Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.1 — The Strongest Daoist

Because he stayed in the previous world for too long, Su Rui’s mind went blank for a long while when he woke up in the No.11 Execution Cabin ——

Mom and Dad, I will wait for you.

What flashed in his mind was Su Xiaosu's face after she had grown up.

Su Rui's eyes flashed with emotion, then finally became calm.

Accumulated points.

He looked down and checked his own points, 67,300 total points.

These points should be much less than Su Wan’s. If he continues to follow Su Wan and fails to complete his tasks, his points will never increase, unless...

Su Rui's gaze fell on the table at the entrance of the Execution Room, on which the materials Yun Sheng had brought last time were placed on it.

Cross-department Trial.

The first prize reward was 200,000 points.

Su Rui's gaze stayed on the data about the trial for a long time.

At this time, the locator on his wrist rang again. Seeing Su Wan entering another mission again, Su Rui smiled sincerely from the bottom of his heart.

Now, their hearts are far away from each other in the Lost Time-Space, because only in the mission world will they see each other.

Su Rui returned to the Execution Cabin without hesitation, but at the moment when the task was connected, the warning light in his Cabin suddenly flashed red.

Warning! Warning! Unknown BUG has appeared in the mission world! If forcibly entered, there may be unknown dangers.

Will the tasker choose to withdraw?

Do I choose to abort?


Su Rui did not hesitate to decline. Su Wan had already entered, so how could he quit now? No matter what that unknown BUG is, Su Rui was not afraid of it one bit ——

Xiao Wan, wait for me.


Plane Restorer's headquarters, Office No. 1.

Xu Ce has just returned from a mission world, originally intending to deal with the recent failed cases in the department, but he received a report from the logistics department as soon as he returned to the office.

An unknown bug had appeared in a mission world. Because of the special laws of that world, that bug cannot be eliminated temporarily, which caused the entire mission world to temporarily close. Agents who have entered cannot leave in the short term.

And this mission world currently has two Agents ——

Plane Destroyer, Su Wan.

Plane Restorer, Su Rui.

It turned out to be Su Wan and Su Rui. Xu Ce's eyes flashed, and what he was viewing at this time was the report of Su Rui's mission failure in this mission world.

This guy is getting more and more willful…...

But... an unknown danger?

Xu Ce frowned, and a rare display of agitation flashed across his usually warm face. He gently closed the information pad on his desk, closed his eyes and leaned back into his seat. A moment later, he opened his eyes, and a glimmer appeared from the depths of his bottomless gaze.

"Extension 001"

Xu Ce turned on the communicator and dialed the internal line of the Lost Space Headquarters.

"Xu Ce?"

Not long after, a somewhat old voice came from within the communicator, dignified and solemn.

"I want to check the information of the task space where the bug just appeared."

Xu Ce's voice is very cold, without the slightest hint of warmth, which was completely incongruous with his usual gentle and elegant image.

"You should know that you don't have the right to check."

The voice hesitated for a bit, reluctance colouring the words he said.

"Then enable the privileges."

Xu Ce did not hesitate and whispered coldly again.

Hearing what he said, the voice on the other side of the communicator was silent for a while, and then slowly said, "Alright."


At this time, the mission world.

Su Wan felt a sharp sting in her mind and immediately sat up. This is...

She felt that something was wrong, she felt wrong all over, this feeling of something wrong became stronger when Su Wan saw the sleeping woman on the bed. This is...

On the soft big bed, there was a young woman in silk pajamas. She was in a deep sleep. Her face was pale but exquisite. Even if her eyes were closed, you could tell that she was a rare beauty.

Who is she?

Shouldn’t…. I have been.....

Su Wan rubbed her forehead and gently got off the bed. There was a tall full-length mirror placed on the other wall of the bedroom. When Su Wan's gaze fell on the mirror, her eyes suddenly widened.

In the mirror, there was a vast expanse of white, but a vague outline was reflected. This is... what's going on?


At this moment, the young woman on the bed suddenly groaned and slowly opened her eyes.

A pair of eyes went from confused to clear. That woman stared at the unfamiliar luxurious room in a daze, and then suddenly sat up: "Why am I here, wasn’t I… dead?"

