End of World Businessman

Chapter 035.4: Wuhua's Past [4]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 035.4: Wuhua's Past [4]

During the base’ siege, the capital base took a large number of ability users from Lan Cheng base. They gave those whose ability had reached second-order level a free flight to the capital base. Not only that, they also gave discounts to the first-order ability users to fly to their base.

So, Lan Cheng’s combat force that originally amounted to less than 2.000 ability users, now only amounted to 1.400 ability users after the siege battle. And this amount is helped along with those who had newly awakened their ability during the siege. Therefore, the amount of ability users that had reached second-order level that was still in Lan Cheng base was truly pitiful to look at. Furthermore, these ability users were not all loyal to the five forces controlling Lan Cheng base.

Therefore, the five forces in Lan Cheng base couldn’t underestimate Wu Ye and his group’s combat effectiveness, despite their few numbers. After all, they had Qin Wuhua, Qian Xin, Yang Qi, and Yang Li Na, who all have reached the peak of second-order level, on their side.

The longer he stayed in this zombie’s world, the more aware Wu Ye became. He profoundly understood words were meaningless, and the only thing he could rely on as the foundation of his life was a strong force.

Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua chatted for a while about everything. Meanwhile, in the afternoon, the number of customers coming into the shop suddenly increased.

Most of these people came for the Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle. When they saw the heart-breaking price Wu Ye set for his goods, all of them got so angry their teeth itched. After Yu Hui, the owner of the other bottle of Chanel No. 5, received the news; the smile on her face didn’t disappear for the whole afternoon. As the wife of the first person in charge of Lan Cheng base, what she wanted was this unique respect.

Wu Ye, huh. Very well.

Yu Hui was in a good mood, so she directly suppressed the complaint letter sent by the patrol and directly summoned the deputy director of the patrol management office to scold him. “Is your brain eaten by the zombies? Can counterfeit goods have the same price as the real ones? Isn’t that cheating the customers? If it’s you, would you be willing to spend 1.200 crystals to buy counterfeit hibiscus cigarettes? In my opinion, Wu Ye’s pricing is very reasonable. After all, his counterfeit goods are appropriately priced as counterfeit goods. Don’t come bother me with such a mentally retarded things in the future!”

When the deputy director entered the door and smelled the charming fragrance coming from Yu Hui’s body, he had a bad feeling in his heart. In the end, his bad feelings came true and he could only act as a grandson as he repeatedly apologized. And when he returned, he immediately chewed out the subordinates who gave him the rotten idea.

He could realize that Wu Ye and his companion should have approached Ji Xiang already and had coaxed the tigress beside him to be so happy with them. As such, they would have to take more care of them in the future.

Not mentioning the small disturbance on the patrol side, the people who came to see the perfume couldn’t afford the high price as well, but that didn’t prevent them from buying other things in the store.

At the end of the day, Yunnan Baiyao, the alcohol, and sweets were all sold out. Meanwhile, 40 packs of counterfeit cigarettes were sold. As for the chocolate and snickers, their price was too high, making most people reluctant to buy. Of course, there were also some people who wanted to coax their women (men) to be happy, as such they paid for them while feeling pained in their heart.

Penicillin and cold medicine were also expensive. Furthermore, it was not packaged. As such, everyone was afraid of being allergic to it. So, unless it was needed, most people rarely buy it. Still, even with the hesitation, there’s still some people who buy it.

The worst sales in the store were salt and compressed biscuits.
Due to high-level restrictions, the salt in the store was at the same price as the official store. As for those who have other alternatives, they were more willing to buy cheaper salt on the black market.

Meanwhile, the cause for the low sale of the compressed biscuits was because people didn’t think it was cost-effective. The price of a good pork in Lan Cheng base was 30 crystals per 500 grams, but the price of a pack of compressed biscuits that weigh about one or two hundred grams was the same. As such, the customers thought it was simply too expensive.

Although a small piece of fruit-flavored sweets was sold for 20 crystals, many people still bought it because its purpose was to satisfy their cravings or to take it home to coax their children and wives. After all, there were so few snacks in the apocalypse that many people haven’t tasted sugar for a long time. Anyway, their mindset was that it’s not a big deal to be extravagant once in a while.

Compressed biscuits weren’t the same. Its taste was not much better, and people buy it just to fill their stomach. So, subconsciously, people would compare it with grain meat. And, when people found that this thing was actually more expensive than 500 grams of pork meat, naturally no one was willing to buy.

In the end, there weren’t many goods left in the shop. And, after closing it at 8 P.M, Zeng Xin and Chen Zhao Yang put the rest of the goods into the suitcase they had bought at a low price and brought them back to their building. After all, while there were guards who would patrol at night, people weren’t promised the goods they lost would be recompensed.

The survivors in Lan Cheng base wouldn’t dare to think of the five forces goods, but that didn’t mean they were afraid of the four new small shops.

In the evening, after listening to Zeng Xin’s sales report, Wu Ye decided to go back and sold the packaged compressed biscuit back to Pang Zhi after the package was replaced of course. Then, he would no longer sell it here.

Apparently, some people wanted to buy stomach medicine. He’d need to ask Wuhua what Pei Yuan pills are; and there were those who wanted to buy sanitary napkins. However, he didn’t know what the price for that particular good in Lan Cheng was. But, if the price is good, then he’d considered selling it.

Well, next time he would bring more sweets and other small snacks. Furthermore, he had to go back and study how to set up the food factory with the old man.

The author has something to say: ╮(╯▽╰) ╭ In fact, the exercises learned by Er Shao were not as bad as he thinks ~~~

In addition: Below are the system’s calculation for crystal nuclei below the third level

1 powder crystal nuclei = 5 transparent crystal nuclei

1 pink crystal nuclei = 10 transparent crystal nuclei

1 red crystal nuclei = 50 trans crystal nuclei

1 orange crystal nuclei = 100 trans crystal nuclei

Similar to the 2012 setting, the ability users and the zombies will have an evolutionary ruling every third level, and the nucleus exchange rate will be adjusted. When you write it, say it again.

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