End of World Businessman

Chapter 035.3: Wuhua's Past [3]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 035.3: Wuhua's Past [3]

"Why did they do that?" Wu Ye didn’t expect such a thing had happened.

"Through a large amount of experiments, the Jing Cheng Research Institute has developed a drug that’s able to convert ordinary people into ability users. But, the success rate was only 1%. However, it’s said that the stronger the willpower, the greater the probability of success is. However, because the mortality rate is too high, when the soldiers are tested, they need to sign a voluntary agreement.

After the end of the world, the president ordered the removal of core troops from various military regions to the capital. The first purpose was to have a united form and clear the infected people while building the capital as the largest survivor camp in China and the world. Soon, the camp began to take shape, but the president and vice president were accidentally attacked by people who were already infected by D-virus on the same day the order came down. In the chaos, both died at the same time.

On that same day, many members of parliament were assassinated and purged. When the capital was in a state of chaos and headless, the ten military regions relied on their powerful military forces to seize control alongside the wealthy families who managed to survive the disaster, and together they had taken charge of the capital regime.

Qian Xin and I were under the command of the third military region. Before the end of the world, we were the ace of the military special forces, and we had performed countless missions, contributing to the third military regime as such we were also recalled to the capital. But, after the death of the president and vice president, the soldiers became the personal soldiers of the military leaders in various regimes.

And the third military regime joined forces with the Li family to take charge of their area, and we were loyal to the Li family and General Wang Qi of the third military. Then, Li Wang Qi’s oldest and youngest son awakened their abilities in the beginning of the apocalypse. And currently, both brothers were the most powerful ability users in the capital.

Prior to my last mission, Li Min Min had just reached the peak of third-order fire ability, while Li Zhi Ji’s wind ability was also at the peak of third-order. Both were very strong and their combined skills were unmatched in the capital. And because of both of them, the Li family became more ambitious and wanted to gain even greater power.

As such, Li Wang Qi asked me and more than the thirty brothers under me to participate in the 'Awakening Plan'. During the apocalypse, our ace special team had lost more than 300 people, leaving a mere 30 people. And knowing that a disaster had occurred, we, the soldiers, went to the front-line and fought.

We left our parents and family behind to fight. But because of that, my parents died at home alone and I had no brother or sister. Who knows what the other people’s situation was? How many of us even dared to think about their home situation? But, what do we get in return for our efforts?

I didn't want the thirty brothers I had left to be sacrificed needlessly, and I rejected Li Wang Qi’s order. Ever since my rejection, we’ve been frequently dispatched to do the most dangerous tasks, and we’ve escaped several times more or less intact.

Some people, who didn’t agree with Li Wang Qi’s order, spread the information to the rest of the third military regime so no soldiers in the military regimes would volunteer to participate in the awakening plan. And this caused Li Wang Qi to think of us as a thorn in his eyes. That’s why he deliberately arranged for this suicidal task to kill us to warn the monkeys by killing the chicken.”

"Since he treats you like that, can't you choose to retire?" Wu Ye did not expect Qin Wuhua to have such a past. He never expected that the water in Beijing would be so deep. In contrast, the five forces in Lan Cheng base looked much more loving.

Qin Wuhua shook his head: "After the disaster’s outbreak, the military stipulates that the soldiers will not be allowed to retire unless they lose their combat capabilities. Deserters shall be executed immediately once found."

The Second Young Master Wu smacked his lips. "You guys are so honest. If it was me, I’d have run away already even if I had to pretend to be dead."

Wu Ye had never been a soldier. He did not understand the glory of soldiers felt in their bones. Qualified soldiers were most disdainful of deserters and Qin Wuhua along with his special forces are the elites among the elites. They would rather fight to death in the battlefield than to be ridiculed as someone who’s greedy for life and fears death. However, although the ideals are very beautiful, the reality is very harsh. These soldiers, who only wanted to protect their country and people, all underestimated the degree of politicians’ shamelessness.

Qin Wuhua lowered his head with remorse, and couldn’t hide the hatred in his eyes. "Yes. If only I could take them away at the very beginning.”

Wu Ye secretly scolded himself for speaking arbitrarily and accidentally twisted the knife embedded in his younger brother’s heart. So, he quickly shifted the topic away. “You haven’t finished talking about the city just now. Are there many third-level zombies in the city?"

Qin Wuhua nodded. "Yes, I don't know why, but the zombie evolution in the city seems to be faster than elsewhere. Two months ago, we encountered third-level zombies in that small city on that mission, and there were quite a number of them in that city."

Wu Ye hesitated and asked, “Then, wouldn’t we be stepping into the tiger’s mouth at that time?”

Qin Wuhua shook his head and said. “Two days ago, Ji Xiang invited me to his house. There, he said that he would organize an acquisition mission in the near future and invited us to participate. The destination of the mission was that small city.”

Wu Ye’s mind was somewhat decided already, “What stuff are they planning to collect there?”

Qin Wuhua said, "He said he wanted to get some solar power generators from the industrial zone on the outskirts of the city. The sunshine in Lan Cheng base is not strong in winter. Without  enough solar power generators, it’s likely the electricity would be cut off in the winter.”

Lan Cheng has always relied on solar power to generate electricity. Electricity is included in the rent and no additional calculations are made. However, this did not mean that Lan Cheng's senior management did not want to collect money. It’s mainly because they didn’t have enough electricity meters yet, and they also lacked a fair excuse to charge for it.

It is estimated that Ji Xiang's intention to act this time was to ambush in order to collect electricity charges in the future.
Wu Ye touched his smooth chin. “Have he mentioned to you how the reward calculation is going to be done for the task?"

Qin Wuhua shook his head. “No, he only said he will talk about it in detail when the plan has been worked out.”

Wu Ye said, “That's good. At that time, when he wants to pay you, just let him do it with orange crystals. Right now, Lan Cheng's third-order ability users can be counted with one hand. Presumably, he knows the situation in that city. I'm not afraid he won't invite you. Not only you, but he will also invite Qian Xin, Yang Qi, and Yang Lina.”

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