Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.12 — The Strongest Daoist

"Su Wan?"

Xun Randou looked at Su Zhenzhen and called to her softly. It had only been two months since they last parted. To be honest, Xun Randou did not completely forget his first love when he was young, especially when he saw Su Zhenzhen looking at him with a haggard expression, but still blinking her big eyes and staring at him, Xun Randou would unknowingly think of his childhood.

When they were children, Su Wan would also look at him with admiration and worship like this.

"Uh, Xun... Randou, I..."

Su Zhenzhen opened her mouth, but when facing the male lead, she didn't know what to say at all!

"Well, don't keep standing outside. Randou, since they are here to find you, you can take them to your courtyard."

Ye Zi'an couldn't help but speak up.

"Yes, Martial Uncle Sect Head."

Xun Randou only snapped out of it after Ye Zi'an spoke. After all, the elders were here and the hall of the sect was not the place where he and Su Wan should reminisce the past at.

Seeing Xun Randou leaving with the two girls, Ye Zi'an finally turned his head to look at Su Rui, "Martial Nephew Ma, is it your first time coming to our Shangqing Sect? Come, come, come and taste our freshly plucked spirit tea this year in the hall."

Ye Zi'an affectionately gestured at Su Rui while he spoke. Su Rui gave a slight smile and followed Ye Zi'an into the hall.

The two elders beside him did not enter the hall.

"Elder Li, what do you think the intentions of the Sect Head are?"

The slightly older elder stroked his beard and looked at the person next to him thoughtfully.

"Elder Zhang, haven't you noticed? Ma Yue killed Mo Han, and even though he is now in conflict with the Five Elements Sect, behind him is the Ma family of the Exorcist Dragon clan! It was said that he injured several elders in the havoc in the Ma family this time. This matter was finally suppressed by the Ma family leader. Do you know why this is? Is it not because of Ma Yue's superior talent that made him known as a rare genius in a century."


Hearing Elder Li’s words, Elder Zhang also stroked his beard and nodded slightly: “You’re right. This child’s breath is steady and his spiritual powers are stable and he has a formidable aura. He is indeed a good seedling, and... he could kill Mo Han, who contracted a ghost king alone. His strength may already be the best of the younger generation. Is the Sect Head so polite to him because......"


Elder Li smiled and nodded: "In order to continue the bloodline of the Ma family of the Exorcist Dragon clan and for fear the secrets of the family would be leaked, the marriage system of their family has always been very strictly enforced. Women of the Ma family cannot marry people of the Daoist world. Men the Ma family can only marry a woman who has no spiritual power. Wasn’t the treasured daughter of our Sect Head just happened to be born with Innate Severed Veins and unable to cultivate?"

When he spoke of Ye Yuqi, a look of pity also flashed across Elder Li’s face. Ye Yuqi is a good girl, serious and hardworking, and possessed perseverance and tenacity that many modern people don’t have. It’s a pity… she was born unable to cultivate. If they could facilitate her marriage with Ma Yue, then it would be a great thing for her.


Inner gate of the Shangqing Sect, disciple’s courtyard.

"Please, sit down."

Xun Randou brought Su Wan and Su Zhenzhen directly into his courtyard. Because his master was Ye Zi'an’s Senior Martial Brother, Xun Randou’s status in the Shang Qing sect was not low, and the courtyard he lived in even had a main room and a side wing.

The room was quaint and full of good solid wood furniture, all of which gives the effect of traveling through time and space when people step into the room.

Su Wan pulled Su Zhenzhen and sat on the chair beside the table, while Xun Randou sat directly opposite them: "Su Wan, what's the matter with the Yin Qi in your body?"

Yin Qi...

Hearing Xun Randou mentioning the Yin Qi in her body, Su Zhenzhen's expression immediately changed. At this moment, she couldn't deal with so much. She raised her hand and tightly grabbed Xun Randou's sleeve: "Big Brother Xun, save me, save me, I don't want to die."

Having his sleeve tightly clutched by Su Zhenzhen, the expression on Xun Randou's face was embarrassed for a moment: "Su Wan, don't be nervous, although... although you and I canceled the marriage contract between us, I will still save you."

Marriage contract?

Hearing what Xun Randou said, Su Zhenzhen subconsciously looked at Su Wan.

Su Wan:......

