Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 1.13 Rebirth Of The Blackened White Lotus

Although he doesn't understand why Lin Zisheng said those words, Su Mo nodded to promise him. Indeed, just like what Lin Zisheng said, there are things that you don't have to do it yourself. Many times, he just needs to say the word and a lot of people will help him take action. The people he disliked will disappear silently without a trace, he doesn't even have to worry about it.

After the New Year holiday, both of them returned to school. When they saw the news about Bai Wei being posted everywhere, for the first time they came to understand Lin Zifeng's powerful methods.

"This was done by big brother?" Looking at the various photos in his hand, Su Mo found out that it's not any common misery if one offended Lin Zifeng.

Although Bai Wei's reputation is not very good in the upper circle, her reputation in the school is very good. A lot of boys even regarded her as their goddess. And now, one can imagine what will Bai Wei's image become now that these unsightly photos have been circulated.

"That is my big brother."

When Lin Zisheng heard what Su Mo said, the corner of his mouth slightly twitched. Now he finally understood that he has always underestimated this person's degree of shamelessness!

"Zisheng, speaking like that will hurt my feelings. What is the difference between yours and mine?" Su Mo innocently looked at Lin Zisheng, as if any words of rejection will cause serious harm to him.

Lin Zisheng: Hehe, big difference there.

In the next few days, both of them felt that their life has become more comfortable because Bai Wei is not there to harass them. Though, one thing that is considered a trouble for Lin Zisheng is... Su Mo's harassment?

Bai Wei is nowhere to be found, maybe she has left City A. This is probably good news for Lin Zisheng. Whether with him or with Su Mo, she probably won't have any future interactions anymore. This way, his missions could be considered almost finished. Just that he doesn't know why he still hasn't received a prompt from the System that he has completed his task.

"Zisheng, do you have something to do today? You ran out straight away after class."

Although Lin Zisheng cannot be considered a stay-home nerd, his usual destinations are only school and home. The times he goes hang out somewhere after school is very rare.

"Xiao Hui's birthday is next week, so I want to buy something for him."

Although Lin Zisheng rarely goes back home, he has never miss giving Lin Zihui a birthday present every year.

Hearing that, Su Mo became interested as well. It is his family's third brother's birthday, of course, Su Mo has to give a gift too! At this moment, Su Mo has totally forgotten that Lin Zihui is not his third brother. Just as both of them are chatting, Su Mo inadvertently turned around and saw a car driving towards them. And the target is Lin Zisheng!

"Zisheng, be careful!" Su Mo pushed Lin Zisheng away without even thinking, and he got heavily hit by the car.

Being pushed away by Su Mo, Lin Zisheng could only watch as the accident happens and doesn't have the power to stop it. After all, he is just a body of flesh and blood, he couldn't do anything except watching it happen.

"No, impossible, it's impossible!"

Apparently, Bai Wei realized that she hit the wrong person. Getting down from the car, she looked at the motionless man on the ground, not knowing whether he is dead or still alive. No, it's not right! How could it end up like this? Lin Zisheng should be the one dying. Once he died, Ah Mo would be able to get away from his charm. Then they will be happy together, just like their past life!
"Zisheng... you are alright, that's good..." That was the only thing Su Mo said before he loses consciousness. Even until now, he only has that person in his eyes. He(SM) even ignored his own safety.

After Lin Zisheng stiffly called 120(the number for ambulance in China), he held Su Mo in his arms. When he looked at the stunned Bai Wei in front of him, a malicious smile appeared on his face.

"Now all the people you loved have been killed by you. Bai Wei, are you feeling very happy now?”

Lin Zisheng didn't expect Bai Wei would be so bold, she didn't leave City A at all.

"You are talking nonsense, it's you. Obviously, you are the one who caused Ah Mo’s death!"

Right, it's like that. It's all this person's fault. Not only him but Ah Mo also in the wrong. If both of them also loved her, how could she bear to hurt them two!

Towards Bai Wei who is deceiving herself, Lin Zisheng mercilessly popped her bubble, "Have you forgotten? How did Lin Zisheng die in his past life?"

How did... Lin Zisheng die?

Ah Sheng died? How could that be?!

Bai Wei keeps refuting that in her heart but a voice silently whispered, that Ah Sheng is also someone who has reborn. Then he must have died, because how could he be born again if he didn't die?

"You don't know? Then I'll tell you. Bai Wei, that time Lin Zisheng took you to escape but was captured by Su Mo after you leaked the information out, his legs were injured by him. But he didn't give up and keep chasing behind you two. And at that time, you obviously wanted to go with Su Mo but you still shouted 'Ah Sheng, save me'."

Lin Zisheng revealed how the owner of the body died to Bai Wei, not caring if she could withstand the news or not.

"So what? What it's going to do with me?!" That's right, it has nothing to do with her. None at all!

"If this is the case, of course it has nothing to do with you."

The smile on Lin Zisheng's face became even more malicious, "But because of you, Su Mo created an accident and let Lin Zisheng fell down a cliff. The car is ruined and the person is dead, in the end, the body cannot even be found."

"Bai Wei, do you know that Lin Zisheng hated you?!"

Lin Zisheng is not lying. When the original body died, he finally understood Bai Wei's intention so he only has hatred left for her.

"No, you are lying. The person you loved is me, it always has been me, always!"

