‘Memories of the springtime of your life’.

When asked about that topic, how would everyone answer?

Romance? Studies? Or the time they spent with their best friends?

Well, I’m sure the majority of people would give such youthful answers.

By the way, I didn’t come under any of them.

Romance? I never had any girlfriend, but what’s so bad about that?

Studies? I almost had to repeat the year since I failed to get enough credits with how I did part-time jobs every day. So what?

Best friend? In the first place, what is a ‘friend’?

Well, that’s how it was.

For someone like me, love was impossible. I also didn’t want to experience it. If I got into a relationship, I had to fuss about someone else, which was too troublesome. I refused to do that.

It’s not me having an inferiority complex, but that's my true feelings. I really had such a belief.

Then, for the question about the memories of the springtime of my life... if I'm forced to answer it, then I could only say 'part-time job'. I didn't do anything else other than that.

So naturally, I didn't participate in any club activities. Once the class was over, I went to work from five in the afternoon. That was the constant life of me, Tokiwagi Towa.

"I messed up today..."

I looked up at the sky as I waited for the traffic light. The sunlight of the early summer was awfully dazzling.

"Haa..." I sighed. If I knew that I would go home faster after the regular test, I would take an earlier shift. Ahh, how wasteful.

I like part-time jobs.

Of course I realized that it sounds absurd. However, you would get accomplishments by sparing your time to do it. All of the hard work always paid off.

To be precise, it's not accomplishments, but compensations commensurate with labor. But then, it's a WIN-WIN relationship. It wasn't a sentimental one, but I felt more comfortable with that.

Some people might say that I should play with my friends when I was still a student. That I was wasting my youth by only focusing on doing part-time jobs all the time.

Let me say one thing to those people.

You idiot…

First of all, I was indeed a student. But only some of the privileged people could afford to live that type of life. They could live showily, enjoying their days without thinking anything. Since I belonged to the lowly school caste, C-group to D-group, it's impossible for me to live like that.

However, I wasn't jealous of such people. I didn't want to be what the society call as 'normies'.

But then, there were some people who wanted to be 'the social guy' and looked at other people with envy. What I could say to them was...

Give up already.

Just that. It was nothing but a pipe dream.

No matter what, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Just be satisfied with what you have right now.

By the way, I was satisfied with my current situation. Naturally, I didn't have any desire to go to the top of the school caste.

Well, this was an absolutely impossible presupposition, but even if I had the choice to enter the A-group, I would choose my current life.

I didn't want to lead a life where I couldn't stop caring and paying attention to other people's needs. Yep.


What greeted me was the usual scene... or not. Feeling a sense of discomfort, I tilted my head in confusion.

Then, as I approached what picked my interest step by step, the uncomfortable feeling turned into conviction.

"...Wakamiya Rin."

A girl was sitting on the bench, her smooth blonde hair that reached her waist was fluttering in the wind, swaying. The sunlight filtered through the trees shone on her, just like a spotlight.

She looked divine. Huh.

After confirming her identity, my face naturally stiffened.

Why did I have to meet the representative of the people living a fulfilling life here...

Wakamiya Rin was a student who went to the same school as me. But our class was different, and we had never spoken to each other ever since I entered the school. I'm sure she didn't know about me.

Even so, I knew her. Wakamiya Rin was so famous that no one in the school didn't know her.

At the school entrance ceremony, she was on the stage as the freshman representative because she got a perfect score for the entrance examination. Various clubs also asked for her help since she was good at sports.

Above all, her appearance and charm would attract the eye of literally anyone. She had everything, to the point that I wanted to scream, "This girl is loved by God too much!"

She was accomplished in both literary and physical activities. She had an attractive face and figure. A girl gifted with both intelligence and beauty.

She was the epitome of a perfect girl. Everyone would probably agree on that.

Different from me, she belonged to the SSS-group, living the most fulfilling life... No, it's more correct to say that she was the brilliant existence sitting on the top position with no one as an equal. She was the sole Goddess thriving in social life.

Why did such a celebrity sit here? This place was considerably far away from the school... Well, it had nothing to do with me. After all, the dimension we resided was too different.

I sighed and passed in front of her.


Just right after I went past her, my ears picked up a faint, pitiful sound of a growling stomach. Maybe it's just my imagination...?


"Haa..." This time, Wakamiya-san sighed. Apparently, it's not my imagination. She then whispered, "Why did I forget it..."

I could just ignore her and leave. Even so, a pang of guilt hit me. It wouldn't disappear from the corner of my mind.

Ahh, damn. I guess it can't be helped.

I ran to my part-time job and came back, handing over what I brought there in front of Wakamiya.

"Umm... What is this?"

"You can know just by looking at it, right? It's baked potatoes."

Wakamiya glanced at me. Then with a monotonous voice, she said, "I don't need it."

Sadly, her response was justified. Not to say, I suddenly handed her food, even though I was a boy who never got involved with her before.

It's natural that she thought of me as a suspicious guy. "Does he have any ulterior motive?" "What's this? Poison? Such thoughts probably came to her mind.

She looked at me suspiciously. However, she didn't blatantly show her discomfort. What an adult response. Or maybe she had gotten used to this interaction...

Well, Wakamiya was a beautiful girl, so I'm sure this was an everyday occurrence for her.

I put the paper bag filled with baked potatoes next to where Wakamiya was sitting. As if notifying that she noticed the food, her stomach growled once again.

Wakamiya pressed her stomach, her ears bright red. Looking at her, I unconsciously made a wry smile.

"I'll say this first, but I don't need you to thank me. I'm just a nosy guy, and I don't like pretending that I don't see you sitting here hungry. Also, I'm going to throw that away too... And I meet you by chance... Yeah, you only received it by chance, so you don't have to care about this too much."

"By chance...?"


"But the baked potatoes are still warm, though?"

"That's also accidental. Just consider yourself lucky. Well, eat it. If you don't need it, then help me throw that away. Bye."


I sent a backward glance to Wakamiya who said something behind me before leaving that place quickly.

From the start, she was someone who lived in a world different from mine. I didn't need to get involved with her more than this, and I didn't think I would have any more opportunities in the future.

But well, helping others occasionally isn't bad. At this time, I only thought that what I did wasn't that important.

Right, that's what I believed.

'リア充' (riajuu), is a person who is satisfied with their actual life. Someone who has a good life. Apparently, this slang is typically used by otaku and such to refer to people who have girl/boyfriend and are popular with their peers. I'm not sure how to translate it.

The title of this chapter (and most chapters) has 'リア神' (riakami), which basically means 'The God of Riajuu'. Translating it as 'The God of Productive People' sounds very silly, so I changed it to 'Goddess', considering that term is also used in the title of the novel.

Hello everyone, the translator here! Starting today, I'm going to translate 'For Some Reason, the School Goddess Keeps Hanging Out At my House.'

Anyway, I can understand the sentiment of loving work more than hanging out with friends, but I wonder Tokiwagi-kun realizes that having connections is the most important thing in getting a good job? (laughs)

Anyway, please take care of me in this journey. :) If you find any typos, feel free to tell me in the comments!

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