Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 1 - Rebirth [OW]

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"Need to take good care of mom's shop."

Who's talking?

Su Ling instantly opened his eyes and swept around. Everything was white in colour, and there was a faint smell of disinfectant in the air. This is clearly a ward. No one is here but him. A chill ran down his back. Su Ling quickly got up, turned his head and looked out the window.

Outside the window, the sun shone on the green leaves. The golden light gleams, very beautiful.

How could this be? Shouldn't he be in the laboratory? The time is not right either. He did experiments for 2 days consecutively, and his last memory was at two in the morning. Could it be the headache he experienced during the experiment made him fall into a coma, and then he was taken to the hospital? He looked around, but he did not see his mobile phone and anything related to him, just some strange equipment at the bedside. There’s an ultra-thin LCD screen displaying figure/data that he cannot understand. All of a sudden, his eyes opened widely, the date in the lower right corner of the screen: Ephemeris Interstellar Year 1780, May 22nd.

He was startled. Next, he recalled of a weak young man’s voice he heard when he woke up. A chill rose from the soles of his feet; Su Ling immediately lifted the quilt to get out of bed. When his gaze fell to his right hand on the quilt, he paused, then without even wearing his shoes, he jumped out of bed and ran.

This is not his hand! His hands are not this pale and tender.

He rushed out of the ward and stood at the door for a second. Without any hesitation, he ran to the left. There was a corner to the right in front of him. A large area of sunlight shone from the corridor on the right.

He needs sunshine right now!

He stared at the lighted area while speeding up, but just before he reached the corner, he saw someone approaching from that direction. With an exclaim, Su Ling’s body leaned to the left, wanting to avoid the man, but his feet turned forward because of inertia, and his body crumbled towards the right. He panicked, unconsciously reaching out to grab the person he almost hit.

Not waiting for him to reach out, the man grabbed Su Ling’s hand in one hand and wrapped his waist in another hand, holding Su Ling firmly in his arms. The man instantly let go of his hand at the next moment, then a calm and pleasant male voice came out, "Be careful."


Su Ling didn't have time to appreciate the voice, as he was holding his left wrist and gasping in pain. That hurts! He just noticed that his wrist was covered with a layer of gauze, and he covered his hands, his face getting paler.

The pain is so real, it’s not a dream!

The man’s voice sounded again, "Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention."

Su Ling shook his head. His(SL) clothing was white in color, and his sleeves covered half of his palms. Even he himself didn't realize he had injuries on his hands, "It’s not your fault."

He raised his head and smiled. When he saw the man's appearance, he paused slightly before continuing, "Thank you, if not for you, I would fall down."

This man is too handsome!

Under his dark hair were heroic sword-like eyebrows, a pair of deep black eyes, a tall nose and thin lips. His figure should be at least 186cm, handsome and stylish.

The young man's face was pale, but dimples appeared on his cheeks when he smiled, and he looked very soft. The man's serious expression was slightly loosened: "You're welcome."

He glanced at Su Ling's bare feet, "Do you need my help?"

Su Ling looked at the sunlight falling on his left shoulder and forced a smile, "It’s alright."

He read many rebirth and transmigration novels before but never thought that this kind of thing would really happen to him. But with this current situation, he has no choice but to think in this direction. He felt like he could see the news header now - ‘A certain university student staying up late for days consecutively in the laboratory and suffered sudden death’. A thought flashed through his mind - 'Staying late hurts the body!'

After accepting this speculation, he gently exhaled, and his tense emotions relaxed a little. Good thing he didn't encounter a supernatural event in the daytime! As soon as he relaxed, his senses felt much sharper. Frowning, Su Ling wrinkled his nose and looked around. Then he looked at the man and asked, "Did you smell something bad?"

Right after that, Su Ling quickly followed with an adjective, "Like a rotten egg." He couldn't help guessing, "Who threw uneaten eggs here and left them to rot?" When he said that, his expression was obviously disgusted, indicating that he hated the smell very much.

The man's eyelids slightly moved, his calm expression flashed for a second unexpectedly. The man was silent for a moment, then a small rectangular transparent sheet suddenly appeared in his hand, and he handed it to Su Ling, "You may need this."

