Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.13 — The Strongest Daoist

Shang Qing faction, inner sect, training hall.

Although Ye Yuqi was unable to gather spiritual energy since she was a child, she was born in the Shang Qing sect and is the daughter of the Sect Head. Since she was a child, she has a very strong devotion to killing demons and eliminating ghosts.

In order to allow his daughter to cultivate spirit powers just like others, Ye Zi'an has also exhausted every method in the past seventeen years. He even spent a lot of money to use a lot of natural treasures on his daughter. Unfortunately, he still couldn’t make a breakthrough on Ye Yuqi's Innate Severed Veins.

In the past two years, Ye Zi'an has also begun to gradually give up. He only hopes that his daughter can grow up peacefully and find a good man she likes to live a happy and warm life with.

However, Ye Yuqi's thinking was different from that of Ye Zi'an’s. She longed to have spiritual power, longed to be able to exorcise demons and become a powerful Daoist just like her father.

This kind of thought has always existed in Ye Yuqi's heart and it will only grow stronger with the passage of time.

"Little Junior Sister!”

Today, Ye Yuqi, was sat cross-legged in the training hall to temper her spirit power as usual, but was interrupted by others in the middle of her training.

"Senior Brother Bai, is something the matter?"

The one who called Ye Yuqi was a disciple of the inner sect, whose surname was Bai.

Seeing Ye Yuqi standing up and looking at him, Senior Brother Bai couldn't help but smile shyly: "Little Junior Sister, Sect Head has asked you to go to the main hall. It seems that a distinguished guest has just arrived at the sect."

"Oh, got it."

Ye Yuqi just nodded dispiritedly when she heard the words of Senior Brother Bai. She was not curious at all about the so-called distinguished guest.

The guests her father wanted to introduce to her must have been some other elders or heads of other sects. Because she was unable to cultivate, her father had always tried every means to give her connections, just so that those people would care after her more.

Ye Yuqi knew this in her heart, but she in fact was somewhat repulsed at the thought.

The distance from the training hall to the sect’s main hall was not far, but Ye Yuqi deliberately walked slowly. She heard her father’s laughter before she even entered the hall. In Ye Yuqi’s impression, her father rarely laughed so heartily. Today’s distinguished guest must be really extraordinary.


Ye Yuqi walked into the main hall slowly, and while she spoke, she looked up at the situation in the main hall.

At this time, Ye Zi'an was sitting in the host’s seat with a smile on his face. The hall was filled with the fragrance of spiritual tea and amid the mellow fragrance, a young man in black casual clothes sat elegantly and calmly in the seat on Ye Zi’an’s lower left.

The man was handsome and graceful, especially that calm and indifference face, as if he was disconnected from the world.

"Father, this is..."

Ye Yuqi thought of the many young prodigies from other sects that she had seen, but someone like the person before her, there was only one person who could make her impressed by their momentum and demeanor at a glance.

"Yuqi, come here quickly. This is the heir of the famous Exorcist Dragon clan’s Ma family’s, Ma Yue."

Ma Yue?

The number one of the younger generation of the Ma family?

Hearing Ye Zi'an's words, Ye Yuqi's eyes brightened: "Ye Yuqi greets Senior Brother Ma!"

After reaching where her father sat, Ye Yuqi daintily saluted to Su Rui.

"Junior Sister Ye is polite."

Su Rui raised his eyes lazily and smiled at Ye Yuqi.

He was in someone else’s home, so naturally, he had to give Ye Zi’an a little face.

"Yuqi, it's the first time your Senior Brother Ma has come to our Shang Qing Sect, can you show him around?"

Seeing that his daughter’s first impression of Ma Yue seemed to be good, Ye Zi’an immediately couldn’t help but strike the iron while it was still hot and said, “Martial Nephew Ma, if you have nothing to do, you can stay here for a few more days and let Yuqi walk around with you. I will explain to the Five Elements Sect about Mo Han."

"Then, many thanks to Sect Head Ye."

How could Su Rui not see through Ye Zi'an's intentions? He just didn't want to break them.

"Then... Senior Brother Ma, shall we go have a stroll now?"

Seeing that Su Rui agreed, Ye Yuqi couldn't help blinking her bright eyes, looking at Su Rui with a hopeful gaze.

"Okay, Junior Sister Ye, lead the way!"

Seeing the two people leaving the hall one after another, Ye Zi'an nodded slowly behind their backs.

