End of World Businessman

Chapter 033.2: Low-key Luxury [2]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 033.2: Low-key Luxury [2]

The two people introduced themselves as Zeng Xin and Chen Zhao Yang. Zeng Xin was 45 years old. He once worked as a salesperson climbing up to become the sales director of a listed company, therefore, his ability in business went without saying, and his eloquence was even better.

After the apocalypse, Zeng Xin’s wealth was robbed by others, and since he was lacking the strength to tussle against the zombies. So, using his gift of the gab, he started a business in the slums and lived better than most common people dwelling in the better part of the base, with a wife who was not sane.

Chen Zhao Yang was younger. He was only a 30 years old man and the younger brother of Zeng Xin’s wife. He was a tall man and had a long scar on his face, making him look quite fierce and tough. Before the apocalypse, Chen Zhao Yang was just an ordinary staff member and he looked somewhat awkward in comparison with Zeng Xin’s own background.

Zeng Xin’s ability to do well in the slums, at least half of the credit, came from Chen Zhao Yang’s contribution to help him guard the gathering place. This time, Ji Yun asked him to work as a shop assistant with full pay, and the only thing he requested was to bring his brother-in-law with him. Ji Yun couldn’t make up his mind, so he took both of them to base.

However, when he went to Qin Wuhua, he didn’t give a clear answer over this matter and only said that Ji Yun should arrange the two people’s living arrangement first and wait for Wu Ye to come back before making a decision.

“Alright. Just two things. Ji Yun has already told you about the treatment, so I won’t say any more about that.” Second Young Master Wu’s temperament had always been particularly tyrannical.

“Do a good job. As long as the performance continuously improves, there are bound to be award bonuses for you. Fulfill your duties well, and I will guarantee that you will have basic necessities within the inner base. When it’s done, there won’t be any problem for you to be able to eat meat everyday. But, you must remember one thing. I hate people with loose mouths, and I hate traitors even more. If you want to live a long and good life, you’d better keep your mouth shut. You’d better not have thoughts that you shouldn’t have too, otherwise, well, you will understand the consequence.”

The carrot and stick method was simple and practical, and Second Young Master Wu could also play it.

The carrots he gave were tempting enough, so even without the threat of the big stick, Zeng Xin and Chen Zhao Yang should know how to choose for themselves as long as they were not stupid that is.

Zeng Xin bowed deeply to Wu Ye. Chen Zhao Yang, being slower, also rushed to follow, bowing down to him. The two men spoke in unison, “I promise not to let the boss down!”

Wu Ye nodded with satisfaction, “In a moment, you will follow me to look at the goods. Tomorrow, you will work out the prices of the goods for me. The day after tomorrow, the shop will officially open for business. Is there any problem with this?”

“No problem!”

Wu Ye’s remuneration was paid on a weekly basis. If you got the job one day earlier, then you could get the salary one day earlier. So, they were eager to get the job right now.

After seeing the goods, even a person as steady as Zeng Xin also couldn’t help feeling agitated. He finally understood where the boss had the strength to ensure that they had enough food and clothing. People who had the ability to get these rare goods couldn’t possibly be ordinary people.

What’s more, from the information he collected from the shops and stalls he visited in Lan Cheng base these two days, the Yunnan Baiyao spray in the boss’ hands was absolutely unique, but the amount allowed to be circulated in the base was allotted by the leaders.

Aside from it, there was alcohol, penicillin, or cold medicine. Which of these was not available in the official shop? However, even the official shop couldn’t produce so many chocolates, sweets, and snickers, let alone procure a small bottle of Chanel No. 5 perfume.

Boss, what on earth is his backing?

Zeng Xin wouldn’t be stupid enough to inquire about the boss’ detail when he just came here. But, he secretly made up his mind that he must hold onto this big tree in the future.

There was still a spare room on the other side of the building, so Wu Ye let Ji Yun arrange for Zeng Xin and his family to live there.

From time to time, he needed to go back to his world to pick up the goods, but always moving the goods out of the thin air in a secluded room was bound to arouse suspicion when done over a long period of time.

So, after discussing with Qin Wuhua, Wu Ye decided to rent a set of small buildings with one floor and one basement for safety sake. There were only eight rooms in total from above to underground, but the area of each room was very large with the residential area of each floor taking more than 400 square meters.

The appearance of the small building was not much different from the ordinary farmhouse in Lan Cheng, but if the interior was well decorated, it wouldn’t be worse than an ordinary cottage, and much better than the original state.

Of course, the rent was also quite expensive. The 10000 crystal payment as monthly rent made even the tyrannical Second Young Master Wu feel a severe pain in his flesh.

While going through the rental procedures, Wu Ye asked Qian Xin to send the perfume that had already been wrapped in a gift box to Yu Hui, Ji Xiang’s wife. Originally, Yu Hui didn’t take this small gift to heart, but when she opened the package before going to bed at night, her eyes widened when she found that it was a bottle of Chanel No. 5 low-key luxury perfume. As soon as Ji Xiang saw the gift, he even had to re-evaluate Wu Ye’s real background.

Before the apocalypse, Yu Hui was the financial manager of a large company. She’s not only knowledgeable, but also skillful. At the age of 45, in the eyes of the outsiders, she was already considered as a 50 year old. So, everyone was shocked that she’d managed to hold onto Ji Xiang. After all, Ji Xiang had been the number one person in charge of Lan Cheng base for more than a year, but up until now there was no s*x scandal surrounding him.

Not only that, but Yu Hui herself was also a physic ability user. It’s just that her level was not high. Still, her reputation was quite good in Ji Xiang’s zombie hunter team. Furthermore, she was also one of the tax directors of Lan Cheng base. Therefore, it could be said that whenever people mentioned Ji Xiang in Lan Cheng, they always, more or less, also mentioned this ‘tigress’ who was soft on the outside but strong on the inside.

And, within a day, this ‘tigress’ not only wore her usual exquisite and luxurious make-up, but also exuded a charming fragrance.
People who knew their goods could easily smell the brand out: Chanel No.5, a low-key luxury perfume brand.

At the same time, a small shop in the corner finally opened for business.

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