End of World Businessman

Chapter 034.3: Stamped [3]

Author: He Feng Yang  

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 034.3: Stamped [3]

“They are aware, but what can they do if I disagree? My brother’s illness can’t be dragged on anymore. I have to come to this world if I want to get something to save his life.” Since Qin Wuhua had already known his secret, Wu Ye didn’t want to hide anything in front of him.

So, when you get what you want, will you leave this world completely?

In the end, Qin Wuhua didn’t ask the question in his mind. He didn’t want to hear the answer that he didn’t want to hear. After a moment of silence, he patted Wu Ye’s shoulder and said. “If you ever need my help, I will do whatever I can to help.”

When he heard that, Second Young Master Wu’s heart was warmed. He then thought to himself.

Is this the passionate emotion described in the chicken-blood story where one is willing to risk his life and death for his brother?

At this thought, he decided that when he left this world in the future, he must leave something for Wuhua to save his life.

Oh, that’s right, the ‘bind your comrade-in-arms’ function!

Wu Ye slapped his head. He had almost forgotten a key point. “Wuhua, would you like to be my comrade-in-arms and bound with me?”

“What do you mean?”

Wu Ye had exposed a lot of his secret to him, so even if he didn’t say it, with Qin Wuhua’s intelligence, he had probably already guessed around seven to eight points. Thus, Wu Ye simply told Qin Wuhua everything he knew about the Cosmic Mercenary System.

Qin Wuhua did guess something about the system. He had even guessed that Wu Ye kept killing the zombies in order to accumulate something that could be traded with the system. Something that was not the crystal nucleus.

He originally thought that the system could only open the portal to travel back and forth between the two worlds, and exchanged for things that didn’t exist in the world. That capability was shocking enough, but he had never thought that the system was even more frightening than he had imagined.

That’s right. It was frightening. The system’s existence had completely surpassed and subverted today’s humanity cognition. Human beings were always in awe of the unknown. But, when the unknown had completely surpassed human’s understanding, then human beings would only either respect or fear it.

Qin Wuhua was completely afraid of the system. And if people knew that there was such an unnatural thing in Wu Ye, he could not imagine what methods those people, who had become more insane in the apocalypse, would do to Wu Ye.

“The stuffs about the system could only be told from your mouth to my ears. It must not be known to a third person. Otherwise, not only you, but all of us will die without a burial place.” Qin Wuhua was not an alarmist. However, if the secret of the system was exposed, perhaps only Wu Ye would have a chance to escape. But, the fate of those who follow him would definitely be worse than death.

Wu Ye solemnly nodded and said, “I know all this. The only one I told about the real secret of the system is you. Not even my family knows as much as you do.” Wu Ye himself was surprised at his words. He didn’t know from when Qin Wuhua became the person he trusted the most.

Is it because the initial god-damn circumstances, or is it because Qin Wuhua had saved me at the moment of life and death time and time again?

Once he heard that, Qin Wuhua settled down a little bit. He had been getting along with Wu Ye for nearly two months. He knew that Wu Ye was not really a fool who was as simple as a blank sheet of paper.

While he looked careless, Wu Ye had his own set of principles and limits when dealing with people. Otherwise, even if those proud and arrogant ability users looked at their group’s force, they still would not sincerely call out to Wu Ye as the boss and tried to follow them.

“Thank you, boss, for trusting me so much.”

So, this means he still has a place in Wu Ye’s heart, right?

“No need for thanks. I really take you as my own brother. You can call me Ah Ye later on. I feel awkward when you call me boss.”

In fact, Wu Ye had wanted to say this for a long time already. Although he often thought that Qin Wuhua was his number one gold medal younger brother, this younger brother was by no means his little brother.

Perhaps at the beginning he was a bit like a little henchman, but now it was no longer the case. In his mind, Qin Wuhua was now just like Pang Zhi, Hua Peng, and Qiu Xiaohao, who wouldn’t betray him, a good friend and someone who could share his troubles with him.

Qin Wuhua once again showed Wu Ye a smile that he envied and hated. “Ok. However, you’re still the boss in front of outsiders.”

It was not good for the unity of the whole team without this obvious relationship between superiors and subordinates.

Second Young Master Wu’s secretly compared his own ‘steamed stuffed bun’ with Qin Wuhua’s handsome and manly face together in his heart. And he realized, there’s no need to compare. The small heart of a young man, yearning for pure countenance, had broken into pieces.

“Well, I’ve said everything I have to say. Would you like to be bound with me and become my comrade-in-arms?”

Qin Wuhua didn’t understand how Wu Ye suddenly became depressed, but he was used to Wu Ye’s expression changing from time to time. “I would like to.”

“Hold out your hand, palm up.”

Qin Wuhua stretched out his hand in front of Wu Ye, following his words, and then Wu Ye covered his hands with his own.

System: 【Are you sure you want to bind Qin Wuhua as a comrade-in-arms?】

Wu Ye: 【I'm certain.】

Qin Wuhua looked at the hands that are one size smaller than his own.

How could they be so white, so tender…… At the junction of the hand’s palm, a white awn flickered and disappeared into Qin Wuhua’s body. Then, there was a burning sensation on his right arm.

Soon, a black tattoo the size of a coin appeared on the outside of the arm’s skin. The complicated and mysterious pattern was actually the word ‘Wu’ in the higher universe, representing that Qin Wuhua had signed a comrade-in-arms contract with Wu Ye and that he was dominated by Wu Ye.

【Successfully bound the first comrade-in-arms. You can get a random reward once.】

The author has something to say: The time has once again come for the RP test. How will the young man pass?

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