The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows

Chapter 1.1 - Rosa Wants to Obtain Her 'Favorite Character' (ローザは「推し」を手に入れたい) (1)

Rosa didn't know since when she became like 'that.'

But she was already like 'that' since she was old enough to understand things.

In other words…

My. Seriously. Why does the romance between men make my heart throb like this?

When Rosa read Snow White, she imagined the drama that was secretly unfolding between the seven dwarves. That made her unable to contain her excitement.

When Rosa read the scriptures, she couldn't even measure how much thrill she experienced once she reached the part detailing the bond between the Chief God Berg and the War God and the rivalry between the Devil Gods. Meanwhile, she felt nothing reading the romance between the hero and the princess.

It also didn't take long for her rotten view to move to the real world.

In Rosa's early childhood, her mother died early and his father abandoned her. As the lady with the highest status in her family's territory, she had no close friends. Her father was a sex maniac, making it impossible to hire a woman in the mansion. Yet she was strong enough to keep smiling brightly… or that's how her surroundings saw her. But the truth was different.

Rosa simply secluded herself from the troublesome social interactions, thriving her rotten filter to her heart's content.

For example, the gardener's gaze at the butler was filled with jealousy.

For example, the head chef casually patted his subordinate's shoulder, but that gesture was mixed with the feelings of love he couldn't hide.

What if there was intense emotion that went beyond the line of friendship and deep agony within their bonds… Just thinking so made Rosa's words liven up, sparkling brightly.

Rosa only appreciated such a scene from the shadows with a grin.

For her, the love between men was like a beautiful rose.

Vivid yet somewhat obscene, decadent.

It was full of passion and had unforgettable charm, blooming with the sweet smell of roses.

In the garden where delicate flowers in pastel colors bloomed, she could only see a single rose now.

But one day, she would spread the roses all over the garden. No, all over the world.

At the age of five, Rosa decided so.

At the age of six, she defined the concepts of 'seme' and 'uke' to spread the rose teachings in the future.

At the age of seven, a good idea flashed her mind during the summer. That was to represent the men's pairing with an 'x' symbol.

At the age of eight, she named herself 'The Rotten Lady' in the winter after being inspired by the Pourriture Noble.

At the age of nine, she unraveled the 'erotic book' she brought out from her father's study for 'research purposes' in the autumn. She ended up fainting in great agony and suffering from a high fever.

Rosa was steadily pursuing the party of rottenness, but fortunately or unfortunately, someone barely managed to push her back to the right track of the society.

That was her maternal uncle, Anton.

Contrary to Rosa, he loved the romance between women. He talked about the good points of women-x-women's love, shouting in excitement, and unilaterally spreading his delusions. That made him receive black looks from his surroundings.

In the social circles, Anton was looked down and mocked as the 'lily pig.' By chance, his family's coat of arms was a lily, and he had a plump figure.

[T/N: Lily is the symbol of Girls Love, and Rose is the symbol of Boys Love.]

In the end, everyone found out that he was trying to make an obscene novel with two noble ladies as the model. Having enough of his antics, an affair of honor broke out. He ended up getting banished from the social circles forever.

His name became a taboo. Simultaneously, the talk about romance between women or anything related to that was thoroughly eliminated from society.

Goodbye, and thank you, Anton.

Upon hearing the series of those incidents, Rosa learned a lesson.

Never try to spread the romance between the same sex, whether it was a lily or a rose.

She had to take her time to make it gradually take its root.

And to do that, the originator must not be a heretic, ugly, or have anything that would bring forth others' ridicule.

Instead, Rosa's rose garden expansion plan would succeed only when she was recognized and admired by her surroundings.

With that, Rosa worked hard to improve herself.

Rosa read books, went along with the intense lesson of manners from the butler who came from an old family, and put it into practice.

To make sure there was no blind spot, she learned housekeeping, cooking, calculation, administration, chemistry, medicine knowledge, and horsemanship, disciplining herself as much as she could.

She also treated the people of the territory amiably, trying to be as useful as possible.

In particular, Rosa spread hummus used for healing magic, and that was well-received by the public. She did that because she was convinced that it was her duty to make something rot.

However, the bright Rosa also realized the danger of having too much value as a noble lady.

That was, her marriage period would be accelerated.

The marriage of nobles was to raise the social rank and keep up appearances.

Carelessly marrying into a family with high social status would be the beginning of days of hell for a lady. They had to rely on their husbands, exhausted by the worthless social obligations and the heir's making.

Regardless of how much influence she might have at the gatherings of noble ladies, her public appearance would serve as an obstacle on her mission to spread the heresy of teaching the rose love.

So Rosa decided to become a nun once her marriage period was approaching.

Nuns were single, and they had a fine reputation in public. Above all, nuns had an amazing manuscript ability. That means, they had the power to spread new cultures and knowledge with books.

Then Rosa would be able to write new scriptures named 'Rose Love' and send it around the monastery.

By doing that, a new faith would take root throughout the continent.

She would eventually become the founder of the rose teaching.

That strong determination kept Rosa moving.

As a preparation for the rose propagation, she endeavored to improve the people of the territory's literacy rate, not sparing herself in donating to the monastery so that she could get a private room immediately after she became a nun.

Yes, Rosa's donations were rooted in such an ulterior motive!

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