End of World Businessman

Chapter 030.2: Unlocking the Primary Gene Chain [2]

Author: He Feng Yang  

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 030.2: Unlocking the Primary Gene Chain [2]

The Little Prince nodded his head obediently, and the screen changed. A hidden video file popped up.

A young man wearing glasses appeared in the middle of the screen. He didn’t look old. He looked like he was a college student. And, in the recording, it was obvious that he looked frightened. He was speaking incoherently.

“The patient was obviously dead, all vital signs had already disappeared, but he came back to life! He came back and bit Doctor Kong. There’s a great increase in the number of patients with high fever in the hospital…... and I...I don’t want to be an intern anymore.”

In a flash, the time in the lower right corner of the video changed to two days later. It showed a different location this time. It was an office, and the white coat of the young man was stained with a lot of blood. The young man’s eyes were filled with confusion and madness as he spoke, “Doctor Kong is dead, I just killed someone. What should I do?”

“Can I still escape after the city is sealed?”

“Turns out, it’s really a zombie.”

“I don’t know how mom and dad are doing.”

“I heard 150 kilometers further to the east, there a gathering of survivors. But, there’s no car I can use, and there’s not much food left. I don’t know if I can get there alive.”

“Brother Zhou was eaten by a zombie today. I saw it. It was his wife, Sister Wang, who pushed him over.”

“Sister Wang was killed by a woman, but I don’t know who did it.”


“I was scratched by a zombie today. I don’t know if the virus will infect me.”

“I have a fever, and I think they are talking about how to kill me now. Just like they used to kill those infected people, killing them then dividing their belongings. But, I don’t want to die. What about mom and dad if I were to die now?”

The video came to an abrupt end, and the room was dead silent.

When the recording ended, there’s a long silence before Wu Li asked with a cry, “Brother, there’s no war in the world you’re going. Instead...there’s those who were infected by D virus and have become zombies, right?”

Little prince, you’ve made a pit for me.

Even so, Wu Ye was still reluctant to admit the truth. “What nonsense are you spewing? Are you still playing those silly games? Where do you get zombies in this world? This video is obviously a hoax.”

“It’s not a hoax. It’s a video diary.” The Little Prince solemnly retorted.

“Shut up and don’t talk.” This little bastard. Wasn’t this situation messy enough?

“......” The little prince flattened his mouth and disappeared from the screen, aggrieved by those words.

“Brother, if you don’t tell me the truth, I’ll show the video to mom and dad tomorrow.”

Seeing the stubbornness in Ah Li’s eyes, Wu Ye knew that he wouldn’t believe in whatever he said right now. He could only pull and mess up his hair gloomily as he said, “I’m really afraid of you. That world is infected with D virus and the dead turned into zombies there, but it’s not as bad as you think. The situation has stabilized, otherwise do you think my cigarettes, as expensive as they are, could be sold there? Besides, the system has a D virus vaccine, and I can exchange it using my funds. So, even if your brother is caught and bitten by a zombie, it’ll still be OK.

And, there’s also the system that will open the transmission gate to our world. If I can’t beat them, then can’t I run away? So, there’s no need for you to worry so much. Just take care of yourself and your illness. I’ll be okay.”

“Brother, don’t go over there. Please. I don’t want you to get that Gene Repair solution for me. Even if you get it, I don’t need it.” Wu Li had watched this video many times behind their parents’ back during the time his brother’s gone. Watching it, he knew that the other world wasn’t as his brother’s description. And in the first place, if he had to trade his second brother’s life for his own, then he would rather die.

Wu Li’s congenital heart disease was very serious. So, when he was stimulated, he would have difficulties in breathing and his complexion would become extremely unsightly. His whole being was on the brink of collapse.

Seeing this, Wu Ye hurriedly carried him and laid him down on the bed. “Hey, my little ancestor, first settle down, alright? Look into my eyes, relax, and breathe slowly.”

After a while, Wu Li finally recovered, and the effect of the body-strengthening pill showed up. He was so sleepy that he could hardly open his eyes, but he still insisted on staring at Wu Ye.

Wu Ye couldn’t bear the stare, but his attitude was still very tough. “It’s no use for you to be angry. I have to go there even if you’re angry. You better close your eyes. What are you glaring for? You don’t want me to be in danger, fine. I understand that. But, am I the kind of person who can watch my brother die without doing all I could? F*ck NO! I will not let you die.

Anyway, rest assured. I’ll be fine. Your brother here cherishes his life more than anyone else, and he expects to continue to live his life as a extravagant young master in the future. You can’t expect your brother to save you for free either, so let’s make it clear now.

In the future, you will be the one responsible for our old man’s business, and I’ll live off the dividends from you. Punk, be prepared to work for your brother for the rest of your life.”

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