End of World Businessman

Chapter 035.2: Wuhua's Past [2]

Author: He Feng Yang  

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 035.2: Wuhua's Past [2]

【Bring out your most expensive arts and let me see!】 Most of the arts in the system could only be practiced after they unlocked the gene chains. Before, Wu Ye was afraid that he couldn’t stand the temptation of power. Furthermore, at the time, he also wanted to save up enough points to go back home so he had never fully understood the exchange function of the system. However, the exchange price of the two arts he had drawn from the lottery had completely changed his perception.

After a while, there appeared a line on the control panel -

《Primal Chaos Dual Cultivation Formula》 1000 trillion points and  100 Queen Mother Energy nuclei.

Boy, this thing had a quite decent name, and the price was also so high. Wait, this is wrong. Second Young Master Wu asked the system. 【 What's the Queen Mother's crystal nuclei? Something similar to a Horse God? 】

【Zerg Queen’s energy crystal. It’s similar to the crystals that came from those infected with D-virus, but it’s extremely powerful and pure, unlike those crystals.】

At this, Wu Ye finally realized a very serious problem. The system came from the higher universe. The system itself could even bind two worlds together. So, how could the war in that universe be confined to one planet? What sort of technology does it have to be able to easily destroy the zombie virus?

He reckoned even if all people from his world and this zombie world were completely cleaned up, it would still not be able to redeem two upper-level arts. In the other words, even the basic goods produced by the system were enough for one to have the world under their palms.

Thinking through these key points, Wu Ye was no longer obsessed with stereotypical thinking that clung to the thought that the best need to be the most expensive. Right now, the way abilities users cultivated and used their abilities were developed by themselves. How many detours do they have to take without guidance?

Take the people with abilities in Lan Cheng base now, how many people are trapped in the first-order peak, so close to a breakthrough, but they had never been able to touch the threshold of advancement. In the future, the higher the level, the harder it’d become to advance. How precious would it be if there’s a method that could help guide the people to advance their abilities?

Realizing this point, Wu Ye hastily asked the system. 【Help me find out if there’s any thunder arts that’s suitable for Wuhua to practice. Just show me what I can afford!】

【To retrieve the information on the suitable arts for ability user, you need 100 points and 100 transparent crystals.】

【Deduct the points yourself. As for the crystals nuclei, I’ll give you later.】 The Second Young Master Wu thought that he had a lot of savings, so he didn’t care about this ‘little money’.

After getting his permission, the system deducted the points accordingly and two suitable arts for lightning ability users appeared on the control panel—

《Low-level Lightning Bending》《Code of Lightning Method 》 (Volume 1)

Damn! This is too expensive! It’s simply a rhythm that I can’t afford, roll!

Wu Ye then retracted the control panel, and was ready to receive 《The Supreme Art of Water Control》 at night. He said to Qin Wuhua, "It seems that we have to find more ways to hunt some third-level zombies."

"What happened?"

Wu Ye sighed: “I want to exchange a lightning cultivation art for you, but there’s not enough orange crystals."

Qin Wuhua’s heart was moved. He’s really eager to improve his strength quickly: “How much more do we need?”

Wu Ye told Qin Wuhua the names of the two arts and the requirements to be able to exchange for it. "... Aside from the zombie walls, which place do you think has many third-level zombies?"

The zombies in the zombie wall were too dense, and the cost of containing the first and second level zombies was higher than the cost of hunting the third-level and its mutation themselves, which was very inefficient. Furthermore, if the crystals couldn’t be harvested on time, no one would know when it would cause a calamity.

“City.” Qin Wuhua understood Wu Ye's concerns. So, he said, “The city is densely populated. After a full-scale virus outbreak, only a small number of people had successfully escaped. The rest became zombies. There are only about ⅓ survivors who managed to leave the city. The rest were trapped in the city, unable to escape the complex layout without risking turning into zombies themselves.

You know, Qian Xin and I are both part of special forces. After the virus outbreak, he, I, and the other brothers have participated in many city rescue missions. And in order to rescue some influential people, we’ve been to many cities. Last time, before we met, we had also participated in a confidential mission issued by the military—”

There’s a hint of irony in Qin Wuhua’s face when he spoke of this mission. “The mission required us to go to a secret military research institute in a small county near Lan Cheng and bring back the researchers who might still be living there.”

"And then?" Wu Ye tilted his head, looking at him. It was the first time he ever heard Qin Wuhua talking about his personal business.

“The mission was a trap,” Qin WUhua said. “When we got to the institute, we found out that the so-called distress signal was sent a year ago, and all the people there were already dead. By the time we got out of the research institute, the helicopters that sent us there had long since disappeared and our distress signal was cut off… We went there with more than 30 brothers, but the only one who survived were Qian Xin and I. If it’s not for the vaccine you provided, Qian Xin and I would have already died long ago.”

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