Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.14 — The Strongest Daoist

Su Wan and Su Zhenzhen were both arranged to live in the side wing room of Xun Randou’s courtyard and Su Rui, as a VIP guest of Ye Zi'an, naturally had a small courtyard of his own to stay in in Shang Qing sect.

It was night. The moon was bright and glimmering stars were scattered throughout the sky.

A black shadow quietly flashed into Su Wan's room ——

Su Wan's eyelashes trembled a few times and rolled over lazily on the bed. At the next second, Su Rui pulled her into his arms: "Wife, you still haven’t slept yet?"


Su Wan rolled over in Su Rui's arms and stretched out her arms to hug him tightly.

On the way to Mount Mao, she was constantly worrying. The moment she saw Su Rui unconscious in the mountain forest, Su Wan felt that her heart was about to stop beating. She had never been so panicked and afraid.

Losing someone.

It's not that she has never felt that, but Su Rui was different from others.

She cannot lose him.

Feeling Su Wan's unease, Su Rui couldn't help lowering his head and kissing her on her forehead.

"It’s okay, wife. It’s all over, don't be afraid."

"Who said I was scared?"

Su Wan raised her head in Su Rui's arms and stared at him. Then, Su Wan's eyes flashed slightly, and she finally noticed a black puppy was lying on the table in her room with a bored look, a pair of bright eyes stared at her unblinkingly.


Su Wan simply sat up from the bed and narrowed her eyes at the Black Dragon King on the table.

Black Dragon King:...

What are you looking at Benwang for? Keep going, just treat Benwang as if Benwang doesn’t exist~

Noting Su Wan's movements, Su Rui also sat up: "I worry about leaving it alone, so I brought it over."


Su Wan squeezed its chin with her fingers: "It's very troublesome to carry such a thing. Should I just cook it?"

Black Dragon King: Aowuu~ Benwang meat is tart, don’t eat Benwang~

Seeing the Black Dragon King’s constantly shaking paws while staring at him with a pitiful expression, Su Rui couldn't help but smile: "It's a pity to eat it, but I have an idea. Ye Yuqi said that Jiuxiao Wanfu Palace is on the highest peak of Maoshan. I suspect that there are secret arts of the Shang Qing sect or magical artifacts handed down from the past deposited there. With our current spiritual power, we can't climb the steps of the main peak and there is still the danger of being discovered at any time, but I think we can try."


Hearing Su Rui’s words, Su Wan couldn’t help but ponder. Jiuxiao Wanfu Palace is a forbidden place for the Shang Qing sect. It has not been described too much in the original plot, but this large sect that had been passed down for thousands of years will definitely have some good valuable stuff hidden away.

"Good idea, but this thing is unreliable."

Su Wan couldn't help but stare at the Black Dragon King again. He was so easily sealed by her because his spirit body was injured by Su Rui. If his spirit power was restored, he might break through her Soul Sealing Technique at any time. If that time comes, even she and Su Rui combined would not be the Black Dragon King’s opponent.

Black Dragon King: It is said that the most poisonous thing in the world is a woman's heart. Xiao Yueyue, this wife of yours looks like a poisonous woman~

Feeling Su Wan's icy gaze, the Black Dragon King pretended to be pitiful while cursing in his heart.

At this moment, Su Rui's eyes suddenly changed slightly. He and Su Wan looked at each other. Su Rui’s body flashed away and he grabbed the Black Dragon King lying on the table, then one person and one dog immediately disappeared.


Su Wan's door was suddenly pushed open gently.

"Su Zhenzhen?"

The indistinct male voice was tentatively called out. Seeing that the person on the bed did not respond, the dark shadow at the door slowly walked in.

The person who came in was not someone else, but Xun Randou.

At this moment, Xun Randou was still wearing the Daoist robe of the Shang Qing sect and looked like an Immortal, but he secretly ran into another girl’s room in the middle of the night. Was he really a man of character?

"Su Zhenzhen?"

Xun Randou stood still in front of Su Wan's bed and called out again, but Su Wan on the bed seemed to be sleeping very deeply and did not react at all.

