Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.10 — The Strongest Daoist

The darkness that enveloped the entire mountain forest seemed to isolate it from the rest of the world.

This was….. the Boundary of Darkness.

Blu: It’s the most chuuni name I can think of.

Mo Han's expression finally changed. He stared at the gigantic black dragon behind Su Rui: "You are not an ordinary black dragon. You are... the Black Dragon King?"

The Black Dragon King represented endless darkness and evil.

The black dragon flicked its tail in mid-air, booming out: "Foolish human, you should be proud to be Benwang’s food!"

"Master, its dark power is too strong. We cannot oppose it."

The female ghost king who had restored her original appearance drifted to Mo Han's side and looked at him with worry: "Let's run away!"


Mo Han just smiled and his gaze fell on Su Rui again: "Ma Yue, do you really not know or are you pretending you don’t know? The black dragon represents evil and disaster. You really dare to summon it, you should know that it will kill its master!"

Kill its master?

Su Rui lifted his eyelids in disdain: "Based on itself?"

Black Dragon King:...

What should I do if I was underestimated?

"Little Yueyue, Benwang is your contracted dragon spirit, so how could I eat you? Benwang is not such a heartless dragon~"

Su Rui:......

I’d be an idiot to believe you~

"Mo Han, stop spouting nonsense. I’ll kill you right here right now!"

As he spoke, Su Rui formed hand seals again, the Ma Family's special spell —— Divine Dragon’s Debt!

Feeling the spiritual power belonging to the Ma family from Su Rui's body, the Black Dragon King turned around and opened its huge dragon mouth in Mo Han's direction, an endless stream of flames spouting out from it.

Naturally, Mo Han would not sit and wait for death. He immediately took out the Five Element Sect’s talisman he carried with him ——

The five elements are interrelated, talisman of the earth shield!

Layers of earth on the ground rose, forming a huge shield in front of Mo Han, blocking the black dragon's flames.

"What a trifling skill!"

The Black Dragon King swung its tail and the huge sharp dragon's tail swung over and struck Mo Han's earth shield. In an instant, the shield immediately shattered and collapsed...

Over there, Mo Han and Su Rui were locked in battle with each other.

Here, Su Zhenzhen - who finally stopped crying - wiped her nose and tears clean, then quietly went to Su Wan, gently tugging on her sleeves: "Su Wan, Su Wan?"


Su Wan turned her head and coldly looked at Su Zhenzhen’s innocent face.

She really wanted to slap her to death. If it weren't for her, Su Rui would not have encountered such a dangerous situation and Old Ghost would not have died.

This transmigrated girl really came with a transmigrator’s halo. She will never die no matter what danger she runs into.

"I…… I…..."

Su Zhenzhen got flustered under Su Wan's stare: "I'm afraid. Su Wan, I'm afraid."

Before transmigrating, Su Zhenzhen was an ordinary geek. She had never been in love or had any thrilling encounters. She suddenly came into this world and was suddenly plagued by a group of ghosts. Su Zhenzhen had nothing but fear in her heart.

When she first met Su Rui, she was being haunted by a group of ghosts. At that time, she thought she was going to die, but Su Rui suddenly appeared to rescue her.

Unavoidably, Su Zhenzhen was really moved when she first saw such a handsome man descend from the sky. It was a pity that the hero in her mind turned around and strangled her neck tightly after eliminating those ghosts ——

"Who are you? Where is Xiao Wan?"

He knew that she wasn't Su Wan and the gaze he looked at her with was too cold and terrifying.

At that moment, Su Zhenzhen had no idea how to react and Mo Han launched a sneak attack with the ghost king...

Everything that happened during this period felt like a dream to Su Zhenzhen. She really wanted to wake up, but she couldn't escape from here no matter what she did.


It sounded beautiful, but it was actually cruel.


At this moment, Mo Han was injured by Su Rui's spell, he spat blood as he weakly fell onto the grass.

"Master!" The ghost king immediately rushed forward, looking at Mo Han nervously.

"I'm fine."

Mo Han wiped the blood on the corners of his lips: "Ma Yue, it turns out that you have been preserving your strength!"

Su Rui just raised his eyebrows slightly at Mo Han’s words. He did save his strength the whole way, but he was also heavily injured. And at the moment when he realized that "Su Wan" was not Su Wan, his mind fluctuated too much. It was only due to this that he was successfully attacked by Mo Han and his ghost king sneak attack, which led to the current situation.

Fortunately, Xiao Wan is back now.

Su Rui no longer has to worry about her safety. He just needed to protect her with all his might.

