Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 1.10 Rebirth Of The Blackened White Lotus

Probably because both men were too focused on each other, the person hiding behind the tree was not discovered by them. She just hid herself carefully while watching their interaction. Finally, after both Su Mo and Lin Zisheng left, she slowly walked out of her hiding place. Looking in the direction they headed, her eyes are full of anger.

"Su Mo, Lin Zisheng, you dare to betray me!"

The person hiding in the forest is Bai Wei. Due to Lin Zisheng suddenly being pulled away, she is unwilling to give up and followed them, ended up witnessing that scene. She strongly held back the urge to scream out, silently watched as Su Mo grappled with Lin Zisheng, kissing, and listened to Su Mo's confession (to LZS). No one could understand how much she hated everything in her heart!

She reborn to come back and give these two people happiness but she didn't expect that they would actually join forces to betray her. Both of them are male, don't they know that this kind of feeling is not allowed by the whole society?! She must, she must make a ruckus out of this so that everyone will know. Wait until they are condemned by society, then they will know what is the right choice for them.

Ultimately, it is due to the fact that Bai Wei has yet to mingle in the circle, that she would have such a naive idea. What is 'not allowed in the whole society'? In the end, it's just a moral norm. How debauched is the upper circle? Someone who never interacted in the circle will never understand. Su Mo can be considered kept his hands clean enough in the upper circle. Some people could even entangle themselves in the middle of 4 or 5 people at the same time. For people like Su Mo, they could do anything they like as long as it stays within the boundary of the law. Public opinion is not a problem for them at all. If they wanted to, they could easily control public opinion.

"Wei Wei, where did you go? It's not safe here, don't wander around."

The young man who brought Bai Wei to the ball hurriedly went to her side. Then he pulled her to a corner where there are no other people around and said, "Although it looked calm here, it's not as safe as you think."

Everyone here might be sons and daughters from influential families, it doesn't mean that they are any good people. Randomly wandering around, one is very likely to encounter immeasurable damage.

"Wh... why?" Didn't Ah Sheng and Ah Mo casually went out just now? Why can't she do the same?

Looking at Bai Wei’s ignorant expression, the young man did not say anything. He just shook his head, then slowly talked about another matter.

"Wei Wei, you shouldn't go and provoke Young Master Su anymore. Everyone could see that Young Master Su is now keeping himself chaste for Second Young Master Lin. You don't have any chance anymore."

Although today's matter embarrassed him a bit, the young man still felt lucky because he really likes Bai Wei.

"Aren't... both of them males? Such feelings cannot be tolerated by the whole society!"

Bai Wei said it so righteously that quite some people turned to look. But more than that were sneers and disdain.

"Cannot be tolerated by the whole society? They didn't violate any laws, why can't they be tolerated? Moreover, don't you think by the virtue of their ability, as long as they will it, no one other than those who can accept them will ever know about this matter."

This answer caused Bai Wei's body to stiffen. She understood it now, that she won't be able to do anything with her current identity.

"And oh, don't make a swan's dream if you are not a swan," Everyone knew what Bai Wei is thinking just by looking at her, "Don't mention that Young Master Su is keeping himself chaste, even if he isn't, it won't be your turn any time soon. Which woman around Young Master Su doesn't have family background and appearance?"

These words are like a knife ruthlessly piercing into her heart. In the past, the thing Bai Wei most proud of is the fact that even when she doesn't possess an impressive appearance, she still managed to get the 2 most outstanding men fawning over her. But now, it has become a shame. At the moment, Bai Wei really wanted to find a hole and hide inside, to avoid all those annoying gazes. She became even more determined in her heart to separate Su Mo and Lin Zisheng. Only by separating them and letting them fall in love with her once again that it could wash away her shame today!

After the Christmas ball, Bai Wei became quiet. She is not giving up her thoughts but making a more detailed plan in the dark. Now that she knew the identity of the two people, she naturally knows that ordinary methods will not have any results. What she needs to do now is she must find a way to get in touch with Lin Zisheng.

Bai Wei is unable to hold herself back, but her rational first choice is still Lin Zisheng. Because of her understanding of Su Mo from her past life, she knew that it's very hard to make him change his mind after he made a decision. The only way is to get Lin Zisheng to reject Su Mo without mercy. Fortunately, it's New Year's Day right after Christmas. Because there would be activities for the New Year's Day party, the students must stay in the school and this gives Bai Wei a chance to get close to Lin Zisheng.

On the other hand, Lin Zisheng is feeling quite a headache. Since the day Su Mo confessed to him, he became completely stuck (with SM). Whenever he went out, he would always see Su Mo. Sometimes, that man even visited his classroom during class. The unbelievable thing is Su Mo’s access has leveled up. Not only he(SM) could enter the Lin residence now, he(SM) even has the key to his(LZS) dormitory room. To top it off, his big brother is the one who let Su Mo entered the Lin residence and helped Su Mo duplicated the key of his(LZS) dorm room. That angered Lin Zisheng to the point that he wanted to ask his big brother who is actually his biological younger brother!