I was shot while lying down! That was something the original owner did~


Seeing that Su Zhenzhen kept looking at Su Wan, Xun Randou couldn't help but give her a glance: "Your name is Su... Zhenzhen? Why haven't I met you before?"


Su Wan gaped with a complex expression on her face: "I grew up in the countryside and there are some family matters that cannot be mentioned. Please don't mind it, brother-in-law."

Su Wan's call of "brother-in-law" immediately made Su Zhenzhen blush.

Xun Randou also scratched his head in embarrassment: "Zhenzhen, the matter between me and your sister is actually....."

"Elder sister is so stupid. Thinking that she will not live to be twenty years old, she deliberately made you leave in anger. Brother-in-law, you don't truly dislike elder sister, do you? How pitiful my sister is then!"

As Su Wan spoke, she started raising her hand to wipe her tears.

Su Zhenzhen: Movie Queen! This is~

"Su Wan, is what she said is true?" Xun Randou looked at Su Zhenzhen with shock.

Your mother! Su Zhenzhen felt that she was going to go crazy.

I’m Su Wan, Su Wan is Su Zhenzhen~

This is a tongue twister~

"Uh, actually..."

As a transmigrator, bluffing is an essential skill! By now, Su Zhenzhen had also pieced it all together: "Actually, I have already noticed that the Yin Qi in my body has changed. Three months ago, I met an old ghost outside and he told me... that I will not live to be twenty years old, Brother Xun, I... I was really scared at the time."

While speaking, Su Zhenzhen bit his lips firmly: "I thought I couldn't live any longer and I didn't want to affect you. Really."

Hearing her words, Xun Randou fell silent.

Xun Randou was actually smart, but no matter how smart he was, he couldn’t handle the chaotic threads of emotion. Currently, he had just arrived in the Shang Qing Sect and his relationship with Ye Yuqi was just of a newly found good friend, and the two have not developed into a couple.

During this period of time, his former fiancée suddenly came seeking reconciliation. This...

The male lead is also very confused!

"Su Wan, don't think about it too much. Why don’t you and your younger sister live here first? How about we talk about other things after I help you re-seal the Yin Qi in your body?"

Su Zhenzhen breathed a sigh of relief in her heart at Xun Randou’s proposal: "Many thanks, Brother Xun."

"You are welcome, I will ask someone to help you clean up the wing, you both have a seat first!"

Xun Randou quickly stood up and strode out. Seeing that he had gone out, Su Zhenzhen immediately turned his head to look at Su Wan, and said anxiously, "Su… wuwu."

Her eyes widened. Her mouth was promptly covered by Su Wan the moment she spoke.

"Elder sister."

Su Wan looked at Su Zhenzhen with a deep gaze: "I think brother-in-law is also affectionate and faithful to you. I have already said that everything you were worried about was unnecessary.”

Su Wan released the hand that covered Su Zhenzhen's mouth and casted a glance towards the outside of the door.

Su Zhenzhen immediately understood and continued after Su Wan: "Zhenzhen, I actually haven't seen him for many years and I don't know how he has changed. Fortunately, he is still the same as before. Maybe… I should believe in him this time."

It must be said that people live in a world and one must be ready to act at all times.

From what I gather, ‘people live in a world’ means that people are unpredictable.

Seeing that Su Zhenzhen entered her character so soon, Su Wan was really relieved ——

Good luck, transmigrator! Counterattack the female lead and get together with the male lead! A glorious and bright future is waiting for you…...

At this time, outside the door.

Xun Randou stood there holding his breath with rapt attention as he listened in to the conversation between the two women clearly.

Was he really being too paranoid?

As a member of the Daoist world, Xun Randou's main job was to cut down demons and exorcise ghosts, but he also knew how to understand geomancy, feng shui and fortune-telling.

He had paid attention to Su Wan's facial features before and she definitely had no siblings.

So what's up with a younger sister appearing out of thin air?

While in the room, Xun Randou also quietly observed the face of "Su Zhenzhen". Her face was almost exactly the same as Su Wan's, but upon closer examination, the faces of the two people were somewhat different.

That "Su Zhenzhen", he actually couldn't infer her fate from her face. Such a thing was really incredible.

Xun Randou finally frowned and shook his head. Regardless, that "Su Zhenzhen" gave him a strange feeling. There must be some secret in her body, but... if she didn't take the initiative to trouble him, then he will let her go for now…...

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