End of World Businessman

Chapter 034.1: Stamped [1]

Author: He Feng Yang  

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 034.1: Stamped [1]

There were four commercial streets in Lan Cheng, which were built in the center of the trading area and distributed in a cross-shaped. The junction of the center was the office of the ‘Trading Order Patrol Management Center’ of the trading area. It’s called patrol management office for short. Next to the patrol management office were the four largest shops in Lan Cheng, each covering an area of hundreds of square meters, selling grains, groceries, weapons, and gasoline respectively.

Under the influence of these four shops, there was a clear distinction between the things sold in the four commercial streets. The ordinary trading area where zombie hunters and small vendors set their stall in the open area was also deeply affected by this pattern, making the small trading area took on four distinct operations as well. Of course, while the operations were distinct, it was only natural that grain street, grocery street, weapon street, and gasoline street pervade each other.

On the four commercial streets, with the exception for the top ten large shops built of brick and stone, the other shops were all built with simple boards with shutter doors, which was only a little better than the open-air stalls. But, in fact, before the base was besieged by zombies, these small and broken shops were exclusive to the five major forces of the base.

In addition to the joint authorized shops, each of the five major forces relied on their skills to get materials and sold them in their own shops. The significance behind this was self-evident.

After the zombie siege, finally, there were four more shops that didn’t belong to the five major forces out of the 300 or so shops on the commercial street.

Wu Ye and the others only had a shallow foundation in Lan Cheng. So, even if they were appreciated by Ji Xiang, they were given the worst tax-free shops amongst the four groups.

Wu Ye’s tax-free shop was located in the grocery street, which sold a bunch of things from cheap old clothes of unknown origin to expensive scarce medicine and even luxuries that were more precious than medicine. His store was on the tail-end of the grocery street, next to the periphery of open-air stalls.

People, who already knew the order of the shopping street, knew that the more valuable goods were located on the inside of the streets, while the less valuable goods were located outside it. So, those who could afford the high-end goods all knew that the good products were located ahead. Who would be free enough to stroll around the periphery?

By the same token, people hanging around the trading area were eager to cut down two more transparent nucleus from the stall vendors, who would go to the store to buy products that did not allow for bargain?

On the opening day, a few customers came to the shop, and they all came to see Yang Qi and Yang Li Na’s, these pair of relatives, face.

However, when these people came into the store and saw the wares, their eyes squinted one by one——

Imitation hibiscus cigarettes: 400 transparent crystals per pack, 50 transparent crystals one stick.

Penicillin: 50 transparent crystals per pill.

Special cold medicine: 80 transparent crystals per tablet.

50ml bottle of alcohol: 300 crystals per bottle.

50ml of Yunnan Baiyao: 350 transparent crystals per bottle.

Snickers: 100 transparent crystals per bar.

Compressed biscuits: 30 transparent crystals one pack

Salt: 100 transparent crystals per 500 grams.

Pure dark chocolates: 80 transparent crystals one piece.

Fruit-flavored hard candy: 20 transparent crystals one piece.

At the most conspicuous location of the shop’s counter was a bottle of Chanel No.5, priced at 100 crystals. Of course, it was not transparent crystals or red crystals, but orange crystals.

When Wu Ye did exchange with the system, the value of 1 orange crystal was equivalent to 100 transparent crystals. So, 100 orange crystals was equivalent to 1W transparent crystals. For ordinary zombie hunters, 1W transparent crystals was not a number they dare to think of. However, for some capable zombie hunter leaders, that number was still, absolutely, within the realm of possibility to take out.

Orange crystals were different. Right now, third-level zombies were very rare and powerful. Capable zombie hunters, individually, might have one or two orange crystals in their hands, but they would never be able to come up with more than double digits. The ability users all yearned for greater power. That’s why, every time a new and more advanced crystal nucleus appeared, the price would be much higher than the actual value of the crystal nucleus itself for a short period of time.

As such, at this time, the price of an orange crystal was expensive. The trading price of an orange crystal was 5000 transparent crystals, which was 50 times higher than its actual value, but still, no one was willing to sell it.

And, while Wu Ye was really anxious to exchange for Wu Li’s first gene repair solution with the system, at this time the trading price of orange crystal had far exceeded his bottom line he could bare. So, he had no choice but to use this trick.

With the amount of zombies besieging the base, the five major forces in Lan Cheng were bound to harvest so many crystal nuclei. Perhaps, one of those forces really had that many orange crystals in their hands?

Anyway, even if it was not right now, there was no need to be in such a hurry. After all, the system had said that third-level zombies would only get more abundant everyday.

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