Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.2 — The Strongest Daoist

This mission world is a Daoist world.

Daoists, also known as alchemists, are members of the Xuanmen, who can divine luck, fortunes and feng shui for a person, and can also determine life and death with a single divine diagram.

In short, reading fortunes from one’s face, the five elements, geomancy (feng shui) and the exorcism of ghosts, these vagrant Daoists, who were regarded as feudal superstitions, really existed in this world.

Xun Randou was an orphan. He grew up with Old Man Zhang on the mountain. Everyone called him Hermit Zhang, while Xun Randou called him Shifu.

Xun Randou didn't know how many years his master had lived, but ever since he could remember, his master has always been that way.

He met Su Wan when he was travelling around with his master. At that time, she was a nine-year-old girl. His master said that she had a pure yin body that must be suppressed with pure yang blood, and Xun Randou had a pure yang body.

Yin and Yang were supposed to attract each other, and Xun Randou also liked Su Wan very much. That year, Su Lin made a marriage contract for them and Xun Randou was very happy.

However, a few years later, his Master suddenly disappeared. When Xun Randou came to the Su house again, he found that Su Wan had changed.

She was no longer the innocent and weak little sister in his mind. She became cold and cruel, she despised him for being a country bumpkin and despised his poverty.

Yes, Xun Randou knew that he was very old fashioned, but he never felt that he was poor.

Master had told him before that marriage was destined and everything should not be forced. So Xun Randou broke the engagement off with the Su family. He left Nancheng to go to Maoshan, the origin of the Shang Qing Sect, because after his Master disappeared, an elder’s token belonging to the Shang Qing Sect was left in his room.

In the Shang Qing Sect, Xun Randou knew Ye Yuqi, the daughter of the head of the sect. Although Ye Yuqi was born in the Shang Qing Sect, she was born with no spiritual veins and could not practice Daoism, and she would never be able to become a Daoist.

Even so, she continued to work hard and practiced the simplest skill: Telekinesis. Her tenacity moved Xun Randou, so he decided to teach Ye Yuqi to practice Daoism with the special method that his master gave him.

Ye Yuqi's father, Ye Guangmao, told Xun Randou that he had to go to the North Sea if he wanted to find his master.

Xun Randou set off alone, but Ye Yuqi secretly followed after him. The pair killed demons and dispersed evil spirits along the way. Xun Randou not only increased his cultivation base, but also found his long-lost relatives halfway through. Right when they arrived at the North Sea, the cities around the north were enshrouded in terrifying dark clouds.

In this area, many mysterious incidents had happened in one after another and many Daoists have already gathered, along with people from Dragon Tiger Mountain, Wuxiangmen, Five Elements Sect, and even Ma Yue, the successor of the Ma family from the exorcist dragon clan.

Ma Yue was the genius of the Ma family. Before Xun Randao appeared, he was the awe-inspiring leader of the younger generation, but since Xun Randao appeared, he suppressed Ma Yue everywhere. Not only that, emotionally as well. Ma Yue fell in love with Ye Yuqi, who loved to laugh and was rambunctious, but Ye Yuqi long has fallen in love with Xun Randao, so the two peerless geniuses became rivals.

The North Sea waters reddened and the sea monster came into being.

When the whole world was dyed in red, it was said that the strongest Daoist will be born.

This was a legend in the world of Daoists, but it has become a reality this year ——

Xun Randao killed the sea monster and managed to survive by the skin of his teeth and became famous since then!

He became a peerless great master sought after by everyone, and even Ma Yue had to acknowledge him and retreat.

At this time, Su Wan was caught up in a dangerous situation because the Yin Qi in her body gathered again. At this moment, she thought of Xun Randao again and she bitterly begged Xun Randao for help. Xun Randou saved her again because of past affections.

At this time, Su Wan thought that Xun Randao still had feelings for her and she wanted to be with this powerful man again, but Ye Yuqi was her biggest obstacle.

Inadvertently knowing the secret that Ye Yuqi does not actually have spiritual power, Su Wan spent money to find someone to set up nine ghosts to kill Ye Yuqi, but in the end Ye Yuqi still managed to escape by using charms and magical weapons.

