Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.22 — The Strongest Daoist

Tu Mi finally left with the Evil Emperor and the two figures disappeared from the gradually calming North Sea.

Chi Yibu simply fainted and didn't suffer any harm. On the contrary, Su Rui was forced to activate the Heavenly Thunder Array and was suffering backlash from his spiritual power. At this time, his face was particularly unsightly and the corners of his mouth still had faint blood stains.

Su Wan grabbed Su Rui’s hand and wanted to pour her spiritual power into him, but Su Rui waved his hand at Su Wan: “I’m fine, I’ll be fine after a while. Try to contact HQ to see if the BUG has been fixed."


Su Wan immediately closed her eyes and concentrated on contacting headquarters. At this moment, a voice suddenly interrupted Su Wan's spirit power transmission.

"Young Miss Su, what happened to Senior Brother Ma? Is he okay?"

It was Ye Yuqi.

Why did the Female Lead suddenly come here?

Su Wan had no choice but to open her eyes. Ye Yuqi's slender figure immediately appeared before her: "Has Senior Brother Ma been injured by spiritual power backlash? I have the healing panacea of Shang Qing sect here, Young Miss Su, you’ll help me feed him some, right!"

Su Wan naturally saw through Ye Yuqi's intentions with Su Rui. Knowing that she would not harm Su Rui, Su Wan stood up and slowly came to Ye Yuqi's side: "Give me the medicine then."


Ye Yuqi looked at Su Rui, who was sitting cross legged meditating behind them, and then looked at the familiar face in front of her ——

This is a harmful female ghost, she cannot be soft-hearted.

Her hand slowly stretched into her bosom and then her eyes flashed, quickly taking out a talisman—


Ye Yuqi wanted to stop Su Wan once, but it was a pity that Su Wan, who raised her vigilance the moment her gaze changed, quickly backed away and built a protective shield with her spiritual power. She backed away safely and was not harmed by Ye Yuqi.

Seeing that she had unexpectedly failed, Ye Yuqi, who didn't have any spiritual power, retreated quickly. At this moment, Xun Randou had already jumped in. Seeing the spiritual power radiating from Su Wan, he narrowed his eyes slightly: "You really are a ghost, even I was fooled by you."

"Heh, I am not the only one who deceived you, am I? Blame yourself for being stupid."

Hearing Xun Randou's words, Su Wan smiled disdainfully, and shot a cold, pointed look at Su Zhenzhen not far behind him.

Su Zhenzhen saw Su Wan glance at her and immediately lowered her head with a guilty conscience.


Xun Randou did not pay attention to the deeper meaning behind Su Wan’s words. He saw that Ma Yue behind her had opened his eyes and stood up. In order to avoid any obstacles, Xun Randou immediately summoned the ancient weapon he had obtained in Jiuxiao Wanfu Palace, the Demon Refining Pot!

It's a Demon Refining Pot!

When he saw the small and unadorned copper pot in Xun Randou's hand, the Black Dragon King couldn't help but exclaim in his heart: Xiao Yueyue, now your wife is so dead! It is an ancient artifact — Demon Refining Pot, able to refine everything in the world!

An insignificant soul will disappear upon entering the pot!

"Xun Randou, you dare!"

Su Rui's expression immediately turned malevolent when he heard the words of the Black Dragon King.

He stepped forward to guard Su Wan behind him: "Wife, unlock the Seal Soul Spell of the Black Dragon King."


Su Wan immediately released the Seal Soul Spell with a wave of her hand, and then with an "awoo", the little black Teddy fell to the ground unconscious, and the dark scaled Black Dragon reappeared in the world.

Your mother, Benwang felt so suffocated!

Black Dragon moved around his limbs while glancing at the righteous Xun Randou, and then at Su Rui, who was already covered with Black Qi.

In the end, he stood behind Su Rui obediently: "Little Yueyue, the situation is not good. You cover us and I’ll take your wife and run away first, what do you think?"

"None of you can escape today."

At this moment, the Shangqing faction headed by Ye Zi'an and a group of people from the other sects surrounded them.

"Martial Nephew Ma, you have been deceived by that demon! Quickly wake up and repent!"

Ye Zi'an looked at Su Rui's expression seriously and earnestly.

It seems that they have come prepared today!

At this time, Su Wan, who was standing behind Su Rui, had already contacted headquarters. After confirming, it still took some time to transmit.

