Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.16 — The Strongest Daoist

When Su Wan and Su Rui descended from Mount Mao, the sun had already set.

"Would you like to stay one night at the foot of the mountain?"

Su Wan suggested as she noticed that Su Rui's face had looked terrible the whole journey.

Su Rui's complexion looked really bad today, I wonder if it was because of tossing too hard last night that caused the Yang Qi in his body to dissipate too much? Your mother, this was not something she can control~

"That’s also fine."

Su Rui nodded. He never objected to his wife's words.

The top and bottom of the mountain were like two completely different worlds. At the bottom of Mount Mao is a very prosperous small city with many tall buildings and shining neon lights.

Because it was close to a famous tourist area, the economy here was relatively developed and expenditure in the city was naturally not low. Fortunately, Su Rui, a member of the Ma family, was also a very wealthy person now. The few gold cards he carries with him all had a lot of money.

The two asked for a deluxe suite with a good view. As the attendant went upstairs, the young attendant also spoke to the two in a deadly earnest manner: "I could tell immediately that the two of you came from outside the city. You came here to spend your honeymoon, right? In this city, the people here have outstanding character and there is also the beautiful scenery. It is definitely a good place for a vacation! Do you know the true ruler, San Mao? He is the Grand Martial Ancestor of our Mount Mao Sect. We are next to Mount Mao, the place where immortals live. Robbers and thieves, let alone demons and ghosts, don't dare to act presumptuously here, so you two can be rest assured and boldly play here for a few more days!"

Su Rui: ......

Su Wan: …….

Brother, there are a few little ghosts floating here in the elevator. You’ve said all that, but can’t you just let the ghosts play happily?

When they got out of the elevator, the attendant turned and left. Watching two little ghosts flying around naughtily beside him, Su Wan was speechless.

In short, knowing nothing is a kind of happiness.

"Let’s go in."

Su Wan took the room card and opened the door. Su Rui stood behind her and looked at the other two ghosts who were hovering near them that refused to leave. He frowned slightly when he saw their unkind eyes staring at Su Wan. He flicked his wrist, the Yuling dagger cut through the air in an instant...

"Drop your knife and leave the ghosts alone!"

By the time the shout came from the other end of the corridor, Su Rui had already snuffed out the two perverted ghosts.

"Huff, huff."

At this time, a fat man ran over sweating buckets and said slowly: "Old pal, they didn't harass you, so why were you so harsh?"


Su Rui stared coldly at the amiable-looking fatty in front of him. He had no hair and his bald head had obvious scars.

"Little monk, no, this little one is Chi Yibu. I practiced Buddhism in my early years and have now returned to the secular world."

His name literally translates to ‘late by a step’.

Chi Yibu smiled gently at Su Rui.

Chi Yibu? Seeing your figure, you’ll indeed be always late by a step~

"Chi Yibu? The Hundred Treasure Monk, Chi Yibu?"

Su Wan just opened the door of the room and was about to step in, but when she heard the name Chi Yibu, she suddenly stopped.

This monk had also appeared in the original plot. Although he has already left Buddhism, he has always maintained a bald head and abstained from eating meat, so people in the Doist world gave him the nickname "Hundred Treasure Monk". This nickname was also very interesting. It is said that Chi Yibu was born with a kind heart, and is the reincarnated soul boy that was an altruist for 10 lifetimes. His luck in this lifetime soared. There will be amazing treasures wherever he goes, so this nickname "Hundred Treasure Monk" was indeed very well deserved.

soul boy - successor to the Living Buddha

Hearing Su Wan suddenly calling out his nickname, Chi Yibu touched his bald forehead and gave a bashful smile: "Hehe, this is an undeserved reputation, just undeserved reputation. I saw that both of you Dao friends looked very unfamiliar . You are not from Mount Mao, are you?"

"Ma family, Ma Yue."

Su Rui indifferently declared his identity and then pointed to Su Wan, who was at the door: "She is my sweetheart."

"Oh~ It turned out to be a child of the Ma family of the Exorcist Dragon clan. I’m really sorry for my lack of manners! Really sorry!"

Chi Yibu naturally heard the rumors about Ma Yue. In all honesty, the reason he came to Mount Mao this time actually had something to do with Ma Yue.

Don't hit the face of a smiling person. After Chi Yibu smiled and greeted the two people, he then started to ramble, seeming as if he didn't want to leave at all.

