Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.21 — The Strongest Daoist

The end of the North Sea can't be seen at a glance. When the moon rises, the water of the North Sea turns an abnormal red under the moonlight.

When the surface colour of the North Sea changes, the Sea Demon shall be born.

This night, countless daoists poured into the coast of the North Sea, all here to kill the sea monster and hunt for treasure.

According to the legend, the sea monster occupies the depths of the sea. Whoever manages to kill her can not only get the Demon Pill in her body, but also the key to her hidden treasure room on the sea bed. There lies treasures stored from thousands of years ago, regardless of whether it was treasure worth cities or priceless artifacts, there was everything you could wish for......

The red waves crashed against the rocks on the shore. Who was it, calling affectionately from deep in the sea——

Come back, come back, my child.

I have been waiting for you for a thousand years...

The sea monster’s singing confused people’s hearts. Many daoists with shallow cultivation bases were already lost in the sea monster’s voice. Both their bodies and souls have been drawn under the North Sea.

Come back, come back.

The call that made people’s heart palpitate still made Su Rui feel uncomfortable even from afar.

The soul of the sleeping son of Tu Mi in his body was stirring.

This is a millennial agreement.

He waited for this meeting and also waited for a thousand years, a whole thousand years...

Su Rui's eyes gradually changed color and finally became a strange devilish red.

His figure flashed and immediately disappeared into the room.


The son of Tu Mi has seized control of his body!

The Black Dragon King's expression changed drastically and he anxiously tugged Su Wan's trousers.

"I saw."

Su Wan carried the Black Dragon King and chased after Su Rui. On the way to the beach, she also called up Chi Yibu...

Under the moonlight, among the numerous floating corpses in the North Sea, resided a strange scarlet.

Countless daoists were still struggling on the sea, but unfortunately their ending has already been determined.

"You are here, my child."

A huge swelling wave suddenly rose from the sea. After the gigantic wave, the red North Sea divided into two sides by its own accord. A bright red figure curled up from the depths of the sea.

She was wearing a long bloody dress, with long blood-red hair, and even had red eyes that made people’s hair raise.

Since the moment the Evil Emperor abandoned her, her entire world has turned red, the bright color of red, it was the blood of her heart.

The Sea Demon stood quietly in the middle of the split sea, facing Su Rui hovering in the air: "My child, come here quickly, come to mother."


The voice of the son of Tu Mi was somewhat hollow and empty. The promise of a thousand years was nothing but a promise to die.

He doesn't know what exactly was the joy of life and the sadness of death.

Because of the constant reincarnation, he no longer has his own thoughts and his only will was to keep repeating this promise.

Seeing the man walking towards her step by step, a gentle smile appeared on the face of the sea monster.

She slowly stretched out her hand to her child.

At this moment, Su Rui was already right before her.

Like each and every time, his bright red eyes were hollow as he involuntarily stretched out his hand. And at the moment the two hands touched, Su Rui's lips suddenly curled up in a cold and charming arc ——

A spirit sword suddenly coalesced and pierced the sea monster's body without hesitation.


She screamed and lamented, and the entire sea roared.

"You are not him, what did you do to my child? What did you do to him?"

The sea demon screamed and transformed into the shape of a gigantic roseleaf bramble flower with its petals dyed a strange sinister scarlet, and it swayed wildly on the red sea.

"Your son was in pain, I just relieved him of it."

Su Rui floated quietly on the surface of the sea. He didn't want to confront the Sea Demon head-on, but Xun Randou never showed up. Su Rui couldn’t wait any longer and could only take the initiative to attack.

"Did you obliterate him? How dare you obliterate his soul!"

The mournful voice was filled with unparalleled despair: "I want to kill you all, kill everyone, bury you with him!"

While the waves rolled, the roseleaf bramble flower on the sea suddenly stretched out countless branches, wrapping around the bodies of the Daoists and carrying them to the flower. From the red stamen grew countless sharp fangs which instantly chewed up and devoured the bodies of those Daoists.

Blood splashed everywhere, making for a terrible scene.

Su Rui once again drove in with his spirit sword, reciting the Ma Family’s exorcism spell, and began to constantly attack the sea monster’s body. Unfortunately, her magic power was too advanced. Even though she was just attacked by Su Rui with a sword, she could still dodge the attack calmly.

Tu Mi, it has been ten thousand years since she turned into a demon. She is a powerful monster that shouldn't exist in this world. With the spiritual power of this world, she cannot be destroyed at all.

