End of World Businessman

Chapter 035.1: Wuhua's Past [1]

Author: He Feng Yang  

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 035.1: Wuhua's Past [1]

It was an unexpected free draw!

Second Young Master Wu’s little heart was prepared to go through for another disappointment. Considering the fact that last time it was ineffective to beseech the deities, this time Second Young Master Wu only rubbed his hand together and resolutely pressed the reward button——

《The Supreme Art of Water Control》.

Qin Wuhua didn’t understand why Wu Ye froze after clicking on the empty air. Nor did he understand why after that Wu Ye’s mouth hung agape slightly, but his eyes were shining and the corner of his mouth was widening from ear to ear.

What he didn’t know was that inside the Second Young Master’s heart right now, a chibi version of him was throwing his head back, hands on his hips as he laughed maniacally. 【System! Laozi finally got an art! A supreme art at that! Hahahaha!】

System: 【You...】

【Don’t speak. Just let me laugh for another five minutes!】

The system stayed silent for a while, but it was better to let the host face reality sooner, so it stated. 【‘The Supreme Art of Water Control’ is just its name.】

At that, the Second Young Master Wu’s smile turned unbearable to look at. 【... hahaha, what do you mean?】

System: 【Just don’t think too highly about it.】

Second Young Master Wu finally sobered up and became rational as his smile froze. 【... don’t think too highly of it? What does that mean?】

System: 【‘The Supreme Art of Water Control’ is just a basic water art. It’s not a top-level one.】

Hearing the system information, Second Young Master Wu choked incredulously. 【What a liar! Using such a name for a useless good! Laozi became happy for nothing!!!】

By his side, Qin Wuhua silently watched as Wu Ye’s expression changed several times in the blink of an eye. First, he was grumbling awkwardly, then the next second he smiled smugly and right after that he froze before curling up on the sofa.

"What happened? Is there something wrong?" Qin Wuhua asked.

"It gave me another junk." Wu Ye said angrily. The gap between the front and the back was too big, so don’t blame him for having negative feelings and giving a bad review.

【‘The Supreme Art of Water Control’ is not junk! It’s a very good basic art and if you can understand and thoroughly cultivate it to perfection, it’ll be a good base for your future practice! That way, when you learn other water system arts, you’ll be able to get more results with less time.】 The system explained for its stupid host. Anyway, what’s drawn isn’t decided by it. How could it be responsible for its stupid host unluckiness?

【No matter how good the basics are, I don’t intend to unlock more of the gene chains.】 Unlocking the secondary gene chain required 5.000 points. Prior to this, the enhanced gene also required 1000 red crystals.

Wu Ye had the points, however, his water system ability didn’t have any attack power before the fourth level, and its improvement was bleak. What's more, before unlocking the fourth level gene chain, he needed to use the four-level crystal nucleus to strengthen the gene. By the time he had the strength to get those things, he’d already gathered enough orange crystals to exchange for the medicine Ah Li needed and could return for a comfortable life.

Therefore, in Wu Ye's view, since the abilities wouldn’t play much role for him, there’s no need to upgrade it. If there were extra nuclei, it’s better to buy a few extra boxes of heavy machine guns.

Every time he mentioned this, the system would become unhappy,【 Since you don’t plan to continue unlocking the gene chain, no matter how good it is, it’s useless for you to have it!】 The unemotional mechanical sounds of the system sounded sarcastic when it spoke.

【System, how can you use such foul language?! 】

【Humph.】 The system hummed with a guilty conscience. Recently, this damn virus in the chip seemed to be affecting it more and more.

【Don't be upset. While it’s useless for me to have good art, it can be given to my little brother. Moreover, Wuhua’s now bound to me and the points he’ll get by killing zombies will be added to my count. And the more zombies he kills, the more points I get… hey, no matter what, this sounds as if I don’t have any good points to myself. I’ll cry if I say anymore.】 Having said that, Second Young Master Wu was still a bit unreconciled with what he’s got and asked the system.

【Between ‘The Supreme Art of Water Control’ and ‘The Basic Breathing Method’ which one is more advanced?】

【The basic exercises are different in nature and cannot be compared.】

【Stupid. You just need to show me their price.】 As a qualified local tyrant, Second Young Master Wu has always believed that what’s good is not necessarily expensive, but what’s expensive must be good.

The system didn't say anything as its chip silently flashed a message to itself, saying that its host’s an idiot. Still, it followed Wu Ye’s request and changed what the control panel displayed.

《The Basic Breathing Method》 15.000 Points and 500 orange nuclei.

《The Supreme Art of Water Control》 50.000 Points and 1.500 orange nuclei.

Although he had long known that the price of the system's items were extremely expensive and unscientific, the Second Young Master still took a deep breath.

Oh my God, this was the price of these basic goods?! If this was the case, then he’d accumulate good morality and hoped he’d get more lottery in the future!

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