Not bad, not bad! Ma Yue not only has a high cultivation base, he also has a calm personality, a good talker and is very knowledgeable. He is a very good son-in-law candidate~


The Mao Mountain Range where the Shang Qing Sect was located, has always been called the Eighth Paradise in the Daoist world. It was the first place where immortals lived and the scenery in the inner part of Shang Qing Sect is also beautiful, with green mountains and clear rivers, and impressive spirit qi.

Ye Yuqi took Su Rui around the training area and arrived at the mountain springs located at the back of the mountain. The spring water was glittering and it was crystal clear. From a distance, you can see a few small fish swimming happily under the surface of the spring.

"The scenery here is really good."

Su Rui took a deep breath. Feeling the Spirit Qi in the mountains, he couldn't help but sigh.

"Senior Brother Ma also thinks this place is beautiful?"

Hearing Su Rui’s sigh, Ye Yuqi’s face was full of pride. She couldn’t help but raise her finger pointing to the peak not far away: “Over there, Senior Brother Ma, that place is the main peak of our sect. On the main peak is the Jiuxiao Wanfu Palace built by Grand Master Patriarch back then. If you can climb up and watch the rising sun amidst the clouds and mist, it must be a very happy thing."


Su Rui followed Ye Yuqi's finger and looked at the lofty palace hidden in the clouds: "That place..... ordinary people can’t go there?"

"Senior Brother Ma, you don’t know this, but that place is a forbidden place for our sect. It is said that only those who have reached the Innate Realm are qualified to climb the stairs to the Jiuxiao Wanfu Palace. At the end of the stairs is the Great Hall of the Wanfu Palace, and in the main hall..."

Ye Yuqi's voice paused: "As for what’s in the hall, I don’t know."


Feeling that she seemed to be hiding something, Su Rui's eyes flashed, but he did not press any further.

Silence descended between the two. Ye Yuqi would secretly steal glances from time to time, looking at Su Rui with gleaming eyes.

"Junior Sister Ye, do you have anything you want to ask me?"

Along the way, Ye Yuqi kept looking at him secretly, no, to be precise, she should have been peeking at the dog in his arms?

Black Dragon King: Benwang is a dragon! A dragon! A thoroughbred black dragon~

"Senior Brother Ma, I actually, I just want to ask. The dog in your arms, it..."

Ye Yuqi thought about what to say, but didn't know how to keep asking.

In fact, she noticed that the black puppy in Su Rui's arms was exactly the same as the one she lost just now in the hall.

But when she was absorbed by Su Rui's aura, she did not dare to ask abruptly. After interacting with him along the way, she felt that Senior Brother Ma was not as cold as she thought, so Ye Yuqi finally dared to ask.

"It's called Longlong."

Su Rui naturally knew what Ye Yuqi wanted to ask: "I heard Sect Head Ye say that you also have such a pet?"

"Uh, um, yeah, mine is called September, because it was born in September, a few days ago, September sneaked down the mountain and has not returned yet."

Speaking of her little pet, Ye Yuqi couldn't help showing an anxious and sad expression: "I don't know where it is now. What should I do if it was caught?"

Hearing what Ye Yuqi said, Su Rui just remained silent.

And the Black Dragon King in his arms couldn't help but whimper "Aowu” “Aowu” ——

Beauty, beauty, look here, Benwang is here, hurry up and take Benwang into your arms~

Feeling the restlessness of the Black Dragon King, Su Rui's eyes became cold and his slender fingers gently stroked its fur. The hair of the little thing in his arms immediately stood upright and obediently quietened down.

"It seems to listen to you very obediently. September is much more naughty than it."

Although the two dogs look exactly the same, Ye Yuqi now felt that this one is not her September, because September looks at her in a different way.

"This little one is actually more obedient to my wife."

Upon hearing Ye Yuqi's words, Su Rui couldn't help but lightly say with a smile.


Ye Yuqi heard Su Rui's words, her face changed slightly: "Senior Brother Ma, you… you are already married?"

"Not yet, but soon."

Su Rui looked at Ye Yuqi with a specially deep gaze: "Does Junior Sister Ye have someone in your heart?"

Someone in my heart?

Ye Yuqi's eyes darkened: "No, not yet."

In fact, Ye Yuqi was a little moved when she first caught sight of Senior Brother Ma (Su Xiaowan, what do you think of General Su attracting bees and butterflies like this?) Unfortunately, she seems to have already had her love broken before she could even think about it.

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