Su Ling pointed at the sheet in confusion, "This is?"

The man was about to answer when a low, clear sound came from the black 'watch' on his wrist. He handed the sheet to Su Ling, and Su Ling subconsciously pinched it. The man pressed down at one side of the 'watch'. A small earphone popped up. After putting on the earphone, the man tapped his finger on the dial. He listened silently for a while before saying, "We will have a meeting in 15mins." Then he took off the earphone and skillfully put it back on the ‘watch’.

Su Ling looked at his series of movements curiously. This ‘watch’ seems to be a mobile phone?

The man looked at him and pointed to the round button on the wall of the ward door behind him, "You can press the call button if you need a doctor."

Su Ling looked back and thanked him with a smile, "Alright, thank you."

A slight nod and the man strode past him and left.

Su Ling looked down at the thin sheet in his hand. Then he heard footsteps, when he looked up, he saw four men in black suits came over and stood at the door of the ward where the man had come out. Four pair of eyes fell on him, looking at him differently.

Su Ling was confused when he suddenly realized that those people might be thinking he has some ulterior motives. He smiled at the bodyguards and said, "I was just passing by." After that, he turned and walked back. Su Ling felt a little nervous in his heart because he doesn't know what is his identity right now, and whether he has any relatives. Just when he was about to arrive back at the ward, a woman with delicate makeup and a petite figure approached him. There was also a male doctor in a white coat next to her.

The woman saw him and glared at him. Then she quickly stepped forward, with a helpless and concerned tone, "Do you know how worried I was? Why did you run around?"

Someone came out of the ward beside them and muttered, "So damned smelly." The door slammed shut.

The woman grabbed the transparent sheet from Su Ling's hand and turned her back to the doctor. Her expression was a bit ugly, but her tone sounded very gentle, "Don’t you know to put on the isolator before you go out?" As she said that, she placed the thin sheet on the back of Su Ling's neck.

Su Ling was stunned by the woman's seemingly split personality and didn’t have the time to stop her. When the sheet was attached, he shrunk his neck a bit. Then he reached out to touch the back of his neck; quite fitting, there wasn’t any discomfort.

The woman warned, "Don't take it off, you can wear it now."

The doctor added, "Yes, your condition is stable now so the isolator will not affect your health. It’s better to wear it. I will give you a body checkup."

Su Ling then withdrew his hand and followed the doctor into the ward. He didn't say a word during the whole process and only observed silently.

After the doctor’s examination, he sighed, “For the wound on your wrist, you can just apply some medicine on it. But your pheromones is still abnormal, and there isn’t any way to cure it at the moment.”

The woman sighed and looked at Su Ling with pity, "Don't be sad, there will be a way."

Su Ling took a glance at her and felt that she is wasting talent for not being an actress.

The doctor sighed, "Madam Su is really a good mother."

The woman's face revealed a helpless expression, "This stepmother is not good. Look at this child, Su Ling. He usually doesn't even say anything to me. I'm still not good enough."

Su Ling's eyes flashed with surprise, it’s the same name as him!

The doctor calmed the woman with two sentences, "He can be discharged from the hospital now, and please make sure he is in a  constant positive mood."

The woman said her thanks and asked people to help Su Ling with the discharge procedures before leading Su Ling home. Sitting at the back seat with Su Ling, she sighed and stopped talking after finished some acting to comfort him.

Su Ling also didn't speak, he only stared at the passenger seat with a complicated expression. He discovered that ever since he had the isolator on, he didn’t smell any rotten eggs smell again! When the doctor gave him an examination, he found that the air was good. He thought that it was the ward door that has isolated the odour from coming in, but when he left the corridor, he still didn't smell it.

Thinking back of that woman's attitude, plus the name of the sheet ‘isolator’ and timing when it was applied, he has a very terrible conjecture. The smell of rotten eggs shouldn't be emitted from him, right?!

This conjecture was quickly confirmed.

After the woman led him to his room, and there are no other people around, she stopped pretending to be nice. She sneered at Su Ling, "Why are you so thick-skinned? Dare to run around with such a stink, our Su family's face has been thrown away by you."

