Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.18 — The Strongest Daoist

No one knows how long the sea monster of the North Sea has lived for and no one has seen what she looked like, but she does exist.

"When Tu Mi fades, comes the end of flowers all; Only the trailing plants appear over the mossy wall."

A phrase from 《Dream of the Red Chamber (红楼梦)》. Translation from  Tumi means raspberry.

Su Rui whispered softly suddenly. Tu Mi, the flower of the Heavens, the pure white flower that is said to be able to eliminate all evil in the world.

Tu Mi?

When the Black Dragon King heard Su Rui's words, his pupils suddenly constricted —— could it be…... "her"?

Xiao Yueyue, is the… the son of Tu Mi hidden in your body?

The son of Tu Mi?

Hearing the words of the Black Dragon King, Su Rui's eyes flashed: "Little Black, do you know something?"

Black Dragon King:...

What ‘Little Black’! You’re seriously making me depressed~

Ten thousand years ago was a time where the human world was still full of spiritual energy. At that time, anyone could cultivate and become an immortal.

At that time, not only the humans, the monster race, the ghost race, the demons, the dragon race, and even the immortal race and the god race lived on the continent.

At that time, Tu Mi was a well-known beauty in the world of immortals. Fine, the Black Dragon King admitted that he had indeed coveted her beauty for many years. She and Bi An, one in the heavens, one in hell, were known as the most beautiful flowers in the world, but were also the saddest flowers.

Bi An flower - red spider lily. Btw, flower stands for ‘pretty girl’

Flower Bi An was hurt by love and voluntarily descended into hell. The flowers do not meet the leaves, the leaves do not meet the flowers, the flowers and leaves never meet each other, always missing each other.

Better explanation:

And what about Tu Mi?

Tu Mi was pure white, a symbol of kindness, but when she was in the heavens, she fell in love with an evil emperor in the human world. The evil emperor was wicked throughout his life and covered in sins, but he also longed for the most beautiful pure whiteness in the world.

In order to be with the evil emperor, Tu Mi voluntarily left the heaven realm and cast aside her virtue.

The two had a good life in the world, but after a long time, the evil emperor grew weary.

What he had loved was always the Tu Mi that was high in the clouds, as white as snow. Not the woman who fell into the human world and was willing to dye herself bloody red for him.

Love is so cruel sometimes.

The Flower Tu Mi had bloomed, but it was the end of her love.

After being abandoned by the Evil Emperor, Tu Mi realized that she had the Evil Emperor’s child. She was not reconciled. Her monstrous resentment dyed the entire North Sea a dazzling red. She killed herself and the Evil Emperor’s child with her own hands and let his soul reincarnate with resentment and darkness. She wants the Evil Emperor to regret it, to regret in every lifetime.

Just how terrible was the resentment of a woman?

The Black Dragon King sighed in the bottom of his heart: Tu Mi, who voluntarily turned into a monster in the sea, wakes up once every thousand years. Every time she wakes up, she searches for the reincarnated soul of the son of the Evil Emperor. Then she will call out to him, swallow him  and worsen the resentment in his soul.

This was her punishment to the Evil Emperor and also to herself...

The soul of the son of Tu Mi was blood red with the taste of good and evil.

That was the most attractive and delicious taste in the world.

Ma Yue, in your body lives the son of Tu Mi. Yes, Benwang was attracted by his extremely dark aura that day!

"Turns out, it’s like this."

Su Rui nodded. In the original plot, the monster of the North Sea was just an ordinary sea monster that was finally beheaded by Xun Randou.

And now, the demon of the North Sea in this world has become Tu Mi and Ma Yue's body contains the soul of Tu Mi’s son. This is where the BUG that destroyed the laws of the entire world lies.

It seems that the order of the world will only be restored to its original state by killing Tu Mi and her son.

But the top priority right now was to make Su Wan's better.

The soul of the son of Tu Mi has an attractive fragrance. He will unwittingly attract all souls, especially the souls of females. They will lose their reason and combine with the son of Tu Mi, and in the process, the soul of Tu Mi’s son will absorb their soul power.

