Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.17 — The Strongest Daoist

The Soul Sealing Lock, a magic weapon handed down from the ancient realm of cultivation, has rarely been seen in modern times.

Chi Yibu truly deserved the nickname Hundred Treasures Monk. All the things he has on his person are all valuable treasures. Su Wan played around with the Soul Sealing Lock in her palm and walked slowly to the sofa.

"Awoo, awoo~"

The Black Dragon King curled up his small body, looking at Su Wan pitifully——

Don’t, don't come over! If you keep coming over, Benwang is going to yell~

Awoo, help~


Su Wan couldn't help laughing when she saw the terrified Black Dragon King: "Dragon? Dragon King? Tsk tsk tsk, what big guts you have!"

Black Dragon King: Benwang is definitely being looked down on, right?

"Wife, that’s enough, don't tease him anymore. I'll take a bath first, then you. Let’s have a good rest tonight."

With that, Su Rui took off his clothes while walking to the bathroom. By the time he walked into the bathroom, his upper body was already bare.

Su Rui's solid chest and well-proportioned muscles were reflected in the hotel mirror.

He bent over and washed his face with water next to the washbasin. Right at this moment, the bathroom door suddenly clicked and was locked from the inside.

En? Su Rui frowned slightly and the hair on his body stood upright because of the sudden burst of cold air.

The mirror in the bathroom had misted up at some unknown time and a cold, white, soft, boneless hand suddenly covered Su Rui's shoulder: "You are so handsome, so manly, I love it. "

The suave and seductive female voice suddenly sounded from behind Su Rui. He frowned in disgust. He grabbed the hand on his shoulder and turned around. Su Rui's Yuling Dagger pressed against the jaw of the female ghost.

"Exalted Immortal! Handsome! Gorgeous!"

Facing Su Rui's extremely cold eyes, the recklessly lustful female ghost immediately trembled with fright: "I’m so scared, don't treat me like this."

While she was speaking, she did not forget to cast a seductive wink at Su Rui.

Su Rui didn't even look at her before swinging the Yuling dagger. The female ghost in front of him immediately screamed as her soul was scattered.


The door to the bathroom happened to open at this time and Su Wan rushed in anxiously: "Are you okay?"

"It's fine."

Su Rui shook his head: "It's just a little ghost."


Su Wan's complexion gradually improved after hearing this: "You haven't taken a bath yet? Let me draw the water for you."

She turned around and turned on the faucet on the bathtub on the side. As the hot water continued to gush out, the entire bathroom started becoming misty.

Su Rui was still standing aside at this time, slowly taking out the toiletries. From Su Wan's perspective, she could see his back. At this time, there were a few red marks on his back. Those were the marks she scratched out last night.

Su Wan kept looking before her face finally couldn't help but blush: "Husband, we... haven't bathed together for a long time, today... do you want to..."


Su Rui suddenly turned around, smiled at Su Wan, and forced her to the edge of the bathtub step by step: "If you like to take baths, then you should….. bathe your fill!"

He suddenly pushed Su Wan's head into the hot water.

"Cough, cough cough."

"Hus, husband, what are you doing? I, I'm your… cough, cough cough cough..."

Su Rui's hands were very strong. He practically forced her whole body under the water. Seeing that the person in the bathtub was still struggling, the chill in Su Rui's eyes grew even stronger: "Are you still unwilling to show up?"

He sneered and raised his hand, the spirit sword gathering in his hand: "Lin, bing, dou, zhe..."

"Lord Immortal, spare my life!"

The struggling figure finally changed back to its original appearance, still the pale female ghost.

"Exalted Immortal, Exalted Immortal, I didn't want to, but, but you… you have a very special smell… I, I can't help myself, Exalted Immortal forgive me, Exalted Immortal forgive me!"


Red flashed past Su Rui's eyes and gently loosened the hand holding the female ghost: "Are you attracted by the smell on my body?"

"Yes, what I said is true."

Seeing that Su Rui was finally willing to let go, the female ghost couldn't help but say with gratitude: "The smell is like a spiritual incense. It has a fatal attraction to ghosts. I... I don't know why I came here, and when I saw you, I couldn't help but want to..."

The female ghost's expression is also very complicated. Aiya, ​​big sister has always been a very pure female ghost, very clean and pure~

"Fine. Leave immediately. Don't let me see you again, otherwise..."