"Reflect yourself properly." The woman said, pushed him into the room and closed the door.

Su Ling staggered forward, and when he corrected his footing, the door is already closed.

Su Ling: "..."

Su Ling lifted his foot and randomly kicked the door, then looked at the room. His top priority right now is to clarify the situation. The room is mainly white, simple and clean; it looks cold. The space is not very large, but the structure is very complete; it came attached to a bathroom. Staring at the full-length mirror beside the wardrobe for a while, Su Ling finally strode over. At first sight of the person in the mirror, his heart beats wildly.

This is not him!

Although they looked similar, he can confirm that it was not him. The one in the mirror was younger than him, similar to when he was 18 years old.

The young man in the mirror was pale, with slightly long black hair, and his bangs have crossed his eyebrows. Underneath the bangs is a pair of light brown phoenix eyes with a slightly tight expression, looking quite cold. The young man’s facial features were almost the same as him. However, he often conducts experiments, so his skin quality is worse, and he never leaves such long bangs because it will hinder him.

Su Ling raised his hand and picked at his bangs. The young man in the mirror did the same thing. He sighed, it seems that he really did reborn in another body. This familiar face and the same name made him wonder if this is himself in another world. He raised his eyebrows and smiled at the youth in the mirror, "I will look after your mother's shop."

After he finished speaking, he approached the mirror, stretched his neck to look at the back of the neck. He hesitated, and then he removed the isolator. After a while, he caught a whiff of a slight smell of rotten eggs. This is really what he smells like!

Su Ling pinched the isolator, his expression complicated. Obviously, that man earlier totally understood what was going on; otherwise, he would not give him the isolator. Thinking back, when he asked the man if he smelled anything and looked disgusted, he must have looked stupid. Fortunately, they don't know each other. Su Ling placed the isolator back and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After a bath, heavy sleepiness struck as he lay in bed and soon fell asleep.

"Dong Dong Dong..." Impatient knocks could be heard from the door.

When Su Ling opened his eyes and saw the white ceiling, he was stunned for a while. It took him a moment to react that he is now in the Su family.

"Why didn’t you answer me if you are awake?" Su Ling was just sitting up on the bed when the door was pushed open. His stepmother walked to his bed and frowned at him.

His stepmother’s figure is petite, but she has a big temper. She snorted, "Pretending to be dead? Don't die at our Su House if you want to die." After she said that, she threw a paper and pen in on the quilt, "Sign it."

Su Ling expressionlessly looked at his stepmother. Dare to disturb his sleep, and yet acting so arrogant. How annoying! But the other party is a woman and also an older generation, plus he still doesn't understand the situation so he can't mess things up.

Zhao Han was a little stunned, her heart feeling inexplicable, she had never seen Su Ling revealing any expression of resistance. She was too used to Su Ling's cautious, weak and compliance look.

"What are you doing?" Zhao Han roared, her tone was higher than before, and the pitch at the end was a little sharp, "I am doing this for your own good. If you don't apply for a system matching, are you expecting someone would be willing to marry you?"

Su Ling's eyes widened, and he couldn't help laughing. When he discovered that he likes men, he has no plans to marry a wife, and he definitely didn’t plan to get married out.

How baffling!

This laugh was a straightforward mocking in Zhao Han's eyes. She was so angry that she took a step forward, grabbed the pen, while her other hand grabbed Su Ling's wrist to force the pen into Su Ling's hand.

"Ah!" Sudden pain came from his wrist made Su Ling leaned forward. He raised his hand and struggled to break away.

Zhao Han has yet to put the pen in Su Ling’s hand when she got hit by his struggle. His hand managed to hit the side of her face. That caused Zhao Han to stepped back a few steps. Her high heels couldn’t stand firm, and she fell to the ground. Zhao Han covered her face and froze. Standing up from the ground, she pointed at Su Ling's hand, shaking, "Are you rebelling? You dare to hit me! Just wait!"

When she reached the door, her footsteps stopped, and she turned back, fiercely said, "If you don't sign, don't even hope of getting out."

"Bang!" The door made a loud noise when it hit the door frame.

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