End of World Businessman

Chapter 028.5: Talents [5]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: JaJeSa & Zod

Chapter 028.5: Talents [5]

An An saw that the stranger was obviously a little nervous, so he poked out his head from behind Li Min Sheng and timidly said, “Hello, boss.”

Hearing this, Wu Ye was so embarrassed and couldn’t help waving his hand helplessly. “I told you not to be so serious. Just call me Uncle Wu. The little guy is too thin. You have to tell Uncle Li to carefully supplement you.” Wu Ye looked at An An and felt that he was more and more familiar with each passing second. He always felt as if he had seen him somewhere, but at the moment he couldn’t remember it.

An An was taught very well, proven by his behaviour and manner as he showed a small smile thanking Wu Ye. “Thank you Uncle Wu.”

Wu Ye smiled and rubbed the child’s dog-gnawed hair. From his point of view, he could just see the protruding ribs and sunken belly through the child’s broad collar. Seeing this, he couldn’t help but to feel a little pity.

Next time I go home, I’d bring some cans of milk powder for the little guy. It would be popular.

While talking, Qin Wuhua and Qian Xin had come back from their morning exercises. The steamed cabbage buns cooked by Professor Li were ready. They took the food to the table to have a chat while eating at the same time.

According to the information Qin Wuhua brought back, the situation outside was not particularly bad. This wave of zombie siege would reach a million zombies. But, as long as the hunters actively fought against it, preventing the zombies from properly gathering, it was expected that Lan Cheng base would survive this crisis.

At this news, Lan Cheng base’s upper-echelon was obviously relieved. Wu Ye and the others didn’t manage to finish breakfast as Ji Xiang once again issued a notice, asking all registered zombie hunters to gather at the base wall and take turns to fight off the wave of zombies. During the battle, Lan Cheng base would provide guns, bullets, and food. At the end of the notice, he didn’t forget to inspire morale and vowed to live and die together with Lan Cheng base.

The amount of the survivors in Lan Cheng base exceeded 100.000 people, but less than 110.000 people. Out of those numbers, 2.000 people were special forces that were directly assigned by the capital, 10.000 were the base guards who were loyal to Lan Cheng base, and the rest were registered zombie hunters. Therefore, there were about 50.000 available fighters in Lan Cheng. In order to maximize combat effectiveness, Lan Cheng organized its fighters in two brigades and a small team. Each brigades had 20.000 men and each brigades would fight for eight hours before switching with the other team to keep fighting continuously. The small team consisted of 10.000 men, all of whom were the base guards, and engaged in mobile operations.

Wu Ye and the others were all in the same brigade together. After the assembly, they immediately took their own weapons and the distributed bullets on the base wall. Several people, who were familiar with them, saw their group acting together with tacit understanding enabling them to work efficiently together to kill the zombies. This made their group quite eye-catching.

Wu Ye couldn’t bear the high-intensity battle even with his enhanced genes and the ‘Basic Breathing Technique’. So, when he got home, he couldn’t lift his arms at all and he was so tired that he fell asleep on the bed without doing anything else. Qin Wuhua’s condition was better than him, being more experienced in such battles. So, he was able to do necessities like taking a bath. After he was done with his bath, he saw Wu Ye lying across the bed with his shoes on, and face dirty, making him frown slightly.

He then turned back to the bathroom, took a wet towel and twisted it before bringing it with him to clean Wu Ye’s face. Once done with that, he took Wu Ye’s shoes off. Finally, he climbed into the bed and put Wu Ye on the pillows so he would sleep more comfortably. Seeing Wu Ye rubbing the pillow comfily, his childish baby face was even more lovely in Qin Wuhua’s eyes. Only then did Qin Wuhua stretch his face with satisfaction. And, after Wu Ye habitually hugged him in his sleep, Qin Wuhua finally closed his eyes and fell into the darkness of sleep as a sweet dream came and invaded his subconscious.

After a short rest of only a few hours, Wu Ye and the others returned to the battlefield. In the middle of the night, the zombies became more restless, and on several occasions, third-level zombies stepped on their companions’ bodies and almost jumped onto the wall. Once these zombies entered the base, the consequences were unimaginable. Fortunately, the special forces intercepted them on time, managing to shoot them down and killing them outside the base wall.

The battle continued on for twenty days before it was over because the zombies were constantly gathering. The high intensity of the combat squeezed everyone’s potential and after the fight, most of the ability users’ power were upgraded to one or two levels higher.
Qin Wuhua’s thunder ability rose steadily to the primary third-order ability.

Qian Xin’s wind ability was promoted to peak second-order ability.

Yang Qi’s earth ability rose to the peak second-order ability.

The one with the biggest improvement was Yang Li Na, whose metal ability had been directly promoted from primary second-order ability user to peak second-order ability user.

Wu Ye had also gained a lot in these past twenty days. Being the opportunist he was, he obviously would not miss such a heaven sent chance to increase his points for free. By virtue of his superb marksmanship and sweet mouth along with a few packs of cigarettes, Wu Ye managed to gain the special forces’ appreciation and got in touch with them. He then set up a line with the small leader in charge of ammunition in the special forces, getting grenades and incendiary bombs from them. And, in the last five days of the battle, he threw grenades and incendiary bombs at the zombies, which made his points rise exponentially.

During this time, by killing the zombies and completing random tasks, Wu Ye not only paid off all his debts, but also saved a full 30.000 points. This fact made his peach-blossom eyes squint in happiness.

In addition, with the zombies siege crisis over, the mandatory task of 【Guarding Lan Cheng base】was completed smoothly. Coupled with the bonus points, Wu Ye now had another chance to get a random reward.

“Praying to Guan Yin Bodhisattva, the Jade Emperor, the Tathagata, Buddha, God and Jesus to bless me! This time, I must get a good reward! Space ring, the universe bag, come to the bowl.” Wu Ye’s mouth was full of prayers as he carefully pressed the ‘Confirm’ button.

The author had something to say: Is it a good choice to let Er Shao smoke? It’s really nerve-wracking~~~

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