A soul body that has lost its soul power is like a human being who has lost its lifespan. They will gradually wither and will not survive past a few days.

Little Yueyue.

The Black Dragon King on the side continued to communicate with Su Rui in his heart: The son of Tu Mi in your body is still asleep, no, it should be said that he has been firmly suppressed by you, along with his grievance and evil nature, so you can't normally sense him, but when you fooled around with this female ghost, uh, I mean when you made love, your body will still involuntarily absorb her spirit power. Even though it's only a little bit, ordinary spirit bodies can recover as long as they rest for a while, but she is a living soul!

The living soul was powerful and fragile, and because she left her body for too long, her soul power is extremely weak.

If you want to save her now, there are only two ways. First, let her return to her body as soon as possible. Second, hunt down other soul bodies to replenish her soul power. The more the better!

Return her to her body?

Su Rui shook his head. He remembered Su Wan telling him that Su Zhenzhen came through with merit and they could not force her soul out of Su Wan's body.

So now there is only one last way left.

Su Rui turned his face and looked at Su Wan, who was fast asleep. Xiao Wan, take a good rest. Everything will be fine tomorrow, everything will be fine.

"Watch over her, I'm going out for a while."

Su Rui leaned over and kissed Su Wan's face, then turned around and walked away.

The Black Dragon King looked at Su Rui's back, and behind him was a trail of blood lust...

Son of Tumi, you are full of grievances, but this time you really met a terrible opponent, an opponent that makes Benwang feel his liver tremble. You should ask for more blessings......

When Su Rui left his room, Chi Yibu - who stayed on the same floor and just fell asleep - opened his eyes which revealed a radiant light.

The evil dragon has appeared, the world will descend into chaos.

Everyone thought that it was the evil dragon who would be the one to bring disaster upon this world in this prophecy, but in fact, the person who will bring chaos into the world was the one who summoned the evil dragon.


Chi Yibu sat up on his bed and sighed deeply. The fight between good and evil will come to an end.

Tu Mi, you had fallen for thousands of years and made your son reincarnate for thousands of years. In this lifetime, everything will finally be over…...

The night was deep and dangerous.

As Chi Yibu mentioned, this small city wasn’t very peaceful. Due to this city being close to Maoshan, and that Maoshan was full of spiritual energy, some Spirit Qi will leak into the city. Therefore, although this place was the foot of the mountain the Shang Qing sect resided at, there are countless ghosts, humans and monsters gathered here.

They walked at night, rarely harmed people and gathered here just to cultivate in a place full of Spirit Qi.

For many years, they and the Daoist priests of the Shangqing faction minded their own business.

However, all of this will end tonight, because Su Rui was here.

In the night, Su Rui found a desolate suburb. He held his breath quietly, and when he opened his eyes again, there was a trace of blood red flowing in his eyes.

A strange smell drifted around, intermittently attracting all the souls in the entire city...

Countless souls surrounded Su Rui. They roared and shook with excitement. Su Rui stood still and did not move. He simply closed his eyes again, letting go of his consciousness and silently spread his Divine Sense. He slowly opened his eyes after most of the souls in the entire city had surrounded him.

This is a pair of strange pupils, one pupil was a raging red while the other pupil was strangely black.

"Heh, hehe."

"Su Rui" suddenly sneered.

"It's been a thousand years. Is it time again? I'm going to swallow you all, swallow you all, swallow everything."

He roared savagely, but the next moment, the different color in his pupils suddenly faded.

"You’re useless now, so get lost!"

Su Rui's voice was very cold. At this moment, the hideous expression on his face had faded, leaving only a cold indifference.

The son of Tu Mi:...

As the spirit sword in his hand gradually emerged, Su Rui looked at the clusters of soul bodies around him with cold eyes and slashed without hesitation——

A problem that can be solved by killing was never a problem in the eyes of General Su.

Blu: Su Rui, you can’t just solve all your problems by killing!

Su Rui: *takes out sword*

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