered, I will seek revenge from you after a hundred days!"

"My name is... Su Rui."

Su Rui's dagger fell on Xun Randou's arm, drawing a bloody scare: "Do you know, I'm most afraid of troublesome things, but I don't mind shredding, you, into, pieces."

"Heh, heheh."

Hearing Su Rui's words, he felt his flesh being cut off piece by piece, but Xun Randou's eyes became colder and colder: "I, remember you."

"I do not need to."

Su Rui raised his eyebrows and bent down to look at Xun Randou: "I know that Hermit Zhang taught you a secret technique that can keep your soul from scattering, but... you seem to have forgotten what I just said. When you die, this plane will collapse. It will disappear from tens of thousands of intangible planes. No matter how powerful you are, your soul and everything about you can only be buried along with it."


Unless you can also become an Agent.

It's a pity... I won't give you this chance.

Xun Randou's expression finally changed, and by this time, the monstrous karmic fire had almost burned out.

Su Zhenzhen’s soul was already at its last gasp: "I curse you, curse you, demon! You and Su Wan will not have a good ending! You both must not die peacefully! Must not die peacefully!"

Don't die peacefully?

Su Rui's gaze became cold, and a strand of spirit power penetrated through Su Zhenzhen's soul body, causing her soul to scatter.

He and Su Wan were never good people, and they were already prepared to die terribly.

But, it's a pity that they are still alive and well now.

This, could this be just like the phrase ‘good people don’t live long while evil people live for thousands of years’?

The hellfire went out and there was no soul in sight throughout the whole world.

The dagger in Su Rui's hand flew up and down, falling down on Xun Randou's body time and time again.

Tearing someone’s body to pieces truly was a technical job.

"This world is really going to collapse. I feel his wailing."

The Black Dragon King sighed deeply, turned his head and looked at Chi Yibu who had been sitting cross-legged beside Su Wan who was still unconscious.

"Monk, Benwang is going back to the Dragon Pool. How about you? Back to your Heaven?"


Chi Yibu slowly opened his eyes and lightly sighed ——

Was it the cruel Su Rui, the self-righteous Su Zhenzhen, or destiny who destroyed this world?

When Xun Randou shed the last drop of blood from his body, the whole world shook.

The Black Dragon King turned into a giant dragon and flew away. Chi Yibu chanted the Buddha's name silently, and turned into a golden light and disappeared.

Under the blood-colored sky, only Su Rui stood alone, the dagger in his palm still dripping blood.


At this moment, a voice suddenly came from behind him.

As soon as Su Rui turned his head, he saw Su Wan - who had already woken up. She was using all of her spiritual power to seal the entire area where Xun Randou’s soul scattered.

"This way, even if he can revive, he can only be company for this sunken world."

Su Wan whispered lightly to Su Rui, and then slowly walked to him, firmly holding his hand: "Wait for me, I will save you."


Su Rui nodded. When the whole world collapsed, his consciousness plunged into darkness…...

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