Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 1 Luoyang Ancient Village (NPC)

After the 11 days long holiday, the crowd in the capital has already dispersed, but there is still a lot of people on the street.

Lou Fan is standing under the ‘big pants building’ (CCTV HQ) with a quiver on his back. Holding a cup of coffee in his hand, Lou Fan is sending a message with his mobile phone in the other hand. Soon, a fashionable young girl ran out of the building. She seemed to be about 20 years old. When the girl saw Lou Fan, her eyes lit up and she ran over towards him. When Lou Fan raised his head to look at her, the young girl is taken aback and she stopped slowly.

The youth standing on the street is still the same as before, but his temperament is more vivid. He is cool and handsome and his hair is neat and tidy. The young man is wearing a beige coat, light-colored trousers, and a pair of recently popular ‘dads sneaker’ (chunky sneakers) on his feet. On his back is a big black bag, and he looked conspicuous as he stood there in the crowd. When the girl saw him smile, her face uncontrollably turned red, and she ran to him immediately.

"Senior brother, have you waited a long time? So sorry, I was stopped by the leader just now." The girl said embarrassedly.

Lou Fan didn't mind at all and said, "It doesn't matter. Are you hungry? Let's go to eat first."

The girl nodded and saw him throw a paper coffee cup while holding a black flyer with a train picture on it.

"What is this, senior brother?" the girl asked curiously.

Lou Fan followed her gaze and looked at the flyer in his hand. It is black with an old-looking black and red train on it. He raised the flyer and said, "Well, a person with a strange mask just gave me this, saying that there is a newly opened VR-themed game hall nearby. I guess it is probably a train theme."

Actually, Lou Fan is a little uncomfortable when he looked at the flyer. Thinking of the man with the mask just now, he felt even weirder. The mask the person wore was very strange. The eyes are big but pitch black inside, and the slit of the big mouth opened up all the way to the ears, revealing 2 rows of tightly closed teeth. Holding a thin stack of leaflets in his hand, the masked man looked straight at Lou Fan. His voice seemed to come from his abdominal cavity, and Lou Fan couldn't distinguish whether the person is a man and a woman.

"Welcome to take the unlimited train ride, it will bring you to a journey of unlimited surprises and experience."

Unconsciously, Lou Fan took the flyer from the person. After taking a look at it, he stuffed it into his pocket. Just now, he thought to take it out and throw it away.

"It looks very interesting. Shixiong can go to experience it after the competition." The girl continued with a grin. "I heard that senior brother is here to participate in the national competition on behalf of Province G. As expected of my senior brother. You have practice archery for almost 20 years, right? Every time, you won the championship without a doubt in the competition, so there is no suspense anymore."

Hearing the compliment from his junior sister, Lou Fan smiled and said, "Then if I don't win the championship, wouldn't I let down of your expectations of me?"

The girl laughed and took Lou Fan to eat dinner. She glanced at the bag behind Lou Fan and asked, "Senior brother, you still carry the bow that Master gave you?"

Lou Fan glanced at his backpack and nodded. The bow that Lou Fan has always kept with him is the traditional bow given to him by his father when he was young. Unlike composite bows that can be disassembled, the traditional bow is pretty big overall. Lou Fan only practiced with the competition’s recurve bow for a short time before the competition. Usually, he practices with his own traditional bow.

The two went to dinner together, and Lou Fan returned to the hotel where the team is. He needs to go to the stadium early tomorrow morning. He cleaned up, did daily training, and went to bed early.

Friction noises sounded in Lou Fan’s ears, as well as a vibration that is unique to the railroad tracks.

Where am I?

Lou Fan immediately sat up and grabbed the bow beside him. He looked around vigilantly and found that he is in a moving carriage. There are a few people on the seats around him, and they all woke up one after another.

"Where is this? Who are you people?"

"Didn't I went to sleep at home?"

"Ahhhhhhh!" A girl with short hair screamed, "You are kidnappers, I want to call the police!"

There are 10 people in the carriage and Lou Fan watched everyone silently. He wanted to know what is going on. But apparently, everyone didn't know the situation either. Some people rapidly slapped the car doors, and some took out their phones to make calls. But these are all in vain. No one paid any attention to them, and the side door (connecting to the other compartment) could not be opened.

Lou Fan watched everyone calmly, except for the initial dazedness, he is calm from beginning to end. At this moment, a tall man approached Lou Fan. He looked about 30 years old, his skin is a bit dark and he had a crop-cut hairstyle. The man had a tattoo on his neck and he looked a bit like a gangster.

"This brother, do you know what's going on?" He observed Lou Fan for a long time and found out that Lou Fan looked calm the whole time.

Lou Fan looked at the man and shook his head. He is about to speak again when a voice sounded overhead, and everyone looked at the speaker on the roof of the car.

"Welcome to the unlimited train ride, which is about to arrive at the terminal: Luoyang Ancient Village. Please take your personal belongings and prepare your tickets."

This voice...

Lou Fan realized something and turned at the people who have started to discuss something. He asked, "Have you all met a person who wears a strange mask to hand out flyers?" His voice is not loud, but it can be heard clearly by everyone.

"Is it this leaflet?" A thin man held a black leaflet in one hand, and in the other hand, he is grabbing his hair that looked like a chicken coop. "I obviously threw it away, why is it still in my bag?"

"I have it too!"

"Mine is also..."

"What happened?"