Looking at that familiar face on the bed, Xun Randou's gaze gradually became solemn.

In the daytime, he just thought this "Su Zhenzhen" was a little strange. At night, he habitually observed celestial phenomena after cultivating, but Xun Randou suddenly found that the celestial bodies in his fate palace was in chaos ——

Doctors do not treat themselves. Xun Randou can tell someone else’s fortune, but in fact, he has not been able to calculate his own fate. When he was very young, his master gave him a celestial fate palace.

Back then, Master said that a person’s fate was destined by heaven. From the moment you are born, it has already been decided what path you should take in this life.

Under normal circumstances, if it weren't for some drastic changes, a person's fate and star palace would never change in a lifetime.

But just tonight, Xun Randou realized that the stars in his fate palace were dim, faintly revealing the fiendish omen of being killed.

This was... a very inauspicious omen.

Xun Randou immediately gave himself a divination, but in the end after trying his best, the future he saw was still a shocking see of red!

How could this be?

Why is this happening?

Xun Randou was in a state of confusion. He couldn't help but cut his finger with his own dagger. He used his spiritual power to force out three drops of blood from his body, and then used the forbidden technique he had learned —— the Great Karma technique!

As a result……

This secret technique used blood as a guide and stretched out into a red line. The end of the red line was at the door of "Su Zhenzhen".

Was it her?

Was she affecting his fate?

Was it her who brought the ominous flame?

At that time, the dazed Xun Randou standing outside the door did not notice that Su Wan was not alone in the room…...

The night was clear and the girl sleeping on the bed could be indistinctly seen in the room.

Xun Randou stood motionless in front of Su Wan's bed. He gently raised his hand, his palm was full of spiritual power.

Just a palm, as long as his palm descends, she will die!


At this time, the sleeping girl seemed to be totally unaware. She rolled over on the bed comfortably and the faint moonlight cast on her delicate and fair face, smearing a charming shimmer.


Was a living life.

Xun Randou's hands trembled slightly. Although he was not some chivalrous hero, he was definitely not a villain who had utter disregard for human life.

Just when Xun Randou was in a dilemma, a small sound suddenly came from the beams of the room.


Xun Randou's eyes grew cold and abruptly turned around. As a result, a black puppy leaped off the beam and directly threw itself onto his face.


Xun Randou’s movements were quick, raising his hand and grabbing the black puppy into his arms.


The little black thing pitifully blinked its big bright eyes at Xun Randou.

Xun Randou frowned, "September, how did you get here? Yuqi is worried to death about you."


Seeing the little thing in his arms looking at him foolishly, Xun Randou couldn't help but shake his head.

At this moment, "Su Zhenzhen" on the bed seemed to be disturbed by the barking of the dog. Her eyebrows knitted and quivered, on the verge of waking up. Seeing this, Xun Randou quickly rushed out of Su Wan’s room with the little pet in his arms.

When his figure disappeared into the courtyard, Su Wan suddenly opened her eyes on the bed.

A black shadow came down from the room, an irrepressible chill emanating from him.

"Su Rui, calm down."

Su Wan stood up and gently hugged Su Rui from behind: "Your injury hasn't healed yet. Don't mess around, okay?"

"I know."

Su Rui took a deep breath, suppressing the seething darkness in his body.

Since being with Su Wan, the two people have been influencing each other. Su Rui has long been less tyrannical than before, but this time, when he was almost taken over by the Black Dragon King, he swallowed part of the dark power in the Black Dragon King’s soul. This made the tyrannical nature that had been suppressed deep in his heart to start to stir ——

Slaughter, blood.

Death, darkness.


It is like the most beautiful flower of all time, no longer exuding alluring fragrance.

Su Rui impatiently turned around and fiercely kissed Su Wan's lips, his big hands eagerly tore off her pajamas.

"Xiao Wan, give it to me."


Although she knew that her current body was just a soul body and would constantly absorb the Yang Qi in Su Rui’s body once she combined with him, Su Wan did not refuse.

Perhaps this was the only way for Su Rui to temporarily calm down...

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