In this world, even if she can never get out, he will protect her forever.

"Mo Han, it’s all over."

Su Rui slightly raised his hand and a dark green spirit sword formed in his palm, exuding boundless killing intent.

"No, don't kill him!"

The female ghost king on the side suddenly opened her arms, protecting Mo Han under her.


Mo Han, who was under her, suddenly coldly smiled: "When will I, Mo Han, be reduced to the point that I need you to intercede for me? What do you think you are?"


The female ghost king turned her face and looked at the man beside her in surprise.

Mo Han coldly raised his hand and drew a pattern in the air with his fingers. Then he bit his finger and dripped a drop of blood in the middle of the pattern: "From now on, I am not your master. You and I… have nothing to do with each other anymore!"

"How touching."

The Black Dragon King turned into a black-clothed youth again. Now he is looking at the beautiful ghost king next to Mo Han with a wicked expression: "It is indeed a pity that such a splendid beauty has died. Xiao Yueyue, how about you give her to me later?"

"Give her to you?"

Before Su Rui's words fell, he suddenly disappeared in place. When he reappeared again, the spirit sword in his hand had pierced the spirit body of the female ghost king.

At this moment, she still looked sad and had no intention of resisting Su Rui's surprise attack.


Su Rui chanted a mantra silently, and the female ghost king's figure immediately turned into specks of starlight, and Su Rui sucked her into his body.

"Ma Yue, you..."

This change came too suddenly. By the time Mo Han reacted, Su Rui had completely absorbed the spiritual power of the female ghost king.

"Since it’s something with no owner, then I - Ma Yue - will accept it. Mo Han, don't think you are a good man full of affection and faith by doing this. The real hypocrite is you, not me."

While speaking, Su Rui’s spirit sword was already resting on Mo Han’s neck: “If it was my beloved who was killed, I will not only let her killer be buried with her, but also everyone in the entire world to be buried with her. Mo Han, if you are not crazy, you can't survive, you.... are still far from it!"

Before he finished speaking, Su Rui's spirit sword had pierced Mo Han's body.

Mo Han just widened his eyes. Before he died, what Su Rui said last reverberated in his mind.

As Mo Han gradually lost his breath, Su Rui's eyes gradually turned cold. He turned around gently and looked at the wrapped in black aura behind him.

“Black Dragon, what do you think you’re doing?”

"Little Yueyue, Benwang has been trapped in the Dragon Pool for far far too long. Benwang was oh so lonely. How about Benwang take over this body of yours? You can rest assured that Benwang will treat it well and will definitely let it have groups of concubines, surrounded by beauties!"

The black dragon's figure suddenly turned into black qi and penetrated Su Rui's body.


Not far away, Su Zhenzhen couldn't help but scream when she saw this scene.

"Shut up!"

Su Wan glared at Su Zhenzhen. She arrived in front of Su Rui in a flash and raised her hand to draw a complicated pattern in front of him.

The complex and weird formation patterns shone in the air with strange brilliance. Su Wan's face turned pale, but she still watched Su Rui's movement intently.

"Ao! Ao! Who the hell are you? You are not, you are not…..."

Suddenly, with a miserable cry, the black smoke came out of Su Rui's body again, and it happened to crash into Su Wan's formation.

This is……


Su Wan immediately activated the formation the moment when the soul of the black dragon fell into her formation ——

Soul Sealing Technique!

"Ao, ao, help! Little Yueyue, help! Benwang will no longer dare to rebel! Hurry up and make this crazy woman stop!"

When the Black Dragon’s soul was constantly struggling to ask for help, Su Rui finally opened his eyes and saw Su Wan's constantly paling face. Su Rui's expression changed and he immediately stepped forward and raised his hand to input spiritual power into Su Wan’s body.

"Aoao~ Aoao~"

After a while, the Black Dragon King, who had just been extremely arrogant, had turned into a glossy black...... pet dog?

Aoao, aoao!

Poor Black Dragon King. He actually had the impudence to seize Su Rui’s body? He only discovered the true power of Su Rui’s soul after he turned into a black mist and entered Su Rui's Sea of ​Consciousness ——

As the Agents of the Lost Time-Space, their souls are immortal.

The spirit body of the Black Dragon King suffered a devastating blow in Su Rui’s Sea of ​​Consciousness. He escaped after risking his old life, but as soon as he came out, he crashed into the seal formation that Su Wan had prepared early on ——

Both of you are breaking the rules!

You guys shouldn’t be playing with me like this! How can you - this couple - bully me?

There must be love between humans and animals!

Do you both know that you are abusing rare animals?

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