End of World Businessman

Chapter 032.3: Carrying Goods [3]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 032.3: Carrying Goods [3]

Ah Li didn’t want to be outdone by his brother so he retaliated and pinched his brother’s bulging cheek. The two brothers were messing with each other, laughing out loud. The sounds went out of the room, reaching Father and Mother Wu’s ear.

The couple smiled at each other and couldn’t help but feel that, regardless how much they had lost, as long as the two children were still good, then it’s fine. To them, it was more important than anything else in their life.

Four days passed in the blink of an eye. Through his channels, Father Wu managed to buy two pieces of penicillin, one especially efficacious cold medicine, two pieces of Yunnan Baiyao, and two pieces of Hua Hong Die Da alcohol for injury. Penicillin and cold medicine were both in the form of capsules, and they needed to be removed and repacked one by one into a small medicine bottle.

In contrast, Hua Hong Die Da alcohol was easier to handle. They just needed to directly change the bottle. Meanwhile, Yunnan Baiyao was a spray, so it took a lot of time to repack it into a 50ml plastic spray bottle.

In order to bring more goods to the greatest extent he could, Wu Ye found a tailor’s shop and asked someone to sew a super ‘coat’ for him. This ‘Clothes’ resembled an extremely abstract dress that was as tall as Wu Ye. When worn, only his head could be outstretched. Both the inside and outside of the coat had bags sewn to it. The bags differed in sizes, and in total it added up to 20 layers to the coat, with each being sewn with a strong zipper.

After getting the clothes, Wu Ye couldn’t wait to try its storage function, and the result was unexpectedly good.

There were 60 bottles of Yunnan Baiyao in 50ml container, 60 bottles of Hua Hong Die Da alcohol for injury in a 50ml container, 40 packs of compressed biscuits, 75 bottles of 30 pill penicillin, 25 bottles of 30 pill of the especially efficacious cold medicine, 60 pieces of snickers, 100 chocolates, 350 pieces of hard sugar fruits, and finally, 50 packets of fake chinese medicine.

The value of these things was much greater than the 50 bags of counterfeit Zhong Hua cigarettes he brought along last time. With these rare goods, no matter how bad the location of the duty-free shop was, he was not afraid of having no one visit his door.
Wu Ye then asked the system whether these things exceeded his size.

After getting confirmation, he asked Mother Wu to find a belt and tied it on his leg. He also asked his mother to put five packs of counterfeit cigarettes on the front and back of his collar, and tied them up with cloth strips. While holding two bottles of Chanel No. 5, a low-key luxury perfume that was bottled in 150ml container, Wu Ye also had his specially bought the local most famous crispy chicken packed in the vacuumed bag, and tied it on his belt. In order to appease his number one brother who might still be angry at him.

This special ‘coat’ really wasted little space, but it’s a little too weird to look at. So, when they saw Wu Ye wrapped up and becoming a big dumpling, the family’s worries when they parted were diluted by a good margin.

In the other world, it had been four days and four nights since Wu Ye left.

Qin Wuhua sat in the room, absent-mindedly maintaining his rifle.

The day after Wu Ye left, Ji Xiang sent a message, inviting Qin Wuhua and others to his house for a small gathering. Ji Xiang had the mind to attract Qin Wuhua, whose ability was second only to his own third-order thunder ability, to his own camp. Meanwhile, Qin Wuhua wanted to rely on Ji Xiang to gain a firm foothold in Lan Cheng. The two hit it off with each other, so, they were joyously conversing with one another.

Ji Xiang tried to see whether Qin Wuhua would leave Wu Ye and worked under him, but it was not to be since, when he broached that topic, Qin Wuhua’s expression changed and he had almost turned hostile and left.

Ji Xiang was a somewhat slick and sly person. Hence he promptly passed over the previous topic. At the same time, he also took the initiative to send Qin Wuhau a single small building, which had three floors that was divided into 14 rooms and a small courtyard. It looked a bit like those farmhouses outside.

In Lan Cheng, in order to save more arable lands, there were only less than one thousand houses that were built in such a set-up. The rent for each of these buildings was astonishingly high, hence this small building could definitely be considered as a luxury house.

Now, Ji Yun and the others had all moved away to that house, and Qin Wuhua was the only one left in the empty rental house.

Even if he didn’t know where he came from, he’s sure that Wu Ye would come back.

In the quiet room, Qin Wuhua could hear a voice, coming from the bottom of his heart, speaking in an enticing whisper. That Wu Ye was headstrong, he wouldn’t come back. Even if he came back, he wouldn’t necessarily come back to find him. Another voice retorted, he knew Wu Ye’s secret. He would definitely come to him if he returned.

The enticing voice said, his secret was so magical that he could just change his base. Maybe he had already gone to another base.

The other voice rebutted. Apart from Li Min Sheng, it’s very difficult to find another person who would be able to decipher the core structure of artificial intelligence for him. So, he would certainly come back.

The enticing voice scoffed contemptuously. So, you’re still not the one who can genuinely make him stay. Besides, once he got all the information he wanted on artificial intelligence and became rich in the other world, would he still stay in this world?

At the thought of Wu Ye leaving this world completely, Qin Wuhua felt an indescribable feeling of suffocation from the bottom of his heart.

He’d been doing a lot of thinking these past few days. He wanted Wu Ye to stay by his side. However, to say that he had no interest about benefit at all, would absolutely be a falsehood, but from the bottom of his heart, he actually cared more about Wu Ye’s faint sense of satisfaction when he stayed at his side than anything else. Whenever he saw Wu Ye’s brilliant smile that was without a trace of haze in it, he would feel a strong warmth which seemed to dispel the coldness in his heart.

When all was said and done, Wu Ye and him were...

Suddenly, a white light flashed across the room, making Qin Wuhua look up only to see a strange ‘guy’ appear out of thin air, whining at him to come over as he smashed the flooring. Qin Wuhua subconsciously tossed his rifle, got up, and held the guy in his arms. At this crucial moment, his lips brushed across the guy’s cheek that he had longed for days and nights.

The veteran, who had always been calm, opened his eyes wide in an instant, and his wheat colored skin was no longer able to cover the flush that was creeping up his ears.

[The author has something to say: Light a candle for Wuhua, and then light a candle for Second Young Master Wu too. You all know the reason~~~]

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