#Keep seeing a big annoying face when woke up every day in the morning, what to do? Waiting online, urgent!

Even though today is New Year's Day, Su Mo still won't let go of him. Su Mo woke Lin Zisheng up and said he wants to go check out that whatever party. If not for the sake of staying in character, Lin Zisheng really wanted to slap Su Mo to death now!

[Host-daren, it's also a good thing to be able to see the male lead every day. Right now, the male lead's positive feeling is 77. If you work harder, you will be able to finish another side mission.]

The 'true little angel' System 001 came out again to remind Lin Zisheng of its existence, successfully helped Lin Zisheng to hold back his anger.

"Why must we come out so early? We are not going to the party now anyway."

Lin Zisheng made a small yawn, an inexplicable displeasure rose in his mind when he looked at the person beside him. The Lin Zisheng in the past is a disciplined person. Whether to get up or to go to sleep, he will have an accurate schedule. But these few months seemed to have disrupted this habit, so Su Mo's action in disturbing his sleep is particularly hateful.

"Zisheng, this should be our first date ba," Su Mo looked at Lin Zisheng with smiles, and with a fawning tone, "although you do not agree to disclose our relationship, you still have to go on a date with me occasionally."

Speaking of this, Su Mo really felt some kind of internal injury. His confession on Christmas day was clearly successful, but then Lin Zisheng just turned away and refused to accept it. He couldn't help but went to Lin Zifeng for assistance and gotten himself thoroughly extorted.
"Since when I agreed?"

Speaking of this, not only he didn't agree that day, but he also mercilessly beat up Su Mo.

"But you didn't reject me at the time, that means you agreed!" Su Mo replied with much confidence. Lin Zisheng didn't reject him that time, so what if he takes it as a yes?!

Lin Zisheng: Hehe, such a big face (shameless)!

However, Lin Zisheng didn't say anything. He is not an unreasonable person. If Su Mo really likes him, and just him(LZS) alone, Lin Zisheng doesn't mind spending time with him. He will at least stay with this person until his mission is completed, until the very minute before he needs to leave this world.

Su Mo realized Lin Zisheng didn't give any reaction so he secretly glanced at him. Next, Su Mo experimentally held one of his(LZS) hands. Seeing that Lin Zisheng didn't seem to object, he(SM) changed their holding hands to 'clasping 10 fingers'.

Lin Zisheng's hand is completely different from Su Mo's. Slim and slender, although it's not like a woman's hand, it is much more beautiful than an average man's hand. Though the temperature of his hand is a little lower; being held inside Su Mo's palm gave him a touch of peace.

"Ah Sheng."

Just as Su Mo wanted to grab the opportunity to take more advantage, a soft voice sounded behind them. That voice carried a vague sense of grievance that people can't help but wanted to pity her. Of course, the so-called 'people' doesn't include this pair of lovey-dovey couple. The saying 'heart of steel' is really suitable to describe these two!

While for Su Mo, when he heard Bai Wei's voice, the smile on his face has long disappeared, leaving an expression of indifference. If it isn’t Lin Zisheng still here beside him, Su Mo might actually make Bai Wei secretly disappear from this world. He hasn't forgotten what Bai Wei said about Lin Zisheng liking her. Although he knew this is impossible, he couldn't feel at ease. He even... had a faint feeling that, perhaps, Lin Zisheng has once liked this woman. Every time he has this kind of thought, he would feel an irresistible urge to kill someone.

"Why are you here?!"

Su Mo is very dissatisfied that Bai Wei suddenly appeared. This woman is really like 'a lingering soul’!

Lin Zisheng gripped the hand holding him and looked at Bai Wei, "You have anything you want to say?"

Bai Wei still hasn't given up until now? Should he sigh that this is indeed the female lead, having such a level of perseverance?
"Can I see you alone tomorrow? I have something to ask you, something that only both of us know."

Looking at the clasped hands, Bai Wei resisted the urge to pull them apart and lowered down her head while saying those words to Lin Zisheng.

Lin Zisheng raised his eyebrows when he heard those words, it seems that Bai Wei knows how to use her brain now. Although he knew that she is talking about 'their' rebirth, the way she said it is so ambiguous. In order to separate him and Su Mo, she also did her best.


Just as Lin Zisheng agreed with Bai Wei, Su Mo nearly jumped up but was pulled back by him(LZS), "But I hope you can finish saying it in one go, as I don't think that there is a need for us to meet again."

"Of course, I will make everything clear tomorrow and I won't be pestering you anymore.”

After she said this, Bai Wei's face is filled with a bitter smile. Her gaze at Lin Zisheng carried a bit of reluctance but she still resolutely turned away and left. Just that after she turned away where both of them can't see her face, the smile on Bai Wei's face changed to cunning and malicious. It looked like she is scheming something, with a flash of darkness.

Meeting for the last time? Heh, Lin Zisheng, if I cannot get a satisfactory answer, you will never be able to get rid of me. I won't let you be together with Ah Mo, absolutely not!

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