Seeing Bai Wei looked like she has lost a bit of sanity, Lin Zisheng's face carried a happy smile.

"One more thing to tell you, actually Su Mo has never liked you. He let you stay by his side because he wanted to avenge Luo Yan."

"In the past, you caused the only person who loved you to die, for the person who doesn't love you. And in this life, you once again killed the person you loved. Bai Wei, you are really pitiful!"

"It's not like that, you are lying!" Don't believe it, she doesn't believe it at all! This person is a devil. Don't listen, cannot listen to his words!

Bai Wei shook her head, then ran away while covering her ears. Next, a sharp braking sound could be heard, followed by a burst of noisy clamor. The sound of an ambulance seemed to be heard from afar.

Finally... it’s over.

In the hospital, Lin Zisheng silently sat down while staring at the lighted-up light bulb that indicates an operation is ongoing.

"Get out of here! You caused my son to be like this, how could you still dare to show your face here?! Scram!"

Su Mo's mother loudly screamed when she saw Lin Zisheng sitting there covered in blood. Although logically she knew that it was not Lin Zisheng's fault, she just can't accept it emotion-wise. Her only son is hovering between life and death, so how could she be calm when she saw the 'culprit'?

"Madam Su, your words are wrong. Who doesn't know that Bai Wei is your family Young Master Su's peach blossom(admirer)? Don't tell me that you don't know about the thing that has happened in the bar last time. If not for Second brother having a good temperament, you think your Su family will be alright?!"

Hearing Madam Su's words caused the fire in Lin Zihui to start burning. No one wanted the matter today to happen, plus Lin Zisheng is also a victim in the end so Madam Su's attitude is particularly unpleasant.

Just when Madam Su wanted to yell at Lin Zihui as well, the door of the operating room opens. The doctor paused for a moment when he noticed all of the waiting people looking at him, then shook his head in regret. In the end, the doctor announced Su Mo's state as brain dead and Madam Su immediately passed out. When she finally woke up, she drove away all the people from the Lin family.

"Second brother..."

During the time Lin Zisheng gets together with Su Mo, the people from the Lin family can see it very clearly. Although Lin Zisheng never says anything, but one can see that he treated Su Mo differently from other people.

"I'm fine, will go back to the school first."

Lin Zisheng didn’t say anything else and went to school after leaving the hospital. He couldn't forget that moment when Su Mo pushed him away (from the car), he received a prompt from System 001.

[Current positive feeling is 100, comment: Someone who he could give away anything including own life]

[Host-daren, are you... alright?]

001 spun around Lin Zisheng, it felt that the current Lin Zisheng is not very right. Although it couldn't be sure what's wrong, it just felt like Lin Zisheng is very ethereal right now, like even a gust of wind could scatter him away.

"I'm fine."

For the next few days, Lin Zisheng is like what he said. He is really fine, there haven't been many changes in his life compared to before. Just that his personality became more silent. Until a week later, the arrival of a person broke the calm surface. That person was Su Mo's father. Su Mo's father did not say anything harsh, he just apologized to Lin Zisheng for Mother Su's behavior that day. Finally, he hoped that Lin Zisheng could go and see Su Mo. Facing a father's request, Lin Zisheng didn't refuse and followed him to the hospital.

"Go and see Xiao Mo, if he could sense it, he definitely will be very happy."

Father Su cannot understand why his son would fall in love with a man, but he chose to support them in the end. Even if his son is lying on the bed and has to rely on a life support machine to maintain his 'false' life for this person, he didn't utter any malicious words because this person is his son's favorite person.

Lin Zisheng walked into the ward and locked the door. Looking at the person lying on the bed, there is a slight discomfort in his heart. The person who has been circling around him all this while, suddenly laid on the hospital bed and not waking up... Lin Zisheng sighed when he thought of this.

"I thought of a lot of possibilities but didn't expect the end would be like this. I also didn't expect that you would choose to die on my behalf."

"Right from the beginning, whether it's the encounter with you or with Bai Wei, or even the fact that you became fond of me, it was all in my expectation. However, I have completely missed the possible action you might take."

"Letting Bai Wei misunderstand that I was reborn, maintaining a lukewarm attitude with her, and also the fact that she will push herself nearer to dead-end due to your emotional stimulation, I have never thought to put your life on stake."

Lin Zisheng sighed again. He knew that this person on the hospital bed cannot hear his words but in the end, he doesn't want to deceive this person who would throw away his life for him anymore.

"Actually, when Bai Wei disappeared, I have thought of two possibilities. One is she left City A. The other is what I originally had in mind; coming back for my life. I managed to guess the starting correctly but miscalculated the ending."

"Su Mo, I owed you a life, I will return it to you now.”

A gunshot rang through the hospital. When the people arrived at Su Mo's ward, they only saw Lin Zisheng who has stopped breathing.

The last second before his consciousness fades, Lin Zisheng heard 001's voice.

[System scanning, confirmed Host's 'death', counting down to leave the world, 10, 9, 8...]

The author has something to say:
Because the world is coming to an end, plus a heart-to-heart talk with a close friend, this author has sadly encountered a writer's block ┭┮﹏┭┮. . I am so sorry to all the little angels(readers). Close friend gave me a lot of suggestions, make me felt like I want to do an 'overhaul' but since I have written the story, I still want to give this story an ending although it may not be very perfect.

(*/ω*) Finally, thank you for all the little angel's support, I love chu~

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