Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.11 — The Strongest Daoist


As the black pet dog with aggrieved face landed, the dark boundary surrounding the entire mountain forest also disappeared.

At this moment, the two elders of the Shang Qing sect and the head of the sect, Ye Zi’an, also appeared in front of Su Rui and Su Wan, attracted by the formidable aura of darkness.

"This is……"

Seeing the disorderly scene in front of him and Mo Han's already cold corpse on the ground, the pupils of the two elders of the Shang Qing faction shrank, while Ye Zi'an's gaze immediately fell on Su Rui.

"Aren’t you the Ma family heir of the exorcist dragon clan?"


Su Rui nodded at Ye Zi'an: "Junior Ma Yue greets the chief of Shang Qing Sect."

"You are Ma Yue?"

The eyes of a rather old elder behind Ye Zi'an immediately revealed an ominous glint at Su Rui’s words: "Was the Boundary of Darkness just now from the black dragon you summoned?"

The matter regarding Ma Yue summoning the black dragon has been spread everywhere by those who were ambitious.

When the evil dragon rises, the land under the heavens will descend into chaos.

Modern people still firmly believed in this ancient rumor.

"Black Dragon?"

Su Rui smiled and spread his hands innocently: "There is no black dragon, but there is one black dog. If you want a black dog’s blood, you can have as much as you want!"

A certain dragon that has been turned into a dog: Aowuu~ Aowuuu~

Seeing that the elder still had something to say, Ye Zi'an abruptly raised his hand: "Ma Yue, did you kill Mo Han? What is with the Boundary of Darkness earlier?"

"I killed Mo Han. He chased me to kill me all the way to this point. I was forced to fight back. As for the Boundary of Darkness, it was Mo Han's ghost king. Sect Master Ye, you can go and investigate. Mo Han had made a contract with a ghost king with extraordinary strength. The people in the Five Elements Sect know this, but they have been letting Mo Han mess around outside, simply not putting other fellow Daoists in their eyes at all!”

Su Rui leisurely answered Ye Zi'an and finally couldn't help but lodge a complaint with the Five Elements Sect.

Hearing Su Rui's words, Ye Zi'an's eyes flashed. In fact, he was aware that Ma Yue and Mo Han entered the territory of Mount Mao. Moreover, the two men had private grudges between them. In fact, Ye Zi'an was very clear on this and decided to prioritise his interests. With the thought that if one of the geniuses of another sect or family died, then it was one genius less, Ye Zi'an turned a blind eye to their actions. If it wasn’t for the powerful dark enchantment suddenly appearing here today, he would not have come out and gotten involved in this unsavoury mess.

As for that black dragon?

Although Ye Zi'an believed in the Ma family's words and that Ma Yue might indeed have summoned a black dragon, no one can be sure that that particular black dragon is the legendary evil dragon.

Although black represents evil, everyone knows that black dragons are the weakest existence in the dragon clan. How capable can they be?

"This... about Mo Han......"

Ye Zi'an groaned for a moment: "I will verify this with the people of the Five Elements Sect. These two are..."

At this moment, Ye Zi'an's eyes finally fell on Su Wan and Su Zhenzhen. The visual impact of the two identical beauties was not small.

"U- us?"

Seeing Ye Zi'an asking about her and Su Wan, Su Zhenzhen instinctively became nervous again.

"My name is Su Zhenzhen and she is Su Wan."

Su Wan was the first to speak while Su Zhenzhen was panicked: "We are from the Su family in Nancheng. This time I came here with my elder sister to find her fiancé Xun Randou. Who knew that we would be besieged by a group of evil spirits along the way? Thanks to the actions of Big Brother Ma, we can live to see today."


Hearing that the two people turned out to have come looking for Xun Randou, Ye Zi'an was slightly surprised, but he noticed the yin qi on Su Zhenzhen's body and his eyes flashed: "Nancheng’s… Su Family?"

Could it be the Su family, who was known as the richest family in Nancheng, that was helped by Senior Martial Brother many years ago?

"Randou is currently on Shang Qing Mountain. Since you are here to find him, please follow us into the mountain gate. As for Martial Nephew Ma… "

"If Sect Master Ye does not disdain it, Ma Yue also wants to go up the mountain for a drink."

Su Rui smiled calmly at Ye Zi'an, who was not surprised by his actions. He nodded: "Very well, let’s all go up together!"


