End of World Businessman

Chapter 028.3: Talents [3]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: JaJeSa & Zod

Chapter 028.3: Talents [3]

Seeing the small leader turn to head towards another slum area, Li Min Sheng hurriedly ran over with his son in his arms. “I am Liang Chang Ning, and this is my son.”

The small leader held the flashlight and shone it on his body. This man seemed to be in his forties. A scar stretched across his face from the right of his forehead to the left of his chin, turning his originally beautiful and elegant facial features extremely ferocious. He had a lame left leg and an ugly son.

Yes, it’s him.

These two ugly monsters, big and small, are lucky that someone was willing to exchange a pack of cigarettes for them. They were even luckier that the person was willing to exchange another pack of cigarettes in order to get the pair a Temporary Residence Permit Application.

The small leader smacked his mouth, savoring the fragrance of the smoke in his mouth, before he took out the key he had received from his boss to open the large, iron lock on the safety net.

Seeing that someone was able to leave the refugee area, the pot instantly exploded.

“I am Liang Chang Ning, and I also have my son with me.”

“The child he’s holding is mine. I’m Liang Chang Ning. Let me out.”

“He’s a liar. He’s not Liang Chang Ning at all.”


The small leader immediately fired his gun and shouted sternly, “What are you ghosts yelling about now? Do you want to die? Whoever dares to say one more word will be thrown beyond the wall to feed the zombies.”

The refugees instantly recoiled timidly. One by one, they shrunk their necks like quails, looking at Li Min Sheng and his son with envious looks, as if he had taken away their rare opportunity.

Li Min Sheng’s left leg had been broken by someone and was already lame. As such, he couldn’t walk that fast, especially not with his son in his arms. However, by now An An had woken up and wisely asked for his father to let him down so that he could walk on his own feet.

The small leader led them around a few corners and walked into a shack full of machines and equipment. There, the father-and-son pair were given a simple power test, which revealed both of them to be ordinary people.

Then, they were asked to fill in the form with their identity information. Soon after they completed that, two steaming Temporary Identification Cards were handed over to them.

Li Min Sheng was shocked when he saw the registration information on the artificial intelligence screen. His and An An’s residence tax had been paid in-advance for half a year.

“Come on! Get out of here and keep your mouths shut. If tonight’s story gets out, I can get you back in here the same way I got you out.”

Hearing that, Li Min Sheng hurriedly replied, “We won’t say a word.”

Li Min Sheng led An An out of the shack in a dreamlike trance, afraid that everything was just a good dream... until he saw Ji Yun waiting for him under the streetlamp.

At seven o’clock in the morning, Wu Ye woke up confused as he heard noise outside. He looked around and noticed that Qin Wuhua had already woken up earlier and had left the room. So, he dressed and walked out, only to see a stranger in the living room. For a moment, he was stunned by the sight, before he recalled Professor Li’s words.

This should be Li Min Sheng, whom Professor Li recommended.

Li Min Sheng had spent the entire night listening to Ji Yun’s chatter about how powerful and capable Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua were. However, he restrained himself immensely.

Ji Yun and Professor Li specialized in electronics and technology. They were so talented, that their hands could easily turn scrap into treasures, such as that zombie detector they created. Their refurbished creations brought great benefits once it was operational.

Meanwhile, unlike them, Li Min Sheng majored in computer science and worked as a senior engineer in Qing Yu Group. He was also one of the core R&D members, who created the third generation of civilian artificial intelligence. His status was very high before the apocalypse occurred.

If he were in the capital right now, it would be possible for him to enter the Institute of Science and Technology. But now, in this small Lan Cheng base, where could there be a platform for him to perform?

What’s more, he had also offended the third largest force in Lan Cheng. If he didn’t take his teacher’s name, and if Uncle Li hadn’t recommended him, Wu Ye wouldn’t spend money to save him. And, without him, Li Min Sheng would never have been able to get Lan Cheng base’s Temporary Identification card.

Wu Ye was in complete control of his future, his destiny. Honestly, if he only had a crippled life left, it wouldn’t matter one whit to him if he died immediately. But, he still had An An. And for his son, he had to seize every chance he had to turn his life around.

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