Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.20 — The Strongest Daoist

There is never absolute black and white, and absolute good and evil in this world. A person who was good in the eyes of most people will also do bad things, and the person everyone sees as evil will also have a soft and kind side.

Su Zhenzhen died in order to save others. She traveled to this world with her merit, but this does not mean that she was a good person who was willing to sacrifice herself time and time again.

Only those who have died once know how precious life is, especially in the days Su Zhenzhen got along with Xun Randou, she was impressed by the male protagonist's demeanor and elegance, and fell deeply in love with him.

Now with a lover and a bond, she began to fear in her heart, fearing that one day she would be beaten back to her original form.

After all, this is a world of Daoists and she is actually just a lonely wild ghost who has seized Su Wan's body...

Su Zhenzhen’s body was instantly thinned and became haggard because of such worries and sufferings. Xun Randou was with Su Zhenzhen every day and was naturally aware of her changes. Under Xun Randou’s repeated questioning, Su Zhenzhen finally "confessed".

Naturally, she would not say that she was a lonely ghost and she also couldn't take the initiative to tell Xun Randou that this is the world of a novel, and that her current identity is just a supporting female cannon fodder.

What she told Xun Randou was a whole other story ——

This story was like this: Su Wan actually had a twin sister, but she died before she was born. Because of her full yin physique, her sister’s soul has been sleeping in her body until not long ago when her body suddenly changed, and her sister's soul suddenly appeared.

Then, after the Yin Qi in her body leaked, the younger sister and an old ghost brought her to Mount Mao, and then met Ma Yue on the way...

Su Zhenzhen's intention was only to conceal her true identity. She told herself that she was not deliberately deceiving others. Besides, Su Wan couldn't return to her body now. She was really just a ghost and she was also with Ma Yue. With a strong person like Ma Yue willing to protect her, she should be already very happy, so she shouldn’t want to get her body back, and she doesn’t like Xun Randou, so she shouldn’t fight over Big Brother Xun with her, right?

I have to say that Su Zhenzhen's self-deception is quite good.

Blu: self-deception - deceive others and to deceive oneself just like a certain rat bastard of a brother I know of tsk
Teh: curb your irl issues *curb your enthusiasm theme plays*

It's just that she only stood in her standpoint and never took others into consideration. After he learned that the suspicious "Su Zhenzhen'' was indeed a ghost, Xun Randou's expression changed immediately.

Why couldn't I see her real body? Is her cultivation level already so high?

Xun Randou was very shocked at the moment.

"Senior Brother Xun, we must save Senior Brother Ma!"

Ye Yuqi, who also learned the "truth", was concerned about Ma Yue's safety: "That female ghost, it must be the female ghost who bewitched Senior Brother Ma."

Ye Yuqi remembered that Ma Yue had told her that he already had a lover, but after telling her father, her father contacted the Ma family, but they said that Ma Yue had never dated any girls.


When Senior Brother Ma left that day, he looked very haggard. This is obviously a phenomenon that only occurs after having your Yang Qi sucked out by a female ghost!

"Yes, we can't let her continue to do harm to the world."

When Xun Randou heard Ye Yuqi's words, he couldn't help but think of his own divination that day. He was only one step away, he should have killed her that night.

"Her cultivation base should be very strong and she has absorbed so much spiritual power along the way. I am afraid that I am not her opponent at all."

Xun Randou naturally wanted to kill the female ghost very much, but he was also afraid that he didn’t have the strength to.

"Senior Brother Xun, I will help you!"

Ye Yuqi looked at Xun Randou with a resolute gaze: "I… I know a secret road can lead to the Nine Heavens Myriad Blessings Palace. There are magic artifacts left by the Grand Master Patriarch in the main hall of Myriad Blessings Palace. It can definitely help you kill that female ghost and save Senior Brother Ma!"

In order to "rescue" Ma Yue, Ye Yuqi was also ready to risk her life.

She accidentally discovered that secret path when she was a child. She once secretly followed her father to the palace’s interior and found out that there was a very powerful magic weapon placed there.