As she spoke, she nervously and excitedly squeezed her face, then suddenly lifted the quilt on her body, ran out of bed barefoot and stood directly in front of the full-length mirror. The mirror clearly reflected her young and beautiful face as well as her exquisite and elegant figure.

"This is... me? Did I transmigrate? Was I reborn?"

The woman pinched her arm fiercely again and it hurt a lot. So this is not a dream — I really transmigrated?

Su Wan:......

Well, at this moment, she was also standing in front of the full-length mirror, but Su Xiaowan - who was completely ignored by the woman - expressed that she probably knew what happened.

At this moment, the bedroom door was suddenly pushed open and a gorgeously dressed middle-aged woman walked in with a gentle expression. Seeing the young woman on the ground, she couldn't help but frown: "Xiao Wan, why aren’t you wearing shoes? You just recovered, go back to bed!"

Xiao Wan, her name?

The woman on the ground was stunned, but still obediently turned and returned to the comfortable bed: "I…..."

She opened her mouth. At this time, the transmigrator really didn't dare to say anything rashly. Should she pretend to have amnesia?

"What happened?"

The middle-aged woman saw her daughter's uncomfortable expression and couldn't help but walk forward and touch her forehead with concern: "Where is it uncomfortable? Would you like mother to bring you a bowl of bird's nest?"


The woman grabbed her mother's hand forcefully: "My..... my mind is blank, I seem to... be unable to remember anything."

Su Wan:......

Okay, this was the transmigrated woman’s first big move —— pretending to have amnesia!

Can't remember anything?

At this moment, the middle-aged woman was anxious: "Xiao Wan, what's wrong with you? Do you remember me? I am your mother!"


The transmigrator blinked her eyes: "Mom, is ‘Xiao Wan’ my name?"

"Yes, yes, yes, your name is Su Wan, you’re my daughter."

Su Wan?

The person on the bed suddenly widened his eyes: "Nancheng’s Su Wan?"


Madam Su nodded: "Xiao Wan, do you remember?"

Screw ‘remembering’~ She would rather she know nothing, alright?

"Mom, I want some quiet."

The transmigrator laid back on the bed, pulled up the thin quilt and buried herself under it.

Madam Su looked at the daughter who was behaving abnormally, and finally shook her head, turned away and left the room slowly.

Hearing the door close, the transmigrator on the bed suddenly sat up, and without saying a word, she lifted her middle finger above her head: "I, Su Zhenzhen, really am unlucky! If I just died from falling into a river because I saved someone, then fine! But - your mother - I crossed over into the novel I just finished reading and even coincidentally transmigrated into a short-lived vicious supporting female lead!"

Su Zhenzhen felt that God must be playing with her.

Anyone can successfully transmigrate, but why must it be Nancheng’s Su Wan?

You ask who Su Wan is?

Have you read《The Strongest Daoist》? There was a male protagonist named Xun Randou, who fiercely and domineeringly killed people as if they were flies. He has an unlikeable ex-girlfriend named Su Wan.

Su Wan, the daughter of the richest man in Nancheng, had a pure yin physique since she was a child, and it was very easy for her to provoke evil spirits when she was young. After that, with the help of Xun Randou's master Hermit Zhang, they managed to stop all kinds of ghosts from approaching.

In order to thank Hermit Zhang, Su Wan's father, Su Lin, established a marriage contract between his daughter and his apprentice.

When the two children were young, they were ignorant, but they had a good impression of each other.

Six years later, Hermit Zhang disappeared and Xun Randou came to Nancheng again in order to find his master and stayed in the Su family's house.

The Su couple naturally treated him warmly, but Su Wan, who had grown up at this time, already had her prince charming in mind. Naturally, she didn’t like Xun Randou, who was dressed like a country boy. She even warned Xun Randou behind her parents’ back to not have any inordinate ambitions towards her because of the marriage contract between them.

Xun Randou was someone who had a backbone. Although he still held some fondness towards the beautiful Su Wan in his heart, he left a letter to break off the engagement and departed the next day without saying goodbye after being warned by her......

When the two met again, Xun Randou was already a young elite of the famous Zhenxuan Sect. At that time, Su Wan regretted it, but it was a pity that everything was too late...

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