Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 1.08 Rebirth Of The Blackened White Lotus

“Young master.”

The young lady waiting outside the door showed a somewhat worried expression when she saw Su Mo came out. After all, the mood of the head of the Lin Family doesn’t look good. It seems that their business talk didn’t go very well.

“It’s alright, you go down first.”

Su Mo waved at her and left the restaurant as well. Right now, he needs to plan properly how to proceed next. Since Lin Zifeng said the words, that means he(LZF) will definitely stop him(SM).

Su Mo’s actions in the coming days were completely out of Lin Zifeng’s expectations. He didn’t seek out Lin Zisheng directly to confess but slowly approached him(LZS). This point really surprised Lin Zifeng, it seems that Su Mo is quite serious.

And so, both of Su Mo and Lin Zisheng’s relationship became closer within these several months of contact. Lin Zisheng no longer felt repulsive towards Su Mo and they became good friends.

“Zisheng, it’s going to be Christmas soon. Do you have any plans?”

A hint of infatuation flashed through Su Mo’s eyes as he looked at this young man who has become more and more beautiful as time passed. In these few months, Su Mo is fully aware of how charming this person is beside him. Although he(LZS) kept an icy face all day, countless men and women were chasing after him. It almost caused Su Mo to lose control, more than once. It is precisely of this, that Su Mo guarded Lin Zisheng with many restrictions. Even joining clubs and associations, he(SM) must join together with him, afraid that this person might get taken away by other people when he is not paying attention.

“No plans at the moment. Maybe I’ll go home and celebrate it with my Big Brother and Little Third.”

Actually, the Lin brothers don’t really pay attention to western celebrations but Father Lin and Mother Lin like it, so they accepted it as well.

“My parents might return home this year.”

These words from Lin Zisheng caused all Su Mo’s plans to collapse. He originally planned to eat with Lin Zisheng alone and nurture their feelings but the other party wants to accompany his family, he(SM) doesn’t have other ways. Although he doesn’t know why Lin Zifeng didn’t stop him that much from approaching Lin Zisheng, he could sense that every time Lin Zifeng looked at him, his gaze always carried an inspecting intention.

“What’s wrong? You have any plans?”

Getting along for a few months plus information given by the system, Lin Zisheng already has a good understanding of Su Mo. Although Su Mo didn’t say anything, Lin Zisheng could feel a faint grievance from him. Every time he felt like this, Lin Zisheng wanted to smile ‘hehe’ to himself. Who is Su Mo, how could he be wronged? However, if Lin Zisheng doesn’t continue asking Su Mo about the matter, he will know that he got it correct (that SM is not someone who would wrong himself). Because Su Mo will definitely give him a look full of grievance like he(LZS) did something wrong to him. He heard of it before that Su Mo is a fickle person in a relationship but never heard that Su Mo would be so shameless.

“You just returned to City A not very long ago so there are some things that you might not know.”

When Su Mo heard Lin Zisheng asking him about his plan, Su Mo immediately brightened up and looked at him in smiles, “There is a Christmas ball every year during Christmas Day. You just came back so participating in the Ball will let you integrate better into the circle.”

Su Mo’s words couldn’t be considered an exaggeration because each circle has its own rules. Although Lin Zisheng is from the Lin Family, there are too few opportunities for him to show his face in City A so naturally someone might try to take advantage of him. If Lin Zisheng participates in the Christmas ball, everyone will know of his identity and this will also allow people in the circle to see his(SM) attitude towards Lin Zisheng. The Christmas ball in City A has a customary rule, that is the companion one took to the Ball is usually their life partner. Otherwise, they would attend alone.

“So how about it? Attend with me?” Su Mo smiled and got closer to Lin Zisheng. Looking at his amazingly breathtaking face, Su Mo had a moment of absent-mindedness.

“With you? Don’t we need to bring a companion along to the ball?” Lin Zisheng frowned. He doesn’t know why but he has a feeling that this man is scheming something.

Hehe, bring a companion? How could he let Lin Zisheng take someone else to the ball?

“Of course not. The nature of the Christmas ball is special. Though we called it a ball, everyone went there to meet up, eat, drink and play.”

Lin Zisheng nodded after hearing Su Mo’s words and said, “I’ll ask my big brother tonight at home. If big brother agrees, I’ll go. Alright, I have classes in the afternoon, I’ll go first.”

Not waiting for Su Mo to say anything, Lin Zisheng turned and left after he finished talking. Although Lin Zisheng has never personally experienced this man’s unscrupulous methods, he has seen it many times on others. He doesn’t want to experience it for himself. That night, Lin Zisheng told Lin Zifeng what happened during the day and received a weird look from his older brother.

“Su Mo really told you that he wants to take you to participate in City A’s Christmas ball?”

Lin Zifeng has been in City A for so many years, although he didn’t go every time, he did participate before. Naturally, he knew of the hidden nature of the ball. At this moment, he has more trust in Su Mo’s sincerity. All this while he didn’t stop Su Mo from contacting Lin Zisheng because he(SM) has never done anything overboard. Also, it was because he wanted to see Su Mo’s sincerity. Now, Su Mo wanted Lin Zisheng to go to the Christmas ball with him, it seems that he(SM) really has true feelings towards this little brother of his. Lin Zifeng doesn’t understand what’s exactly so good about his little brother? His personality is icy cold; giving people a feeling that they don’t want to approach him. But this also caused the always fickle Young master Su to behave and circles around him alone.

“Your time in City A is not very long, so it’s good to broaden your networking there.” In this case, he(LZF) will see how much sincerity Su Mo can give!