"Ma Yue!"

Seeing that Su Rui was not an opponent for the Sea Monster at all, Su Wan couldn't help but step forward to help.

"Girl, don't go there, it will make him get worked up."

Chi Yibu had anxiously rushed over and had not had time to wipe off the sweat off his head, before immediately sitting on the shore and began to chant Buddhist mantras. With his chanting, the whole sea began to shake violently again.

"Loathsome monk, looking for death!"

Chi Yibu’s chanting disturbed the Sea Monster's mood and interrupted her spellcasting. She couldn't help stretching the branches and leaves all the way to the shore to capture Chi Yibu, who was chanting.

Right at this moment, Chi Yibu’s voice suddenly rang in Su Wan’s heart: Girl, quickly! Take out the Seal Soul Lock and throw it on her! Hurry!

Seal Soul Lock!

Su Wan's eyes flashed and she took out the Soul Sealing Lock without hesitation. While chanting the Soul Sealing spell silently, she threw the Soul Sealing Lock directly onto the branch of the Sea Monster.


Along with the word “seal" coming out from her mouth, the Seal Soul Lock emitted a dazzling white light and firmly encased the branches of the sea monster.


The branches of the Sea Demon were shrunk sharply and she mournfully cried.

At this moment, Su Rui finally saw a chance ——

Heavenly Thunder Array!

This was the most powerful spell in the Ma family’s arsenal, but was also one of the spells that easily rebounded to the user.

As long as this blow lands, he will definitely seriously injure the Sea Demon!

As long as she’s gone, the order of this world will return to normal again.

The dark night sky was illuminated by thunder!


The sound of thunder was deafening.

"Spare the person from your blade, no, spare the demon from your thunder..."

Chi Yibu on the shore saw that Su Rui was going to cut off all means of retreat and use the Ma Family's unique technique. He immediately yelled again and recklessly rushed over.

Unfortunately, he was always a step too late.


Nine streaks of thunder poured down, all hitting the sea monster. At this time, her body was suppressed by the Soul Seal Lock, unable to use magic to protect her body. Those swaying branches were about to be burnt to ashes under the rain of thunder. Right at this moment, a fat figure rushed into the Heavenly Thunder Formation.

Chi Yibu!

Both Su Wan and Su Rui were shocked, but it was a pity that the formation had been completed and they could not withdraw it at all.

The Heavenly Thunder struck Chi Yibu’s body. His eyes suddenly rolled back and he fainted, but the dimly flickering soul of another person floated out from his body.

"Evil Emperor... Are you... the Evil Emperor?"

The Sea Demon’s voice constantly trembled.

The erratically swaying soul is a handsome man in red.

"Tu Mi, I have been looking for you for a long time."

The Evil Emperor's voice is low and hoarse. Some people will always only know what their significant other meant to them after they lose them.

The Evil Emperor has massacred numerous lives in his lifetime. He knew that he would die on the battlefield and go to hell one day, but he was not reconciled.

Because he lost his lover.

He has to find her.

So his soul wandered the world, refusing to leave for a long time.

And because his sin was too heavy and evil from killing, the soul of the Evil Emperor is an existence that is not tolerated by the Heavens. In order to find Tu Mi, he had to lodge his soul in someone else's body. It was also at that time that he got to know Chi Yibu.

No, at that time, Chi Yibu was not called ‘Chi Yibu’.

He had been a saint for ten generations, the kindest person in the world.

The Evil Emperor had been following him lifetime after lifetime, just to find Tu Mi's soul and then take her out of this world.

"Tu Mi, I have been looking for you for a long time, a really long time. Let’s go home together, okay?"

"Go…... back home?"


What was that?

The light from the thunder in the sky dissipated and Tu Mi's body gradually changed back to its original appearance.

The Seal Soul Lock had locked up her demon powers and the Evil Emperor had awakened her soul.

Dressed in fluttering white, Tu Mi quietly stood on the sea looking at the man in front of her: "Evil Emperor, I can't go back, I can't go back, I killed... him, I killed our...…"

"No, he is still alive."

The Evil Emperor interrupted Tu Mi: "This world only contains a fragment of his soul. Tu Mi, have you forgotten? We don't belong to this world anymore."

She slept for too long and had forgotten many things that should have been remembered.

Yes, she does not belong to this mortal world. This is not the world she should exist in. She wants to go back, with the Evil Emperor…… together.

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