However, that artifact seems to automatically choose the master, I wonder if Senior Brother Xun can smoothly get it?


At this time, Su Wan - who didn't know that the male protagonist and the female protagonist were racking their brains to "exterminate” her - had already arrived in a small town on the edge of the North Sea.

Currently, there was still more than a month before the sea monster came into being, but there were also many sects gathered in the small town.

In order not to cause unnecessary trouble, Chi Yibu separated from the two outside the city. Su Rui and Su Wan also wore sunglasses and peaked caps, and entered the city after disguising themselves.

The city was bustling and the skies were grey. The busy people in this city did not realize that the sky above the city was already covered with sinister qi…...

The cultivation and supplementation during this period had allowed Su Wan's soul power to stabilize again, so Su Rui now didn’t need to continue hunting soul bodies to supplement her spiritual power.

It's time to take care of the BUG in this world.

Su Rui set up a Silence barrier in the room and told Su Wan everything he knew about the son of Tu Mi.

Hearing about this resentment and hatred from tens of thousands of years ago, Su Wan could only sigh. Since ancient times, ‘love’ was very harmful.

"Are you sure?"

Su Wan was still slightly worried about Su Rui’s safety. After all, it has been more than 10,000 years since Tu Mi transformed into a monster on the seabed.

Su Wan and Su Rui couldn’t judge how strong she was.

"Anyway, I have to give it a try. Don't worry, I won't get swayed by emotions."

Su Rui has already thought of countermeasures. Since many people have gathered here, he didn’t need to hurriedly make a move. In the original plot, those who first made a move to fight for the "treasure" on the seabed all became cannon fodder. Instead, it was Xun Randou, who arrived later, that received the greatest benefit.

This time, Su Rui also had to wait for Xun Randou to come.

Great, I can borrow the hand of the Sea Demon Tu Mi to kill him...

Days went by in a flash. A month later, Xun Randou finally set foot in the city with Ye Yuqi and Su Zhenzhen in tow.

Others were here for the sea monster and the "treasure" on the seabed, but Xun Randou only came for the "female ghost" ......

Compared with her a few months ago, Su Zhenzhen had undergone a very huge change. She was Xun Randou’s woman and since gaining the vitality of Su Zhenzhen’s Yin body, Xun Randou's cultivation base progressed even further. Throughout the whole journey, Xun Randou killed many ghosts and became famous. With Su Zhenzhen, who is familiar with the plot, Xun Randou effortlessly found his biological parents and even had an elder brother and younger sister.

The Xun family naturally liked the son they’ve recovered and were also particularly satisfied with Su Zhenzhen, a beautiful and sweet-mouthed daughter-in-law.

In short, the male protagonist upgrades and fights monsters while having a beauty by his side. Naturally, that simple life of his was very comfortable.

However, every time he woke up in the middle of the night, Xun Randou would still inadvertently remember the sky covered with bloody light that he predicted that day.

His heart is still faintly disturbed——

For sure.

I must kill her this time!

With this kind of attitude, Xun Randou cultivated harder along the way, frantically promoting his cultivation base. He worked so hard and earnestly that Ye Yuqi felt a little bit distressed.

If she hadn’t already had Senior Brother Ma in her heart, Ye Yuqi felt that a man like Xun Randou would definitely be a very good husband...

Senior Brother Ma.

Thinking of the graceful and peerless Ma Yue, Ye Yuqi's heart felt even more mixed. How could a great talent like Senior Brother Ma be bewitched by a female ghost? It must have been because the female ghost took advantage of the moment Senior Brother Ma and Mo Han were fighting to get in and confuse his mind.

One day, Senior Brother Ma will wake up. He definitely will.

Thinking this way, Ye Yuqi couldn't help but grasp the thing in her pocket.

Senior Brother Xun said that with such a thing, Senior Brother Ma can be saved.

This time, I must scatter that female ghost’s soul away~

Blu: This whole chapter pisses me off. I really want to reach into the screen and smack them on the head with a chicken wing.

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