In the end, Xun Randao found out about this incident. He hated Su Wan's ingratitude and vowed to make her pay the price.

Three days later, the Su family in Nancheng was exterminated overnight and the once glorious Su residence has become a famous ghost house in the area.

Murdering without a trace, harming without a sign, cruelty and ruthlessness, daring to fight against the Heavens. This was a Daoist.

This was the original mission story of this world, en, formerly.

At this time Su Wan was floating around in her bedroom speechless as she watched the transmigrated girl Su Zhenzhen who was simple-mindedly sleeping on the bed ——

How could it be so coincidental?

She just took the task, and the moment she entered the body of the original owner, it was hijacked by a transmigrator!

And because this girl had never done anything evil before and she saved someone from death when she died, her soul had the power of great merit.

Even though her spirit power was a hundred times stronger than her now, she can't take back the body that should’ve originally belonged to her.


Am I going to be a ghost in this world?

Su Wan was completely depressed this time. Now she couldn't even contact headquarters and she also couldn't give up this mission and leave.

At midnight, dark clouds covered the moon.

The room suddenly became cold and gloomy.

So cold.

Su Zhenzhen involuntarily shivered in her sleep and really wanted to go to the bathroom! She opened her eyes in a daze, and as a result...

"Ah! Ah! Ah~"

The woman's exclamation kept echoing in the room.

"Xiao Wan, Xiao Wan, what’s wrong?"

Madam Su immediately rushed in when she heard the sound and turned on the chandelier in the bedroom.

"She, I..."

Su Zhenzhen covered his mouth tightly and looked at Su Wan floating by the bed.

This is……

"Xiao Wan, what's the matter with you? Having a nightmare again?"

Madam Su ran to the bed nervously and raised her hand to gently embrace Su Zhenzhen's body. At this time, Su Zhenzhen was already shocked speechless ——

She, she saw it, the real Su Wan!

A spirit body that looked exactly like her current body.

Then, isn't she the original owner of this body?

"I, I'm fine."

Su Zhenzhen calmed down. She was sure that Madam Su couldn't see Su Wan at all. Could it be that she was the only one who could see her?

Fortunately, Su Wan was still wearing pyjamas at this time and looked very normal, not at all like the female ghosts that Su Zhenzhen had seen in movies before.

Maybe she is not so scary?

Su Zhenzhen carefully looked at Su Wan, who was drifting about by the bed in boredom, but Su Wan blinked at her.



After asking Madam Su to leave, Su Zhenzhen gathered her courage and closely stared at Su Wan: "Su Wan, are you Su Wan?"


Su Wan nodded. Could it be that Su Zhenzhen was able to see her because of the heavy yin at night?

However, Madam Su couldn't see her, which meant that only people with special abilities or a special relationship with her could see her.

"I…... I didn't mean to harm you. I also didn't want to, so can you not come looking for me?"

Hearing Su Wan admitting her identity, Su Zhenzhen immediately made a bitter face: "I really didn't do it intentionally. Transmigration is a random event and I also didn't want it. How about I return the body back to you?"

"If I could get my body back, you would have been kicked out of my body long ago."

Su Wan looked helplessly at Su Zhenzhen while floating around. Su Zhenzhen became light-headed: "Didn't you come to get your body back? Then, why are you... pestering me! I'm a good person! I've never done anything bad in my life."

"I don't want to pester you either."

Su Wan was even more speechless. After she realized that she could not go back to headquarters, the first thing she thought of was to find Su Rui. Su Rui's identity in this world must be the supporting male, Ma Yue.

The Exorcist Long Clan, Mao of the South and Ma of the North.

Ma Yue's family was near the North Sea. As long as you keep heading north, you will see him, but after Su Wan leaves the Su family villa, she will become very weak and her soul will have no strength at all.

"I can't get out of the Su house unless you bring me away!"

Su Wan fixedly looked at Su Zhenzhen's eyes. That's right, now she has only one way, which was to get Su Zhenzhen take her away from Su house!

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