The Villainess is Changing Her Role to a BroCon

Chapter 1 - Everyone Will be Happy~! (みんなで幸せになるぞー!)

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'Pan!' With the sensation of the world crumbling, I opened my eyes.

What greeted me was the divine celestial world.

(Eh? Where is this? Heaven? Ah no, that's the painting on the bed canopy. Wow, it looks like something a Renaissance master celebrity will draw~)

Wait, what am I thinking about? Where am I?



Having my name called right next to me, I, Ekaterina, turned my face sideways. And I became relieved when I saw that man.

However, a part of me was so shocked that I leaned back.

(W-w-what a beautiful man! Even actors can't be matched with him! I can't believe I can see this appearance with my own eyes! He's so handsome that my chest will have a hole!)

Beside my bed was Alexei Yurunova, my most favourite character in my previous life. Alexei still had light blue hair, light blue eyes, and wore his trademark monocular.

But he's far off more lovely than the picture in the game screen!

What a beautiful white skin. And the color of his eyes! It's not just light blue. How can I describe it? Do you know that gemstone Paraiba Tourmaline? His eyes look exactly like when you cast light to that gemstone, that neon blue! His almond eyes make him look smart. His nose is perfect. His slightly thin lips are well-balanced!

From the point of view of a woman in her thirties, the remaining youthfulness in his delicate physique was dazzling, but his body had already grown, giving off the aura of manliness. He wasn't cute, but cool.

Wow, I can observe so many details in just a second. I'm so amazing!

"Are you alright? Do you feel uncomfortable? If I lose you, I-I don't know what to do..."

My brother's painful tone returned me to my senses.

Ah, I made him suffer again.

(A crisis is an opportunity! This is a chance to improve your relationship! Just depend on your brother like a spoiled child, he'll like it!)

...What's, this?

(Ah, right now our personality is split, huh... That's why the body is moving with the simultaneous thoughts of two people...)

My head hurts.

I instinctively pressed my forehead.

"Ekaterina... should I call the doctor? Just a nod is fine, can you give me a response? Please."

I had to tell my brother that I'm fine. But I had been acting so stubborn that I couldn't speak to him anymore.

(Then, let me move your hand from your forehead a little.)

I moved my hand from my forehead to my side... and reached out to my brother's hand.

Alexei widened his eyes.

When Ekaterina realized what she had done, her eyes slightly trembled.

Noticing that, Alexei took his sister's hand and wrapped it with both of his hands.

What a big hand. It's warm. ...Comfortable.

Ekaterina turned sideways, her eyes met with her brother's.

"Brother... I... I'm sorry for worrying you..."

Alexei was stunned for a moment, but he immediately smiled. Very gently. Unable to contain his joy, it oozed off his lips.

"What are you saying? It's my fault. I'm sorry for taking you around even if it's the first time you came to the Imperial Capital."

Ah, right. Before I arrived at the Duke's residence in the imperial capital, my brother took me to the Magic Academy I was going to attend with a carriage. The moment I saw the school building towering over the main gate, something burst out of my heart. Starting from that point, I didn't remember anything else.

(Oh, the main gate of the Magic Academy? I saw it a lot at the opening of the otome game. So that's our last memory. That means this is the Duke's residence, located in the district of the wealthy socialite.)

I had the memories of my previous life.

(That's not really correct, though.)

Apparently, Yukimura Rina, a corporate slave in her thirties, was reborn as a villainess in an otome game, Ekaterina.

(Eh? Then my future will be ruined if I follow the plot of the game? There's also a route where the empire got destroyed!)


Alexei hurriedly let go of his sister's hand that trembled even more.

"Sorry, Ekaterina. But I really think I should call the doctor."

"No, Brother. I'm not ill. Please don't call anyone."


"Rather than that, I... I want to hold your hand a little longer."

Upon hearing that, Alexei's face brightened in joy.

"Yeah, of course. I'll do whatever you want."

That expression made his adultness slightly fade. The monocle didn't match his boyish face.

(Ah, my brother is embarrassed. ...Ughh, so cute! It's good that Ekaterina breaks the barrier too!

Okay, I will never let you two down. Besides, I don't want to die again from mental stress. Let's live well! I'll escape the destruction flag. Everyone will be happy!)

"I-it hurts..."


(Sorry. First, let's do something about this condition.)

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