End of World Businessman

Chapter 028.4: Talents [4]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: JaJeSa & Zod

Chapter 028.4: Talents [4]

There were not enough rooms in the home. So Li Min Sheng had to sleep in the living room. However, he didn’t get much sleep all night, afraid that when he’d woke up, he would find himself waking in the refugee camp with his son by his side.

Qin Wuhua and Qian Xin both usually got up early, went out for the morning exercise and to find out what was going on outside. Therefore, Li Min Sheng had already seen Qin Wuhua once. Generally, Qin Wuhua had little to say. The only exception was when he was on a mission.

So, in addition to his cool and handsome appearance, his silent demeanour added a little more dignity to his bearing, which was quite in line with the image of the ‘Boss’ in Li Min Sheng’s heart.

As a result, when Li Min Sheng called him boss, Qin Wuhua told him that the boss was still sleeping, which left him at a loss.

After waiting persistently for some time, Wu Ye finally got up, and when Li Min Sheng saw him, he immediately froze up.

Was this beautiful young man really the boss? Was he even an adult?

Li Min Sheng had mixed with the top and bottom class of society all his life. So, it was easy for him to control his expression as he shouted respectfully, “Boss!”

Wu Ye waved his hand, “Don’t be so serious. You are Li Min Sheng, right?”


“Sit down and let’s talk.” Wu Ye went and sat next to him, “I heard Uncle Li say that you used to be the core engineer of Qing Yu Group? One of the core developers of the third generation of artificial intelligence, right?”

“Yes.” Li Min Sheng rarely felt nervous. This was an experience he never had when he went for an interview with Qing Yu Group, the best artificial intelligence company in HuaXia, after he graduated from his doctorate.

“Can you decipher the core structure of artificial intelligence? If I give you materials, can you make artificial intelligence for me from scratch?” Wu Ye only knew how to play games and couldn’t say more than two computer technical terms. He didn’t know much about the more advanced artificial intelligence.

All he knew was that he wanted enough detailed data so that he would be able to produce an artificial intelligence step by step back in his country. He didn’t care about anything else.

Wu Ye’s demand was actually quite high. For example, by the nation’s standards, even for a top-class software engineer, would he be able to produce a Windows 8 notebook just because you gave him a bunch of circuit boards?

Li Min Sheng was indeed a talented person, and his research on artificial intelligence was much deeper than what Professor Li thought. He had even vaguely touched the threshold to further upgrade artificial intelligence.

Li Min Sheng learned from Ji Yun that Wu Ye’s identity was mysterious. And, in his opinion, Wu Ye was not like a man who had been fighting for more than a year in the apocalypse, but Wu Ye was more like those rich young masters that could be found before the apocalypse.

Furthermore, looking at the way Qin Wuhua and Qian Xin, both of whom had a strong and obvious military atmosphere, completely following Wu Ye’s lead, he could infer that Wu Ye’s origin was definitely not small. He might even have had some connection with the military.

However, if that were the case, why would Wu Ye go all the way out to seek the civilian artificial intelligence technology when it was obvious that the military’s artificial intelligence was more advanced than that of civilians?

Li Min Sheng couldn’t guess Wu Ye’s purpose. He only knew that his left leg was crippled and that he was neither an ability user nor a zombie hunter. So, if he wanted to live in this apocalypse world, he had to cling to Wu Ye’s thighs and let him know his value.

After Li Min Sheng made up his mind, he replied, “Yes, please give me a year.”

A year had exceeded Wu Ye’s expectations, but Uncle Li had also said that after the virus outbreak, the first thing the government had done was to send troops to various settlements sites to escort the top-talents in special fields to the capital for protection. For example, people like Li Min Sheng. If things were not made difficult by people of vile character, It wouldn’t have been so easy for Wu Ye to encounter them.

After realizing that it was not so easy to pick up leaks last night, Wu Ye was finally resigned to his fate.

“Just one year, a year. When the zombie siege is over, I will ask Ji Yun to rent a bigger house. Think about what equipment you need these days, and I’ll try my best to get it for you. If you still need assistants, you can recruit them and give them preferential treatment. My only requirement is to give me the complete artificial intelligence information as soon as possible.”

Li Min Sheng got Wu Ye’s guarantee. Now, he was more confident that he would complete Wu Ye’s task within one year. He repeatedly promised that he wouldn’t let the boss down.

At this time, An An woke up and found that he was sleeping in a strange bed. He didn’t see his father, so he opened the door and ran out.

“Dad!” An An ran behind Li Min Sheng with his short legs, held onto his father’s leg, and secretly looked at Wu Ye.

After An An took a bath last night, the dirty ugly little boy finally showed his true face. Apart from his dog’s gnawing hair style, the little guy’s eyes were round and big. However, his face was too thin and coupled with his waxy yellow skin tone, he lost some of the loveliness that was usually found on healthy children.

“This is my son, An An. An An call him……” Uncle? Brother? Li Min Sheng hesitated for a moment before he decisively said, “Say hello to the boss.”

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