Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.19 — The Strongest Daoist

Su Wan slept for a long time. Ever since she became a soul body wandering in this world, she had never slept for such a long time.

In fact, a soul body generally does not feel this sleepy. Su Wan also knew that something was wrong with her soul body. Fortunately, when she woke up at noon. She was full of strength and the amount of spiritual power in her body was still very full, even under the sun.

The bedside was warm. Apparently Su Rui had just woken up. When Su Wan came out of the bedroom, she saw Su Rui eating in the lounge: "You’re awake, do you want to eat?"

Seeing that Su Wan was in good spirits, Su Rui couldn't help but smile at her.

"You eat."

Although right now Su Wan looked solid just like ordinary humans and could also eat and drink, she really did not feel hungry at all.

The Black Dragon King rolled his eyes when he heard Su Rui’s words. Your sister, you almost killed all the ghosts in the city last night and fed them to your wife. If she still feels hungry, then she will be definitely be the Number 1 Foodie in all the Three Realms~

After eating, the two of them went downstairs to check out and planned to leave. But they ended up encountering Chi Yibu in the lobby on the first floor of the hotel.

Chi Yibu looked like he hadn't slept well all night, sporting two big dark circles.

"Where are you going? Maybe we’re going in the same direction?"

As someone who had one-sidedly familiarized himself with them, Chi Yibu pestered Su Rui and Su Wan again.

Where are we going?

Su Wan turned to look at Su Rui.


"Going... to the North Sea."

Su Rui whispered softly that the sea monster was about to be born, and all the monsters and ghosts were gathering in the north. There were countless soul bodies waiting for him to kill.

Moreover, he must also personally end the BUG of this world.

The North Sea was the only choice.

"What a coincidence, this humble monk is also heading to the North Sea. This is fate! How about we go together?"

Chi Yibu looked at Su Rui with a smile, but his tone was very firm.


Su Rui did not refuse. He always felt that Chi Yibu was too mysterious and had too many hidden secrets. Instead of letting him wander around elsewhere, it was better to let him stay under his watch. Plus, Su Rui’s perception has always been very strong and he could sense that Chi Yibu held no malice towards him and Su Wan.

"Brother Chi, you look haggard, did you not rest well last night?"

When the three of them left the hotel, Su Wan couldn't help asking while looking at the dark circles on Chi Yibu's face.

"Uh, this, I chanted the Rebirth spell for most of the night last night, alas."

When Chi Yibu said this, he subconsciously glanced at Su Rui and then withdrew his gaze again.

"Brother Chi has really worked hard."

Su Wan smiled at him, and then leaned close to Su Rui's body, her cold lips close to his ear: "What did you get up to last night?"


Su Rui smiled and raised her hand to embrace Su Wan's shoulder: "Don't make trouble, I'll tell you when I have time, be good."


Su Wan nodded and leaned comfortably in Su Rui's arms.

In front of him, she was willing to put away all her teeth and fangs. It was fine to just be a happy little woman.

The three of them drove cars when they left Mount Mao. Of course, with Su Rui's status, they directly bought a new car. The insurance and license plate were not important, as long as they could drive.

The three of them did not take the freeway, but the highway. Looking at the scenery on both sides of the road, Su Wan subconsciously touched her wrist.

On her right wrist, she still wore that golden bracelet.

"This bracelet..."

At this time, Chi Yibu - who was sitting in the back seat - also saw the bracelet on Su Wan's wrist: "This item of yours is very special, can you show me it?"

Su Wan waved her hand at Chi Yibu: "I have tried many times, but this bracelet can't be taken off at all. Brother Chi, do you know what this is?"

"No, I don't know."

Chi Yibu bashfully smiled: "It's because I don’t know, that makes me even more curious. Who gave you this thing?"

This should never belong to this era or even something in this world.

"From a friend."

Su Wan's tone was low. She thought of Old Ghost and his story —— that person, who had never really smiled.

Seeing that Su Wan didn't want to say more, Chi Yibu’s eyes flashed. He then smiled and leaned his chubby body back on the seat again. It was so comfortable that he could finally have a good sleep.

Black Dragon King:...

This damned fatty, you alone occupy the space for two and a half people. Can't you leave more space for Benwang? En?

Su Rui had been driving seriously. When Su Wan talked about the origin of the bracelet, Su Rui's eyes flashed——

That person gave it to her?

For some reason, Su Rui felt very uncomfortable.

Why the hell can't it be taken off?

One day, he must take the damn thing off his wife's hand...

Of course, the current Su Rui knew that he could never tell Su Wan the truth of the matter. He was really afraid that if he said that Old Ghost was Xu Ce, Su Wan would immediately flip out.

Currently, their situation was already complicated enough, it was natural that Su Rui would not take the initiative to let new problems crop up.

The journey to the North Sea was long, but Su Rui was not in a hurry. Every time he passed by a city, he would stop to have a rest and accompany Su Wan around during the day. In the evening, Su Rui quietly came out to hunt the souls.

More than half a month passed like this. Wherever they went, all the soul bodies would be swept clean. This abnormal phenomenon finally aroused the vigilance of the people in the Daoist world, and everyone was secretly speculating whether the people from the ghost hunting clan appeared again? They have always hunted ghosts to make a living and are a very special race.

After many people investigated, everyone also found some clues which finally pointed to two people ——

Ma Yue and Chi Yibu.

The two traveled together and they didn't hide their identities while on their journey, especially when Su Rui would spend money to buy many good things and souvenirs for Su Wan wherever he went.

The traces of their journey unexpectedly coincided with the traces of the disappearance of the spirit bodies.

He was a well-known altruist, so naturally no one would doubt him. Thus, Ma Yue has become the number one suspect.

Of course, as an exorcist, it was understandable to exorcise ghosts, but so many and numerous, indiscriminate massacres still made people feel it was very strange.

Why does Ma Yue so frantically hunt soul bodies?

Just when everyone was full of uncertainty, a piece of shocking news suddenly came out from the Shangqing faction ——

Ma Yue was with a female ghost!

Rumor has it that this female ghost has cultivated for thousands of years and has profound spells. She confused Ma Yue and made him help her hunt down other soul bodies to enhance her cultivation...

Female ghost...

Everyone suddenly saw the light. According to the info they received, wasn't there a girl who had been following Ma Yue and Chi Yibu?

For the modern Daoists, most of the spell books and talismans had long been lost. There was no Sect Teleportation Talisman and there was no Thousand Li Communication Stone.

Fortunately, now that technology was advanced, everyone could make phone calls.

When Chi Yibu was groggy in the car, he received a call from an old friend. After hearing the rumors from his old friend, I immediately became spirited.

"Huh? Ma Yue? I'm with him. Female ghost? What female ghost? What nonsense."

After Chi Yibu hung up the phone, a rare gloomy expression graced his face.

"What happened?"

In fact, Su Wan had already heard what he said on the phone, but she couldn't help but ask.

"It's nothing."

Chi Yibu raised his head and his round face once again put on a shy smile like he was hanging a signboard: "Zhenzhen, did you offend anyone while you were in the Shang Qing Sect?"

Offend someone?

Su Wan frowned. She didn't offend Xun Randou, but Xun Randou seemed to want to kill her.

However, her identity was covered by the Pseudo-Immortal Tool that Old Ghost gave her. According to logical reasoning, it was impossible to be discovered by Xun Randou, unless it was......

"It's Su Zhenzhen."

There was a trace of murderous intent in Su Rui's tone.

Only Su Zhenzhen knew Su Wan’s identity! Only her!

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