End of World Businessman

Chapter 030.3: Unlocking the Primary Gene Chain [3]

Author: He Feng Yang  

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 030.3: Unlocking the Primary Gene Chain [3]

Wu Li said angrily, at his wits' end, “Aren’t you afraid that I will become the second eldest brother?”

Wu Ye glared at him. “Don’t you dare. I don’t intend to be your lackey.”

“Hmph. You only know how to yell at me. Why don’t you go to big brother and yell at him?” Wu Li turned over, and showed his backside to Wu Ye.

Wu Ye pretended to be fierce as he slapped Wu Li’s backside. “Do you think I will accept that tone of voice? He’s much smarter than the two of us. Even the old man can’t do anything about him. What can I do? Beat him or stab him twice? He had, at one point, been very discourteous to me, had me poisoned, and then arranged a car accident. What good do you think it’ll do for me to press him too hard now?

Besides, if we do that, it won’t be easy on the old man, having to be stuck in the middle. So, for old man’s sake, and for the sake of the many years he acted as our eldest brother, I won’t argue with him about the past. As long as he doesn’t continue to mess with us in the future that is.

In addition, we have the artificial intelligence technology within our grasp now. With it, do we still need to be afraid that our family can’t turn over our luck? Doesn’t he like money?

In the future, we will be worth more than Bill Gates, and at that time he will be filled with remorse. And, I’m afraid that it will hurt him more than killing him. Don’t you think that will be the best punishment for him?”

“You are much more stupid than him,” Wu Li said in the end, though he did indeed thought that it was a good idea. After thinking about it for some time, he couldn’t help but turn around and face Wu Ye asking, “Second brother, why do you think Big Brother did this?”

Wu Ye was puzzled hearing his question. “How can I know? Come on, let’s not talk about him. It’s annoying. And, it’s getting late. You better go to bed now.”

Wu Li was still afraid that Wu Ye would leave. So he quickly lifted the corner of the quilt and looked at his second brother hopefully.
Wu Ye scratched his nose affectionately, went around to the other side of the bed, took off his shoes and laid down.

As soon as he turned off the light, Wu Li, who had been sleepy for a while, began to snore. When Wu Ye was in Lan Cheng Base, his day and night had been reversed in order to fight. And, as soon as the battle was over, he slept all day and night.

So, now even as he had laid in the bed for a long time, sleep still eluded him. It was not easy for him to get back to his family, and he really didn’t want to practice ‘Basic Breathing Method’ at this moment.

I can’t sleep, how annoying.

What is Qin Wuhua doing now? I ran away without saying a word to him. Will he be angry?

Wait. I deserve to be angry. Who told him to talk nonsense!

Now that he was calm, Wu Ye couldn’t deny that Qin Wuhua really had no other meaning when he told him about that matter. However, Wu Ye still didn’t want to admit it.

Qin Wuhua, this guy, was a really good guy. He taught Wu Ye how to aim when they went on a mission. He got in the way when Wu Ye was in danger. He also helped him figure out ways to deal with the problem Wu Ye was facing. He's a really first-rate Younger Brother, not only could he keep the house, but also gave him face. He had saved Wu Ye’s life and was still willing to cover his secret. And, he had never probed nor envied the secrets Wu Ye kept...

The more Wu Ye thought about it, the guiltier he felt and the less sleepy he was.

Hey, just apologize to Wuhua when you get back. Anyway, it’s not a big deal, I’m sure he’ll forgive you, right? Or...I could wait two more days until his anger dissipates before going back. In any case, Lan Cheng is under martial law these two days, and no one is allowed to go in or out, so it’s better to stay at home and spend more time with my parents and younger brother.

Second Young Master Wu made up his mind and happily put the matter behind him.

I can’t sleep….so...why not unlock the primary gene chain now?

It only took 1000 points to unlock the primary gene chain, and Wu Ye had already accumulated enough of it. However, the system had said that unlocking the genetic chain would make one feel pain that differed from person to person.

Since he had experienced the system’s deceptive nature for so many times already, he was afraid that he would waste the opportunity to swipe for free points during the battle, so he had not been trying to unlock it then. But now...

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