She doesn't know if she can survive this time, but...

"Ma Yue, you go. Ghosts and humans have different paths, in the end...... we can't be together."

Su Wan suddenly said, with a particularly muffled tone.

Even if she can't delay till that time, she will - at worst - die in this world and her soul will be injured.

She can't let Su Rui violate the rules of the headquarters because of this. The punishment for violating the rules is too severe.

Su Wan believed that Su Rui could understand which decision was better after weighing the pros and cons.

In fact, how could Su Rui not understand?

Su Wan's approach is correct, she is always so sensible, but… he can't do it!

How could he just watch others hurt her in front of him?

This is absolutely not possible.

"Be good, step back."

Su Rui smiled. At this time, his pupils were already stained with blood. They were different from the blood red of the son of Tu Mi. Su Rui's red eyes were filled with endless murderous intent and ferocity.

He, had crawled out of a sea of ​​blood and mountains of corpses. How could he be afraid of these so-called daoists in front of him?

The dark aura began to spread into the surroundings.

Feeling the perilous danger, Xun Randaou immediately focused and threw the Demon Refining Pot in his hand…....

"Black Dragon, possess my body!"

Su Rui suddenly yelled in the heat of battle.


With a sky shaking roar, the black dragon turned into a huge figure that covered the sky and instantly merged with Su Rui's body——


Ominous white lightning flashed across the sky, and after peals of thunderclaps, was an endless expanse of howling winds and torrential rain.

The Dragon King who has been silent for thousands of years, just what is his true strength?

"Refining Demon Pot? Hah."

In the midst of the storm, the handsome man with long black hair lightly beckoned and the Demon Refining Pot that was sealed as a divine artifact immediately fell into his palm: "Benwang has used the true Demon Refining Pot to drink liquor, let alone this fake!"


With a soft sound, the Demon Refining Pot that held everyone’s expectations was crushed to pieces.

Black Dragon King: Did you see it? Did you see it? This is Benwang’s true power, those mere mortals can only kneel down and surrender.

Su Rui:......

"Shut up!"

With a cold ‘heh’, Su Rui's long black hair quickly shortened and restored his original appearance.

Black Dragon King:...

Will you die if you let Benwang act a bit more? Little Yueyue is the most annoying~

"You’re all going to die today."

Su Rui landed on the ground with his back to Su Wan, and once again condensed his spirit sword. At this moment, his energy in the spirit sword was constantly mixed with red murderous intent and dark black aura, exuding an aura of death.

Xiao Wan, I swear on myself that I will never allow anyone to hurt you, especially in front of me.

If he didn’t kill all the people in this world, the tyranny in Su Rui's heart could not be calmed down.

At this time, after the thunderstorm passed, the moon in the sky was blood red.

This was……

Xun Randou stared blankly at Su Rui, whose anger filled the sky. At this moment, he finally understood that the monstrous blood red he saw that day, the person the Great Karma Technique guided him to that day, was not the female ghost, but Ma Yue.

Was that the so-called fate?

Su Wan stared at Su Rui's back in a daze and for the first time ever, she took the initiative to cut off the headquarters' transmission.

"Xiao Wan, be good, I'll come... and bring you home!"

That was the first time she met Su Rui, and that was the first thing Su Rui said to her.

That was the first point they met in this life.

Gloomy eyebrows, bloodthirsty eyes. This was the General Su in her memory, his arrogance and ferocity that rose to the skies.

"Su Rui."

She involuntarily called out his name: "I will accompany you."

I will accompany you to see the destruction of this world; I will accompany you to kill, forming a sea of blood and mountains of corpses; I will accompany you to accept the punishment from the headquarters…...

We were separated before and we must never be separated from now on.


Su Rui turned slightly and hugged Su Wan tightly in his arms: "You! Su Wan! How can my wife be this irrational? I'm waiting for you to go back…... and save me ."

Su Rui lowered his head and deeply kissed Su Wan’s lips, while his other hand condensed spiritual power and lightly swatted Su Wan’s back, and she immediately fainted in his arms ——

You shouldn't watch these bloody scenes, wife, just sleep at ease.

After laying Su Wan on the ground, Su Rui lightly kicked at the "unconscious" Chi Yibu.

"Hey, stop pretending. Help me watch over my wife or I’ll chop you up together with them."

Chi Yibu:......

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