"Yes Yes Yes!"

Seeing Su Rui willing to let her go, the female ghost smiled through her tears and slowly turned into nothingness and disappeared before Su Rui's eyes.

The water in the bathtub was still there and the warm water mysteriously changed colour.


A glaring red, brilliant red.

The tragic and desperate red...

Come back.

Come back!

I am waiting for your return, my… child...

The distant call, sometimes there sometimes not.

Su Rui slowly closed his eyes and the spirit sword in his hand plunged towards the surface of the water——

In the splashing of water, the red faded like a tide, as if it was never there.

The colour red, a Red Sea, a red North Sea.

The sea monster who has been entrenched for thousands of years there, was she calling for him?

Su Rui gently let go and the spirit sword in his palm gradually turned into nothingness...

When Su Rui came out of the bathroom, Su Wan had fallen asleep laying on the sofa. She seemed very tired.

Su Rui couldn't help but walk to the sofa to look at the sleeping Su Wan and stared at her. He then bent down slowly and kissed Su Wan on the face.


Su Wan on the sofa suddenly woke up and raised her hand to embrace Su Rui: "Have you finished washing up?"

She suddenly raised her chin, wrinkled her nose and sniffed Su Rui's body: "So fragrant, what shower gel did you use? It smells a bit strange, but... it's very fragrant, I really want to eat you."

Su Rui's eyes darkened, but he still smiled and curled the corners of his lips: "Is it really that fragrant? Why can't I smell it myself?"

"You have a bad nose? Haha."

Su Wan smiled dazedly and subconsciously leaned toward Su Rui's body: "I'm so tired, I don't want to take a shower anymore. Hurry up and hug me to bed, I want to sleep."

"En, okay."

Su Rui bent down and brought Su Wan into his arms and made a beeline for the big bed in the bedroom.

The big bed in the hotel was very soft. When she got on the bed, Su Wan felt her body sink into it. So tired, too lazy to move, no strength at all...

Seeing Su Wan fall deep asleep on the big bed, Su Rui's eyes fixedly stared at her body. The night was the time when the souls were full of spiritual power. Why is she feeling sleepy and weak?

"Little Black? Little Black?"

Su Rui yelled twice at the outside of the bedroom, but such a loud voice still did not wake Su Wan.

Black Dragon King:...

Who is Little Black? Benwang had already reluctantly accepted the tacky ‘Longlong’. As for ‘Little Black’, don't even think about….. it.

"Little Black!"

Feeling the murderous intent in Su Rui's tone, the Black Dragon King immediately ran eagerly into the bedroom.


Cough cough, as a dragon, he should be able to adapt to circumstances. This is what a man of character does.

"What’s wrong with her?"

Su Rui couldn't make out Su Wan's situation, but he believed that the Black Dragon King must know a lot of things he didn't know since he had lived for tens of thousands of years.


This female ghost...

The Black Dragon King raised his nose and sniffed, and jumped onto the bed, watching Su Wan, who seemed to be in deep sleep on the big bed.

She is... a living soul?

The Black Dragon King was shocked. Su Wan had been using the spirit power of Ghost Cultivation this whole time and the Yin Qi on her body was faintly discernible. He always thought she was an ordinary Ghost Cultivator, but he did not expect that she was a living soul!

Living soul!

Su Rui's eyes flashed when he sensed the words of the Black Dragon King. He almost forgot that Su Wan's identity in this world was not dead yet, she was still "alive".

Living souls are actually stronger than ghosts, but they also have fatal weaknesses.

The Black Dragon King blinked his big eyes and looked at Su Rui: Have you sucked her soul power?

Soul power?

Su Rui’s face was blank. What he knew about the world - except for the content of the plot - were the memories Ma Yue left him and these memories did not include these kinds of things.

Seeing Su Rui was clueless, the look of the Black Dragon King became more solemn: Xiao Yueyue, don't you feel it? Tell me, what are you? What is... hiding in your body?


Su Rui's expression suddenly changed ——

He remembered that Su Wan had entered this world before him. Maybe this world was still normal at that moment in time?

Therefore, Su Zhenzhen is not the BUG they thought she was.

The real bug was Ma Yue.

Or, was it the secret hidden in Ma Yue's body?

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