End of World Businessman

Chapter 029.1: Harvest Season [1]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: Crazy

Chapter 029.1: Harvest Season [1]

Even after the second young master Wu begged to God for a good reward, it was not professional and deserved retribution. It was obvious that the task level was rated as E+, but the reward drawn was not as good as the ‘Basic Breathing Technique’ that he had drawn as the reward for the last E-level task.

Wu Ye stared at the 500 points reward displayed on the control panel along with the x3 body-strengthening pills he got, and was completely driven to despair by his deceptive system.

The system probably also felt the depression coming off in waves from the host and wisely chose to play dead.

Disappointed to the point of despair, Wu Ye carefully read the introduction to the body-strengthening pills. The long explanation could be summed up as ‘strengthening the body’. Second young master knew that despite everything, the effect of the system’s product was always reliable. Thus, he looked at the words ‘stimulate the vitality of the cells, recuperate from unmentionable disease and weaknesses’, and then looked at the exchange price of the system before the discomfort he felt from the bottom of his heart finally dissipated at the look of 3000 points and 300 red crystals in the price tag.

Anyway, he didn’t need it. So he might as well take the three pills back for his parents and Ah Li for them to eat it. The old man and lady were getting older day by day, and they had been suffering from some minor ailments in the past two or three years. So, by bringing them the pills, it could help ease their pains.

As soon as the crisis from the zombie siege ended, the upper-echelon of Lan Cheng immediately organized the base guards to go outside the base to dispose of the bodies and harvest the crystal nuclei. The former was a necessary task, while the latter was a key task. The method to deal with the zombie corpses in the settlement was simple and rough. The method was to directly dig a huge pit, shove the zombie corpses in, and burnt it to ashes.

In order to prevent the loss of crystal nuclei, Lan Cheng base blocked the base gate and prohibited people from entering and leaving aside from the base guards. On the other hand, the base guards who went out to harvest crystal nuclei would be searched when they came in and out of the base. Furthermore, there were cameras that were especially arranged to monitor them during the mission. Absolutely no one would be allowed to hide even a single crystal nucleus.

The upper-echelon of Lan Cheng base couldn’t be blamed for doing this. After all, when the zombies were besieging the base, they had urgently bought more guns and ammunition from the capital. Furthermore, they had also provided the zombie hunters with two free meals, though that one was financed from Lan Cheng’s finance and tax revenue division’s coffer. So, the 400W worth of crystal nuclei they seized after the zombies siege ended was only normal.

Fortunately, the annual autumn harvest season is finally here and the rice could immediately be harvested. And after the rice harvest, soybean, corn, and sweet potato would all enter the harvest period one after another.

It had been more than a year and eight months since the apocalypse. Last year, many bases were still in the tense stage of construction and integration. Aside from that, the management of the bases didn’t formulate effective regulations at all. The result of that lack of planning and effective regulations was chaos and the inability to grow food at all. And, a small part of the grain currently on the market was gained through survivor’s plundering, and most of it was the country’s strategic grain reserves.

Before the end of the world, with a population of more than 2 billion, HuaXia firmly ranked first in the world. At that time, half of HuaXia's grains were imported. Knowing that, how much could HuaXia’s strategic grain reserves be? And, what’s more, many reserve granaries were in the hardest-hit areas where the zombies were ravaging, making it so that the food inside couldn’t be taken out at all without astronomical risk.

While the situation in the past year or two was still quite good, as we go on, the grain reserves would run out, and the weight that the planting-based bases must bear as the population grew would only become heavier and heavier.

For what reason did the Lan Cheng base’s upper-echelon spend countless manpower and resources to build a 54-kilometers long wall? It was for the 280000mu farmland in the base. After this year’s harvest was done, they would earn a lot of profits from that investment.

Aside from the humongous wall that had to be erected for protection, Lan Cheng base naturally benefitted from a superior natural environment. And, although they didn’t have as much sunlight as what was available for other bases, and the soil quality was subpar, they had an abundant water source that trumped all of that. Not to mention, Lan Cheng base also didn’t suffer from droughts or floods like other bases.

This year, despite the unknown number of the bases that suffered from the drought and had no harvest, Lan Cheng base had still reaped a bountiful crop yield.

As long as Lan Cheng’s upper-echelon thought about the situation after the harvest, they wouldn’t feel any pain at the thought of the early stage of investment.

Similarly, this was the real reason why the five forces in Lan Cheng base were willing to give tax-free shops to the zombie hunters team and refuse to decentralize their power.

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