Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.15 — The Strongest Daoist

"Senior Brother Ma, Senior Brother Ma, are you up?"

Early in the morning, Su Rui was awakened by Ye Yuqi's knock on the door. He got up from the bed and rubbed his forehead somewhat uncomfortably.

Last night……

"Senior Brother Ma?" The call outside the door continued. How annoying.


Su Rui changed his clothes and walked slowly to the door and opened it.

Outside the door, the light of the morning sun was splendid. Ye Yuqi was wearing a Shang Qing Sect’s daoist robe with her long hair trailing over her shoulders. She stood in front of Su Rui with a smile as she held the Black Dragon King with drooping ears and an unhappy face in her arms.

"Senior Brother Ma, you... did you not rest well last night?"

Seeing that Su Rui's complexion seemed to be much worse than yesterday, Ye Yuqi couldn't help but asked with concern.

"I'm not used to sleeping after changing to a new place."

Su Rui replied with a cold face.

Black Dragon King: Awoo, awooo~

Liar, Xiao Yueyue was obviously fooling around with a female ghost last night~ Be careful or else you’ll get sucked dry by that female ghost one day~

Seeing the little pet in her arms bark twice, Ye Yuqi couldn't help but raise her hand to arrange the Black Dragon King's fur: "Senior Brother Ma, your Longlong somehow ended up in Senior Brother Xun’s yard last night. He found it and thought it was September and sent it to my room. I saw that it was too late last night, so I didn't come to disturb you. I kept it for half the night. You don’t mind, right?"

"I do not mind."

Su Rui looked at the Black Dragon King who was still in Ye Yuqi's arms. This perverted dragon seemed to have been very happy last night~

Strictly speaking of this matter, it’s still uncertain who is the one who minds?

"Senior Brother, if you don't mind, I can rest assured. It's almost time for morning exercise. I'm going to the morning exercise. Goodbye, Senior Brother.

Ye Yuqi stuffed the Black Dragon King into Su Rui's arms and immediately lightly ran towards the direction of the training hall.

Staring in the direction where she was leaving, the Black Dragon King looked sad ——

Sister, come back soon~ Your arms were so warm and soft, I can't bear to part~

"Lecherous dragon."

Su Rui raised his hand and patted the little head of the Black Dragon King. He immediately uttered an “awoo" and turned his head to glare at Su Rui: Xiao Yueyue, you’ve had your fill and even have a female ghost warming your bed. Have you considered how Benwang feels? Trapped in the Dragon Pool for ten thousand years, ten thousand years ~ Let alone a woman, Benwang has never even seen a female mosquito~ Alas, Benwang’s power has faded over time. Otherwise, do you think you and that unskilled female ghost of yours would have been able to oppose me? Hmph hmph hmph, one day, one day Benwang will…...

"What are you going to do?"

The Black Dragon King was merrily cursing from the bottom of his heart when he suddenly heard Su Rui's cold and somber voice above his head. The black fur all over his body immediately stood upright and his pupils contracted——

Your mother, why didn’t you say earlier that you were able to hear Benwang's inner thoughts?

Little Yueyue, I was wrong, I was just joking, really, Benwang has never lied~


Hearing the Black Dragon King’s voice, Su Rui just shrugged and his eyes became colder: "You better obediently listen to me, otherwise… I will swallow you."


It couldn't be what Benwang was thinking of, right? En?

"It's exactly what you’re thinking of."

When the Black Dragon King shivered, Su Rui had turned and strode towards the main hall of the Shangqing Sect. Although he really wanted to see what was in the Jiuxiao Wanfu Palace, it was really inadvisable to stay in the Shang Qing sect any longer...…

"What? You said you’re leaving?"

Right now, Su Zhenzhen had also just got up. When she opened her eyes, she saw Su Wan sitting by her bed and she immediately jumped with fright. When Su Wan saw that she was awake, she just whispered indifferently. "I'm leaving now. You stay here. After Xun Randou suppresses the Yin Qi in your body, you can decide whether you want to go or stay."

Su Zhenzhen was stunned for a good long while, then she hesitantly looked at Su Wan and carefully asked: "Where are you going? Are you going to reincarnate?"

"You read too many ghost stories."

Su Wan couldn't help but glance at Su Zhenzhen: "Besides, I'm not dead yet, so what am I going to reincarnate for?"