"How about, Big Brother Chi come in and chat?"

Su Wan couldn't help standing aside from the door, giving Chi Yibu some space.

"This, how could I have the cheek to disturb a couple’s rest? Haha."

Chi Yibu shyly declined, but he still walked directly into the room of the two without pause.

"Aiya, the layout of this luxurious suite is better than my standard room. Young Man Ma, you guys will really enjoy it!"

As soon as Chi Yibu entered the room, he couldn't help but look around. Su Wan and Su Rui looked at each other. After tightly shutting the door, Su Rui directly set up a Silence Barrier in the room. With this barrier, unless the opponent's cultivation base is much higher than Su Rui’s, no one can hear the voices in this room.

"Brother Chi, whatever you need to say, you can say now."

Su Rui turned around and sat down on the sofa gracefully. Seeing that Chi Yibu was still looking around, he slightly raised his tone: "What are you looking for?"

"Haha, haha."

Chi Yibu smiled: "I’m not looking for anything, hey, old pal Ma, this little black Teddy bear of yours looks so cute!"

Chi Yibu lowered his eyes and fixed his gaze on the Black Dragon King beside Su Rui.


It must be said that what the evil black dragon was most afraid of was everything "good".

Chi Yibu himself had been a do-gooder for 10 lifetimes and what he originally practiced in Buddhism was Compassion spells and naturally brought good karma with him wherever he went. As long as he got close, the Black Dragon King's fur would stand upside down and he nervously drilled into Su Rui’s back.

"It's timid."

Su Rui moved his body and blocked the Black Dragon King behind him.

"Oh oh, actually, I -this monk- like small animals the most."

Chi Yibu smiled in embarrassment and then his eyes fell on Su Wan again: "I still don’t know this sister’s name?"

"My name is Su Zhenzhen."

Su Wan smiled faintly at Chi Yibu.

"Zhenzhen? Truly a good name. What is false, can't be true. What is real... cannot be false, don't you think so?"

Chi Yibu stared at Su Wan, his gaze showing an expression that was hard to describe.

"In today's world, truth mingles with the false. Who can clearly differentiate between the two?"

Su Wan raised her eyebrows slightly to meet Chi Yibu’s gaze, without any concession in her tone.

"Haha, that's true, this sister can see clearly, but this monk is slow-witted."

Chi Yibu habitually touched his bald head: "Ai, after visiting and talking to both you husband and wife, my disappointing belly is hungry again. I am going to eat, so I won't bother you! Rest early, this place is not too peaceful at night."

When Chi Yibu dragged his chubby body slowly over to the door and when he finally reached the door with much difficulty, he suddenly slapped his head: "Look at my memory! Our first meeting must have been brought together by fate. Come, come, come, this is for the lady, I wish you a long life and many many children!"

While talking, Chi Yibu took out a delicate small lock from his clothes pocket. This lock looks a bit like the lock of longevity that one would give their children in ancient times. It was also pure silver, but the words engraved on the lock was not the word "longevity", but a very detailed and complicated ancient script.

This is……

Seeing that familiar word, Su Wan's eyes narrowed: "Brother Chi, you are too polite."

"It's nothing, this thing is not worth money. The most important thing is to be able to use it where it should be used. I'm leaving now, no need to see me off!"

After handing the silver lock to Su Wan, Chi Yibu waved his hands with his back to the two and swaggered away.

The corridor of the hotel is still silent and devoid of people. Looking at the wandering souls floating in the air, Chi Yibu lightly sighed: "Karma, resentment! You have been wandering here, why not leave soon? Leave soon ah! Amitabha~"

It wasn't until Chi Yibu’s footsteps disappeared that Su Rui walked to Su Wan's side and looked at the silver lock in her hand: "This is..."

"Soul Sealing Lock."

Engraved on the silver lock was the ancient Chinese character for "Seal". Su Wan recognised that character as the script in front of her was exactly the same as the character "Seal” in her Soul Sealing Technique.

Su Rui's gaze flashed.

The Soul Sealing Lock can seal a person's three immortal souls and seven mortal forms

According to Pleco, the phrase ‘three immortal souls and seven mortal forms (in Daoism)’ contrasts the spiritual and carnal side of man.

Chi Yibu gave this lock to Su Wan, but whose soul was he asking her to seal?

Black Dragon King?

Su Zhenzhen?

Or... someone else?

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