End of World Businessman

Chapter 028.2: Talents [2]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: JaJeSa & Zod

Chapter 028.2: Talents [2]

And, as the sky gradually darkened, everything in the refugee area also darkened, because no lights were installed there. The only lights that the refugees could see came from the sporadically placed lights in the slum area and from the brightly lit residential area that could be seen in the distance.

Tormented by that reality for so long to the point of despair, the refugees numbly laid on the ground. From time to time, ambiguous breathing came from the corner. Moreover, due to the high-handed way that Lan Cheng base controlled the people, those who were doing ‘bad things’ didn’t dare to make too much noise.

“Dad, what’s that noise?” A gray-faced child asked in a hushed tone. Darkness hid the child’s facial features from view. The only thing the darkness couldn’t hide was the unkempt yellow hair on the malnourished child’s head.

It appeared long in some places and short others, as if a dog had chewed on it. There were even several bald spots. At first glance, the child looked extremely ugly.

Li Min Sheng pulled his son into his arms and whispered, “An An, be good. Don’t listen to those voices. Count the sheep to sleep and eat delicious food at dawn.”

An An found a comfortable position in his father’s arms before naively asking, “Will there be meat?”

Li Min Sheng felt his son’s thin back. He couldn’t help himself as his eyes felt burning hot. An An was only five years old. When the apocalypse broke out, he was only three and a half years old, one who was picky about his food and who would throw a fit and complain.

What about now? Now, in his eyes, meat was the best thing to eat, and it was only thanks to Uncle Li and Ji Yun that he was able to eat it. Otherwise, his son wouldn’t even know what meat tasted like, even to this day. In the end, everything was due to his incompetence as a father.

“There will be some in the future. Now, be obedient and go to sleep.” Li Min Sheng’s voice could only be vaguely heard as if it came from the sky.

For a while, An An counted the sheep. However, before long, the fluffy head of the sheep in his imagination turned into the gentle and beautiful face of his mother. Imagining this, An An’s heart turned sour. He called for his father in a poignant voice, “Dad, I can’t sleep. I want mom to sing to me.”

An An was a very smart child, and he had a very good memory. So, he could still remember his mother’s warm singing, along with her comfortable and fragrant embrace.

In the darkness, Li Min Sheng’s eyes suddenly held an endless hatred, but he patted his son’s hand and tried to suppress his emotions. “How about dad telling you a story?”

An An felt somewhat disappointed, but he still answered with agreement in an undertone. He listened attentively to his father’s story about how a little prince along with his companions journeyed over the mountains ridges and how they fought with their wits to courageously save the beautiful princess from the terrible monster’s castle.

As he listened to the story, An An’s eyelids grew heavier and heavier. Before he drifted asleep, though, he thought that the little prince was stupid for leaving a table of barbecued meat to save the princess. The princesses were all delicate and coquettish, just like cousin Lan Lan. He still preferred the brave and loyal Mr. Knight.

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Li Min Sheng couldn’t sleep while being cautious and solemn as he guarded against his surroundings. In the dark, he didn’t know how long he had lied awake. However, the terrible roar of the zombies outside grew closer and closer. It was frightening to hear that sound coming through the base walls.

Additionally, the gun sounds that occasionally rang from the base wall nearby, the continuous roars of cars, and the sound of aircraft propellers coming from the sky…

All of the sounds made the refugees’ eyes darted around in the dark, frantically attempting to search for the trouble as they stood up.

The base guards stationed there were obviously anxious to know about the situation outside. As such they exchanged information in small groups, disregarding the refugees' presence.

Li Min Sheng knew full well that it was useless to think more about the situation outside. Therefore, he only carefully protected his son, who was sleeping in his arms, in case someone decided to take advantage of this opportunity to make some trouble. He still had 20 crystal nuclei on his body, and, when the zombie siege ended, it would be the last living expenses for him and his son.

“Who here is called Liang Chang Ning, the student who used to study at Jin Da University? Li Hong Min is searching for you. Come to the door.” Suddenly, a small leader in charge of the area shouted from outside the refugee section.

Liang Chang Ning, Li Hong Min.

When Li Min Sheng heard the two familiar names, his heart jumped wildly. Liang Chang Ning was his mentor when he studied in graduate school, the one who had taught him everything he knew. Unfortunately, just after he finished graduate school, Professor Liang died in a car accident. Moreso, isn’t Li Hong Min supposed to be Uncle Li’s full name?

In lieu of his deceased friend, Uncle Li had been secretly taking care of Li Min Sheng since they encountered each other in Lan Cheng base. If not for him and Ji Yun, he and An An wouldn’t have survived for so long. And right now, Uncle Li was looking for him…

Li Min Sheng suddenly remembered something. A few days ago, Uncle Li had told him that Ji Yun worked for a boss, who had remarkable personality and capabilities…

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