Su Zhenzhen's face changed slightly. She finally remembered that she was occupying Su Wan's body. If one seriously thought about it, wouldn’t she herself be considered a lonely wild ghost?

Su Wan didn't see the change in Su Zhenzhen's face. Currently, she was also very preoccupied.

Last night, why did Xun Randou suddenly want to attack her?

Did he find out her identity?

Or was it for other reasons?

If the bug in this world is the foreign transmigrator Su Zhenzhen, then how does she fix this bug?

Kill Su Zhenzhen?

No, it should not be that simple.

Su Zhenzhen’s crossing over was just a random accident and she doesn't have any spiritual power, so she shouldn’t have any influence on this world!

Then what was the real bug in this world?

Only by finding it, could Su Wan and Su Rui open the passage to leave this plane again.

Su Wan's mind was in confusion right now. In order to avoid side issues from cropping up, she must leave the Shang Qing Sect as soon as possible and be out of Xun Randou’s line of sight. At least for now, she and Su Rui can't have a head-on confrontation with the male protagonist.


At this time, on the North Sea thousands of miles away from the Shang Qing faction.

The vast North Sea was turbulent and from afar, one could hear the pleasant sounds of the waves crashing against the reefs.

The early morning sun illuminated the surface of the blue sea causing it to reflect the brilliant golden light. However, something stirred from within the depths the North Sea, and a speck of red began to unceasingly spread——

Come back.

Come back.

Come back, my child.

The turbulent redness swallowed the darkness of the bottom of the sea, gobbling up all the beasts and creatures that lived in the bottom of the sea. The boundless red was spreading, surging, and they clamored, incessantly calling out.

Come back!

Come back!

Come back…….

Sincerely calling beyond the distance of time and space, whispering affectionately into someone’s ears——

I have waited for you for a thousand years.

Just to meet eith you once again.

Come back quickly, I have been waiting for you here...


Evening, foot of Mount Mao.

"There’s no need for you to send me off. Big brother Ma happened to have something to do in Nancheng and is conveniently sending me home."

Su Wan stood at the bottom of the mountain and looked at Su Zhenzhen and Xun Randou in front of her with a faint smile on her face.

Su Zhenzhen opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but in the end she just smiled silently at Su Wan.

After this farewell, when will we meet again?

Xun Randou seemed to be very calm now, but his gaze swept over Su Wan's body inadvertently and then fell on Su Rui's body again.

Su Rui was still cold and aloof, holding the Black Dragon King with one hand while spinning the Yuling Dagger boredly with his other hand.

Ma Yue and that pet of his.....

Xun Randou's eyes flashed, but in the end, he simply gave a slight nod to the two: "The both of you take care of yourself. I won't bother to see you out anymore. Zhenzhen, please help me tell Uncle and Auntie when you go home that I will take care of Su Wan. "


Su Wan nodded: "With a brother-in-law taking care of elder sister, my parents will naturally be very relieved."

Su Zhenzhen bashfully lowered her head at Su Wan’s words and Ye Yuqi, who also came along to see them off, narrowed her eyes at Xun Randou. It was also now that she realized that Young Miss Su was Senior Brother Xun's fiancee.

Haih, the both of them are also a good match!

It's a pity that I still...

Thinking of this, Ye Yuqi couldn't help but look at Su Wan and Su Rui, who was behind her.

"Senior Brother Ma, after you send Miss Su back to Nancheng, will you be going back to the Ma family?"


Hearing Ye Yuqi's question, Su Rui hesitated: "Not necessarily, I might temper myself outside for a while."


Ye Yuqi nodded: "I thought Senior Brother Ma was going back to the family to meet your girlfriend. You both have been apart for so long, so she should miss you very much, right?"


Su Rui’s face was still cold as ever but Su Wan on the side couldn’t help but smile: “Aiya, it turns out that Senior Brother Ma has a girlfriend. You are so good and handsome. Your girlfriend must be very gentle and cute, considerate, beautiful and kind, and generous, right?"


Su Rui replied with a gentle expression: "Not only that, she is the best in the world, no one can compare."

Su Zhenzhen:......

I have seen public displays of affection, but I have never seen a display like yours~

Black Dragon King: Aiya, Benwang is going to laugh to death, eh, uh, no, what Xiao Yueyue said is true, you guys really are a perfect match~

Ye Yuqi:......

Senior Brother Ma seems to really love his girlfriend~ The girl who became his girlfriend must be very happy~

Xun Randou:...

We are digressing from the topic, you know?

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