And so, Lin Zisheng followed Su Mo to attend the so-called Christmas ball half a month later. Of course, Lin Zihui originally wanted to follow, but in the end, was heartlessly suppressed. But Lin Zihui is quite satisfied with the ending because Lin Zifeng promised to treat him to a meal at Xiao Yao restaurant. Also, Su Mo promised to give ‘Sky room no.1’ for them to use. Only then he(SM) can get rid of this ‘light bulb’ that keeps wanting to follow them.

However, probably because of ‘his bad horoscope’, they have just entered the ball and Su Mo has yet to declare to other people his ownership of Lin Zisheng, Su Mo saw someone he really doesn’t want to meet – Bai Wei. During that few months when Su Mo is ‘pursuing’ Lin Zisheng, this woman appeared far too frequently in front of them. However, due to Su Mo’s heart already belonged to someone else and Lin Zisheng maintained a respectful distance from the white lotus, both of them have been avoiding her as much as they could. But their path was blocked directly this time.

“Ah Mo, Ah Sheng, both of you came.”

Bai Wei is wearing a high-end dress. One could see that this dress is several times classier than the one she wore to Su Mo’s birthday party last time, and it’s not something Bai Wei could afford at all.

“Miss Bai, long time no see.”

Su Mo nodded with a cold expression, then reached out to pull Lin Zisheng to his side, causing Bai Wei’s outstretched hand to hang emptily in the air.

“Ah Mo, why are you doing this to me? We are… we are good friends, aren’t we?” Bai Wei’s gaze at Su Mo carried a hidden bitterness, like an infatuated woman looking at a heartless lover.

At the side, the people around them looked at the three of them like they are watching a good show. It can’t be helped, Young master Su has already expressed his stand very clearly, but someone just ‘won’t grow some eyes’ and keep insisting herself to be the true love. Such a silly girl who has no knowledge and experience. Don’t you know that the companion one brought to this Christmas party is their loved ones? These days, everyone in the circle knew that Young master Su has restrained himself (from his old playing days). However, no one knows who exactly is this person who could make the infamous player Young master Su focus his gaze on that person alone. Today, after they saw who was it, everyone felt that the pair is well-deserved. Comparing to that girl who is filled with grievances, everyone thinks that this cold indifferent young man is more suitable for Young master Su.

“Miss Bai, in my opinion, with your identity you shouldn’t be qualified to participate in this ball. But since you are here, it is definitely because someone brought you here. Shouldn’t you return to your companion right now?”

Su Mo could feel the slight impatience from the person beside him. As a considerate lover, he will naturally solve all the problems right away.

“Ah Mo, why are you doing this to me? I like you ah!”

Enduring for nearly 4 months, Bai Wei has been waiting for Su Mo and Lin Zisheng to confess to her. But nothing happened and she received the news that they are getting closer instead. How could Bai Wei accept it? So she makes plans to get a young master from an influential family to bring her into the venue; determined to confess to Su Mo.

After Lin Zisheng heard Bai Wei’s confession to Su Mo, a strange look flitted past his eyes. He originally thought she could bear with it, but he didn’t expect her to reach her limit so quickly. Lin Zisheng left with a shrug; he doesn’t want to get involved between these two people.

Sensing that Lin Zisheng has left them, Su Mo’s expression sunk and he fiercely flung away the hand that has been holding onto him.

“Heh, Bai Wei, what do you think you are? You said you like me? Are you even qualified?!” The Su Family’s status is not someone as small as Bai Wei could match against!

Bai Wei’s body stiffened after she heard his words. How… how could this be? Isn’t she the person Su Mo loved the most? Why would he say such hurtful words to her right now?!

Right now, Su Mo has no time to bother with Bai Wei, all his focus is on the ‘escaped’ Lin Zisheng. After looking around, he found his target and immediately walked towards Lin Zisheng.

Watching the show until this part, what else the crowd could not understand? Young master Su’s love towards Second Young master Lin is very deep, outsider can’t do anything funny between them!

“Why are you standing here alone?”

Su Mo heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Lin Zisheng standing at the terrace. Fortunately, there’s no one else around Zisheng. Otherwise, Su Mo doesn’t know if he could hold back and not kill that person.

“In order not to hinder Young master Su from chasing a woman.” Lin Zisheng answered absentmindedly.

The wine glass in Lin Zisheng’s hand swayed little. He doesn’t like this environment, it’s very easy to make him recall the things of his past.

“When did I do that?!”

Lin Zisheng’s words caused Su Mo to feel an inexplicable grievance. He has been staying close to Lin Zisheng’s side for 3 months, where does he have the time to mess around with other people? Other than that, when he finally understood his own heart, Su Mo has decided to bid farewell to his fickle past.

“Young master Su has always liked beauties, right? I’m embarrassed to hinder you.”

As he said that, Lin Zisheng even waved his hand, expressing to Su Mo to go and do whatever he wanted to do.

“Right, I like beauties. But inside this ball, isn’t the most beautiful person already in front of me?” Su Mo slowly approached Lin Zisheng, their warm breath fell onto each other’s face, “Or Zisheng wants to hear me say ‘I only like you’?”

Suddenly raising his eyes to met Su Mo’s, although his(SM) face carried a gentle smile, Lin Zisheng saw the seriousness in that pair of bottomless eyes. Also… there’s warped possessiveness.

Raw word count : 3420


Banana : At this point, it’s understandable if you guys don’t like SM. I should have mentioned that he is yandere-ish (though one could see from how he BDSM-ed BW in her past life).  Do come back for the ending , hurhurhur :P Hint : HDS

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