At this time, a certain little dragon king who was ignored by everyone was planning to secretly escape, but was pulled back by Su Wan by his tail: "Longlong, you absolutely must not run around. This world is very dangerous, okay?"

Black dragon: Your mother, the most dangerous thing is this couple. I don’t know where these deviants came from~

"This dog..."

Hearing the black dragon's barking, Ye Zi'an, who had already turned around, suddenly looked back and said, "This dog is very similar to the pet dog that my little girl lost the other day. En, it really looks like it and the barking sounds like it."

Su Wan:......

That's right, this was actually Ye Yuqi's pet dog. It happened to be trapped within the barrier earlier and Su Wan just happened to need a medium when she performed the Soul Sealing Technique. She just glanced around and saw it behind the tree. A certain shivering puppy was directly confiscated by her~

The truth of the matter is just like this.

At this time, hearing Ye Zi'an's words, Su Wan just lifted the black dragon's by its tail and threw him into Su Rui's arms: "This is Elder Brother Ma's pet. It’s called Longlong, but this dog is very unfriendly and likes to bite people. I think Young Miss Ye’s pet is of the same breed, but it is definitely more charming than it."

Ye Zi'an just smiled at what Su Wan said. The little pet of his daughter’s was indeed very docile and obedient. It has been lost for the past few days, which has caused Yuqi to feel very disappointed. She also went down the mountain many times to find it, but unfortunately hadn’t managed to.

Alas, if she will think of her pet dog when she sees Ma Yue’s pet? If there’s really no choice, I can only go down the mountain and buy her one from the pet store...

The three of them followed after Ye Zi'an and they soon entered the Shang Qing Sect's mountain gate. According to the sect's rules, one has to surrender their weapons and instruments when entering.

Su Rui only took a Yuling dagger this time when he went out, and he gave it to the disciples of the Shang Qing Sect for safekeeping before going up the mountain.

The Shang Qing school is worthy of being labelled the largest Daoist school, which has been passed down for thousands of years and endured the passage of time.

Although many sects have gradually declined in modern times and many ancient records have also been lost, the Shang Qing sect was still full of spiritual power and had many disciples.

Looking at the magnificent hall in front of him, the wide training hall and the disciples in standardised uniforms, Su Zhenzhen suddenly thought that she had transmigrated again to ancient times.

So this is the Shang Qing Sect?

When Su Zhenzhen was overwhelmed, a young man in a blue Daoist robe suddenly walked out of the side door of the main hall: "Sect Head Martial Uncle, you are back, this is..... Su Wan?"

The man originally wanted to ask about the dark boundary, but when he saw Su Wan and Su Zhenzhen behind Ye Zi'an, he immediately cried out ——

Why is Su Wan here?

And, why were there two Su Wans?

The man who suddenly appeared was indeed the Male Lead of this world —— Xun Randou.

At this time, Xun Randou looked at Su Wan and Su Zhenzhen with confusion. Su Zhenzhen heard Xun Randou's voice and subconsciously looked up ——

At the entrance of the magnificent hall, the young man in fluttering clothes not only had peerless elegance, but was also delicate and handsome. At this time, his face was like a lake, tranquil and without ripples. A pair of inky black eyes kept looking at her and Su Wan.

This is the male lead Xun Randou?

Su Zhenzhen's eyes widened and stared at Xun Randou. Xun Randou glanced at Su Zhenzhen, but his gaze turned to Su Wan again. He hesitated before looking at Su Wan and asked: "You are Su Wan, right?"

Your mother~

You can see through this? Isn’t this not scientific?

"Are you Xun Randou?"

Su Wan took a step forward and slightly examined him, "I am Su Wan's twin sister, Su Zhenzhen. This is my elder sister Su Wan!"

With that, she pushed Su Zhenzhen in front of Xun Randou.

Su Zhenzhen:......

Su Zhenzhen?

Xun Randou glanced at Su Wan with doubt. Although the two people looked the same, their auras were completely different. Could it be that he really was wrong?

When Xun Randou set his gaze on Su Zhenzhen again, he sensed the yin qi that kept leaking out of her. Xun Randou finally slightly dispelled that thought ——

Yes, this should be Su Wan.

It’s just that he hadn’t seen her for a while. She seems to have become a completely different person. Was it because of the Yin Qi in her body?

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