End of World Businessman

Chapter 029.2: Harvest Season [2]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: Crazy

Chapter 029.2: Harvest Season [2]

In order to pacify the restless people, Lan Cheng’s management side specially set a recruitment center to recruit survivors in the base to participate in the autumn harvest, and the payment the workers got for it was unexpectedly generous. This decision made Lan Cheng base’s atmosphere, which had been lifeless all these times, finally gain the hard to come by layer of cheerfulness.

“Wuhua, what do you think we should sell in our store?”

When the siege’s crisis ended, Lan Cheng’s management fulfilled their promise and handed over management rights of four tax-free stores to the four teams of zombie hunters who manage to complete the task. However, Lan Cheng’s management played a little trick, demanding that the price of the goods in the tax-free shops shouldn’t be lower than that of official stores. If they did otherwise, then it would be regarded as a vicious move to disturb the market, and the lightest punishment should that accusation be proven was heavy fine while the heaviest punishment was the retraction of the shop’s right to operate.

It was not easy to get some materials these days. It was also the same case with Wu Ye. After all, he had to spend 2000 points to shift back and forth between the world. The 30000 points he had accumulated in the past 20 days would only be enough to do shift back and forth for 15 times. As he could only bring a small number of things every time, he didn’t really want to miss on huge sales.

The tax-free shop’s location that was given to them was not very good. They were all placed in the corners with little traffic. Furthermore, the area was not that large either. It was only fifteen or sixteen square meters with a clean room and nothing else. Not even a small warehouse for stacking goods was available.

Qin Wuhua sat on one side as he took care of several guns he had brought with him. When he looked up and saw Wu Ye’s snow-white feet hanging by the bed, he froze for two seconds as he unerringly stared at it. He then lowered his head once again, avoiding the sight as he oiled the guns. “What can you bring with you here?”

Wu Ye’s two little feet swung happily as he answered, “I can only bring a small sample of things with me every time. Cigarettes are a must. Maybe I can bring some sugars too. Oh, I’m going to bring some whole milk powder for An An. Ah, I can bring more of the small stuff like chocolate and compressed biscuits. Some people should like that kind of stuff. Hmm, I also want to bring some medicine, but the font we used on our side is different from the one on this side...and the brand is also different. Can we sell it after removing the brands?”

The font was not the same.

Qin Wuhua now knew a little bit more about Wu Ye’s world.
“Medicine in Lan Cheng base is very scarce. As long as the medicine you bring is effective, you can certainly sell it.”

“What kind of medicine do you think I should bring here? Cold medicine? Antibiotics? Medicine for falling injury? Do you think there are so many mosquitoes right now? Do you think I should bring some mosquitoes-repellent incense tablet? And perhaps I should bring hydrosol or something.” During this period of time, the number of mosquitoes had suddenly increased. Therefore, it’s better to close the door and windows when you go in and out of the house.

Previously, when they were squatting and firing the guns on the base wall, the mosquitoes were rampant as they bite people indiscriminately when it caught people. Wu Ye originally thought nothing of the mosquitoes, but he was not resistant to the itching. So, after being bitten, he exchanged insect-repellent water with the system and sprayed it on his body. The insect-repellent water from the system was relatively advanced, as such the cheapest one needed 300 points. One bottle of it was only 300 ml, but the effect was good. Though Wu Ye was reluctant to use it more due to the amount in the bottle and the price.

“You can take other medicines with you, but take more antibiotics and injury medicines. Do you have Yunnan Baiyao over there?”

“Yes, there is!” Second young master nodded happily, finally finding a common brand between the two worlds.

“You can bring more of this medicine here.” HuaXia, like TianChao, adopted strict control measures for guns and knives, which were only lifted after the apocalypse. That’s why, at first, most zombie hunters couldn’t use guns. The consequences of lacking those skills was the lack of accuracy, and secondly, the inability to bear the recoil. In the long run, this would cause a great burden on the shoulders and wrists. Yunnan Baiyao was a good medicine that was effective in promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. So, this medicine should be sought after by the zombie hunters.

“Yes.” Wu Ye thought for a moment and said, “Didn’t Ji Xiang invite us to dinner? How about I bring some perfume to his wife?” Since they were going to another person’s house for dinner, they couldn’t come to them empty-handed. Ji Xiang is Lan Cheng base master, so he undoubtedly would despise ordinary stuff. After getting the tax-free store’s right, Wu Ye specially strolled around the official stores owned by Lan Cheng base.

And, the results of the inspection showed that there were so few cosmetics here and they were extremely expensive. An ordinary lipstick of inferior quality was priced with the sky-high price of 500 transparent crystal nuclei and it still made two groups compete with each other to buy it. If the store manager didn’t take out another lipstick, maybe the groups would have fought with each other for the right to buy it.

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