Lou Fan took out the flyer from his jacket pocket as well. He looked at the flyer and then looked at his clothes. His pajamas have changed into the clothing he wore for the afternoon, with the flyer in his pockets.

"Damn, it must be this flyer. Someone got us here using this flyer." The man with the neck tattoo tore the flyer into pieces and stepped on it a few times.

Two other people also tore up the flyer.

Lou Fan squeezed the leaflet tightly. He indifferently watched the tattooed man tearing up the leaflet without reminding him that the leaflet is very important. But even if he said it, he afraid no one will listen.

There is a layer of white mist outside the window so there is nothing to see. Lou Fan took a break from observing the environment and sat on his seat to check his bow. His bow is here, but the quiver is not. Fortunately, the bow is fine. He looked at the other people again. Almost everyone woke up with something in their seat, but it is all kinds of weird items. He saw a pan and an old-fashioned aluminum flashlight...

Woo... the whistle sounded like an old-fashioned green shell train. The train started to slow down, but the rumbling became louder and louder. After a moment of inertia leaning forward, the train stopped. Everyone in the carriage looked at each other and then looked at the open door, not daring to move forward.

After a moment of silence and nobody moved, Lou Fan tightened the bow in his hand and walked towards the car door first. He cautiously leaned out half of his body and looked out. Outside is a seemingly deserted train station platform, with no people around. He is about to go down and take a look when he heard voices from the doors on both sides of the compartment. Then he saw someone jumped down from the train. There are 5 people on both sides, a mixture of male and female. All of them are holding something in their hands, which is also various types of strange things.

"Hey, ask the people in your carriage to get down quickly. The waiting time is only 10 minutes." A muscular man who came down from the right compartment said to Lou Fan, "Don't dally. If you all don't want to die, get down quickly. A reminder to everyone, bring your own things along, we don’t have much time to waste."

The man’s expression looked very impatient, and the rest of the people behind him had an indifferent attitude like they are watching the show. The person who came down from the left compartment looked a little nervous and doesn't care about Lou Fan at all. Lou Fan thought for a few seconds, then turned around to pass the message from the muscular man. Then he got out of the train and walked to the right.

"Excuse me, what is this place, and why are we here?" Lou Fan asked the man who looked like a leader.

Lou Fan felt the man’s gaze rest on his bow, and his tone seemed to soften a little, "Good weapon. My name is He Yong. Let’s go out first. Is your ticket still there? It's the flyer. Go to check out with the ticket first."

Lou Fan took out the flyer from his pocket. It turned out that this flyer is a ticket.

"Who the hell are you? Are you accomplices of the kidnappers? Quickly let us go." The person who followed Lou Fan shouted.

"Farts! Just shut up! If you want to follow along, don't talk nonsense. If you don't follow, then Laozi has no such good patience to deal with you." A fierce-looking person yelled at the man. The man looked at the knife in his hand and immediately felt scared to speak.

Looking at each other, they saw that the group of people looked a little serious, and everyone had a bad feeling in their hearts for some reason. They walked out from the platform of the old station together. Both teams have exactly the same watches on their wrists, when they raised it near the machine, it beeped twice and the 5 people from each team quickly left the platform.

Lou Fan walked to the exit and saw that there’s a machine a bit like a card reader at a subway entrance. He stuffed the flyer into the slit and after a long beep, the door opens. Then, a black watch appeared on his wrist. The watch is pure black,  and it shows the time and a countdown. Lou Fan tried to take it off but failed.

Those with leaflets in their hands followed to go out in turn, and the remaining 3 people who tore off the leaflets stood inside looking at each other.

"I have torn my flyer already, what should I do now?" The tattooed man immediately became anxious.

As if hearing a joke, someone laughed, "Really now, there are idiots every time. What to do? You will find out after a while." His tone is not so friendly, and the 3 people didn't want to imagine their fate. They became very anxious.

"No, I don't want to die." A man hugged his head and growled.

The other gritted his teeth and said, "Quick, go back to find the flyer and put it together."

The tattooed man ran towards the carriage, and the two followed him. Soon, the three ran back with a pile of paper fragments. One torn it into several large pieces so it could still be put back together. The tattooed man on the other hand had torn his into tiny pieces and couldn't put it together at all. However, even if they were put together, there is no tape to stick them back. The man is so anxious that he said, "What to do? Tell me what to do, is there any tape? Is there any tape?!"


Time seemed to stand still, 3 clusters of blood mist dispersed in the air, and every drop of blood seemed to be solidified. After a swish, the blood fell straight to the ground, and in a short moment, blood stained all over the ground, spreading to the surroundings. A scream of horror cut through the still silence. The newcomers stared at the blood all over the place with horror, and some people couldn’t stop vomiting. It seems that it finally dawned to them that they have arrived in an inexplicable world of horror. The few people on the other side also looked pale and trembling, but they looked much better than the 10 newcomers.

Lou Fan's pupils shrank sharply, and he firmly pressed down the acid from his stomach at his throat. His hand is tightly gripping the bow, and veins are popping up on the back of his hand.

What is this place?

Raw word count: 3180


Banana: Dun Dun Dun~ This is my next project yo, since I have been told by a fellow translator that their friend is finishing Killed the Lotus and going to release all of them for free! Just wait for it, guys :D

Anyway, you can't tell from the summary but this is a survival game novel ya, or the so-called unlimited flow... hmm, I don't think it should be called unlimited 'flow' because I think the word flow in chinese is a part of the word genre but oh well :v

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