End of World Businessman

Chapter 030.1: Unlocking the Primary Gene Chain [1]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: Crazy

Chapter 030.1: Unlocking the Primary Gene Chain [1]

Second young master consciously coaxed his parents. He took out the body-strengthening pills he got like a treasure, and eagerly watched them eat it. Wu Li also took one with him. Wu Ye had asked the system whether it would be safe for Wu Li to consume it and the system had told him that while fundamentally the body-strengthening pills couldn’t solve Ah Li’s root problems, it could still help him strengthen his body to a certain extent.

Soon, the body-strengthening pill took effect, as Father and Mother Wu felt a strong sense of drowsiness after they ate the pills. It was as if they hadn’t slept for more than 20 days.

“Mom, dad, if you’re sleepy, you can go to bed first. We’ll still have tomorrow to talk about everything else. I’ve saved up enough energy for the system for now, and I can stay as long as I want.” Wu Ye looked at his mother’s red eyes, clearly tired and sleepy, but still holding onto consciousness because she’s afraid that her son would be going away whilst she’s asleep. That thought made her feel very uncomfortable.

Wu Ye had grown so big, but he used to live at home before he went to university. After he entered university, he was only able to return home at the end of every week. And occasionally, he would travel during summer and winter break.

However, that was only for ten days to half a month at most, the rest would be spent at home. Even then, he would call home every day if he were outside. He didn’t spend much time apart from his family apart from the month when he disappeared before.

This time, Wu Ye said that he would come back when he saved enough energy for his return journey. But, as a result, he left for more than 20 days without any news. Whenever mother Wu thought of the information he was saying about the other world, about the fact that the other world was at war, she was so worried that she couldn’t help but to quietly wipe her tears away before her husband and third son worry about her. Even then she was still fearful that her son wouldn’t be able to come back if he made a mistake.

Even Father Wu, who was a man, quietly wiped away his tears several times when he thought about his son being in a war. After all, despite the fact that he was often angered with Wu Ye’s words and behavior, he was still a son he cherished.

While he had two other sons, his eldest son was a very cold-blooded man, who since childhood acted very respectful in front of him, making him feel that he was facing a subordinate rather than a son. And his third son had a congenital heart disease since he was born and had been ill for many years, making him apprehensive to speak too loudly in fear of frightening the child and got him hospitalized.

Wu Ye was the only child of his who had been mischievous since young. He was by no means stupid, but he refused to devote his mind to his studies. And, the older he became, the less ambitious he became. Frequently, his son’s glib tongue would make him angry, but Wu Ye was especially tolerant to his scolding and beating. Even before he turned around, anger not quite yet dissipating, his son’s smile would be back on his face.

And the only explanation his son gave to him about that was ‘A family wouldn’t keep a grudge against each other and have an overnight feud’. He had raised three sons, but only with Wu Ye could he feel the feeling of being a ‘father’. That’s why, in the past twenty days, he suffered no less than Mother Wu.

At first, Wu Li was deceived by his parents. He had really thought that Wu Ye had gone abroad to do business. But, after several days with no contact from his brother, and looking at his parents’ increasingly haggard face, how could he not know that Wu Ye had gone to another world? Not only that, he also knew that his second brother went there purely for him.

T/N: Excuse me...what are you? An esper? How the hell did your brain jump to another world so quickly? Normally...normally you wouldn’t think of such things right?! Right?! Oh, maybe coz he knows about the system? Did he get told? I don’t remember...

“Brother, let’s sleep together. I want to hear more about what’s going on over there.” Even though Wu Li smiled when he spoke, Wu Ye still felt inexplicably guilty.

“My sleeping posture is not good……”

“It’s not like I just found out about your bad sleeping posture, brother.”

The pitiful stare his little brother’s excessively big eyes directed at him made Wu Ye fold in a minute and directly fed his principle to the dogs as he followed behind his little brother to the room in a daze.

In the room, Wu Li didn’t immediately go to bed. Instead, he took out his tablet, turning it on, and said to Wu Ye, “Brother, let me show you something interesting.”

“Good evening, master.” The little prince rubbed his misty eyes from sleeping and greeted Wu Li cleverly with a smile, curving his big round eyes into a crescent moon shape with two dimples on his chubby cheek.

Seeing the little prince’s appearance, Wu Ye blurted out, “An An?” The child with choppy hair and bald spots would look like the little prince if he gained a lot of flesh on his emaciated body. No wonder he looked familiar.

The little prince tilted his head, obviously not understanding his master’s orders.

“What’s the matter?” Wu Li asked.

“I recruited an artificial intelligence developer over there, and his son, An An, looks exactly like the little prince.”

Hearing his explanation, Wu Li merely said ‘oh’ before he turned to the little prince. “Open the diary video and play the recording from January to February 2013.”

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