End of World Businessman

Chapter 034.2: Stamped [2]

Author: He Feng Yang  

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 034.2: Stamped [2]

The zombie hunters introduced by Yang Qi and Yang Li Na had little surplus in their hand. They couldn’t afford to buy Chanel. However, it was not a problem to buy a bottle of rare Die Da alcohol, and a bottle of Yunnan Baiyao.

“F*ck! If I hadn’t eaten this hard candy today, I would have forgotten what apples tasted like. Give me ten more. I need to take them back for my wife and son to taste. Can you give me some different flavors?”

Zeng Xin smiled as he said, “I’m sorry sir, but there’s no sign on the fructose wrapper. We can’t differentiate the flavors. However, we should have plentiful fructose flavors. Like, apples, lemons, bananas, strawberries, watermelons, mangoes, lychees, and pears. Each taste is equally delicious.”

The middle-aged zombie hunter unconsciously swallowed his saliva and waved his hand to command. “Alright. Then, you take out whatever you want, just choose a big one for me.”

“How come you sell the hibiscus so cheaply here? The authorized shops all sell it at 1200 transparent crystals for one pack.”

Chen Zhao Yang explained earnestly. “The hibiscus we sell is an imitation, so of course the price is cheaper than that of an authorized shop.”

“How dare you sell a pack of counterfeit cigarettes for 400 transparent crystals nuclei?!”

Chen Zhao Yang merely explained. “The quality corresponds to the price. Sir can first buy one for a taste, then we will know whether it is worth this price or not.”

The young zombie hunter came to check the business out in consideration for Yang Qi’s face. He didn’t come to deliberately find fault, so he paid for one stick, lit it and took a few puffs. After that, he immediately transferred the card and bought two packs.

“I can’t believe there is cold medicine! That’s great! What is the name of your medicine’s brand?”

Zeng Xin said, “Ganyoukang.” This was the brand name given by Qin Wuhua for the brand  after seeing Wu Ye’s cold medicine capsules. It just so happened that the 50 grams capsule didn’t have a logo attached. There was no difference in colors between the capsules and the medicine’s granule. While the untested compositions were completely indistinguishable to the naked eyes, it was estimated that there was little difference with the tested compositions.

“It’s not out of date, is it?” A skinny zombie hunter asked warily, looking at the medicine.

“You can rest assured, the medicine is absolutely not expired.”

“Give me five, no, I’ll take three first.” With that, he took out his temporary residence ID card, drew 240 crystals. He thought about it briefly before he bought two fruit candies for his sick daughter.

For the whole morning, there were only ten guests in the shop, but when each guest left, the guests bought something more or less. Looking up the transaction records on the artificial intelligence, the turnover of the shop actually reached 3000 transparent crystals.

After listening to Zeng Xin’s report, Wu Ye’s eyes narrowed with delight. He hung up the phone and excitedly spoke to Qin Wuhua. “Great. The sales volume is much better than I expected.”

Qin Wuhua looked at his satisfied smile and couldn’t help laughing. “It has just opened today. The business surely will get better and better in the future.”

Qin Wuhua’s facial features were bright and handsome. When he didn’t smile, he gave off a dignified and indifferent feeling to people. But, when he showed his rare smile, he unexpectedly gave birth to a warmth feeling of melting ice and snow.

F*ck, this foul is too much! Do I still have a chance to have fun with the beauties if I take him out with me?

Second Young Master Wu thought sourly. But, then another thought came to his mind. He would leave this world sooner or later anyway, so even if he really found a beautiful woman that’s to his liking, it’s improbable to have a good outcome.

Besides, once he thought about how Lian Yu pretended to be noble and virtuous while stringing him along, even though she was tangling under the sheet with Wu Sen all these years, he felt a brief moment of nausea. And all thoughts of hitting on girls were temporarily ceased at that point.

Qin Wuhua saw Wu Ye’s frank (sour) , attracted gaze (distracted look) directed at him, and mistakenly thought that he was looking at his smile. Then he reflected to himself, wondering whether his usual expression was too serious? From his memory, it seemed that the recruits he brought up before were afraid of his cold face.

So, if I smiled more at Wu Ye in the future, would he be tempted?

So, although the two were sitting next to each other on the sofa, their mind was absolutely not on the same wavelength!

Second Young Master Wu retrieved his wayward mind, face revealing various small cockiness. “That is a must. Furthermore I don’t want to be seen as the one who owns the shop. And, after two days, I will bring some milk powder, cosmetics, and mosquito repellent. At that time, the business will certainly be better.”

Hearing that Wu Ye was about to leave again, the smile on Qin Wuhua’s face disappeared. He then asked in a deep voice, “How long until you are going to come back this time?”

Wu Ye said, “I’ll be back in the evening. My parents will get the goods ready for me.”

“Does your family know about you coming here? Will they agree?” For the first time, Qin Wuhua took the initiative to pry into Wu Ye’s private affairs. In fact, what Qin Wuhua would like to ask was whether they were using Wu Ye or not. After all, wealth is tempting and it’s so easy for Wu Ye to gather wealth from his position.

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