End of World Businessman

Chapter 028.1: Talents [1]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: ?

Chapter 028.1: Talents [1]

An hour passed in just a blink of an eye. And, with the exception of Qian Xin’s ability, which had only recovered to ⅔, other people’s ability had fully recovered.

Fortunately, the same trick was still effective when it was used repeatedly against the zombies. The low-level isolation box also effectively hid the orange crystal from the zombie’s group perception. And when Wu Ye saw a group of zombie hunters that was soon chased away by the zombies tide, Wu Ye couldn’t help but to grin unkindly at them.

Honestly, the unmutated third-level zombies were much easier to deal with than the mutated one, and that’s why Wu Ye and his team was able to successfully hunted 5 new zombies before dark, becoming the first zombie hunters team to complete the base master’s mission.

Since the rate of the zombies tide advancing seemed to be faster than what people expected, making the upper-echelon of Lan Cheng base so busy that even if Ji Xiang, the base master, wanted to talked more with Qin Wuhua, he wasn’t able to find the time to do so in this crisis. Therefore, he could only ask them to go to his home for dinner after the crisis was properly resolved. Then, they would be able to have a good talk.

Ji Xiang’s intention was obvious. He wanted to attract more talented people. Right now, he was the only one who had reached third-order level in the Lan Cheng base, and the base itself was already surrounded by the wolves. Many forces outside the base wanted to step in and took over. However, were the position of the first person in charge of Lan Cheng base so easy to be taken?

Qin Wuhua was optimistic about Lan Cheng base’s environment. He intended to take root here. Since he completed the mission in the shortest possible time and took the limelight, wouldn’t it mean that he was hoping to gain Ji Xiang’s favor?

The intention of the two sides was to make good friends with each other. Naturally, they hit it off easily.

Back home, Professor Li had prepared a big dinner. And after he had enough drink and food, Wu Ye leaned against the back of his chair and imperceptibly rubbed his satisfied bulging belly before he turned to ask Professor Li his question.

“Uncle Li, do you know anyone who does any research and development on artificial intelligence? It’s better if they are able to write the core computer program structure.”


The refugees camp was built on the clearing next to the slum, which was as big as four or five football fields. It was specially welded with wire mesh and steel pipes, and divided into ten areas. There was a 3-meter wide corridor between the areas, and the base defense guards patrolled back and forth armed with guns and bullets around it. If there were any changes, they would be shot and killed immediately.

In the afternoon, more than 20 people had been shot and killed by the base guards, leaving the bodies lying in various refugee areas just like that without proper disposal. The ground was stained red mixed with brown from the mud and the white brain matter was splashed everywhere.

They were very intimidating to some people who were ready to move. In addition to being constantly inspected by the guards, the barbed wire in the refugee area was connected to the power supply, and once something happened, the barbed wire could be turned into a high-voltage power grid at any time.

The refugee areas were actually more like a high-pressure prison than anything else.

Those who came in early have already had the lunch and dinner that was provided by Lan Cheng base. Lunch was a mixture of corn flour and soybean flour to make a coarse flatbread. One person would be given one only.

This kind of flatbread was astringent and hard to swallow. When you ate it, your mouth would feel that it was filled with powder, but what else could one do when they were very hungry?

Besides, it was also the kind of bread that the refugees often eat when they were outside. Meanwhile, dinner was porridge that was basically a big bowl of water, and you could count exactly how many grains of rice there were at the bottom of the bowl.

This kind of food was not enough at all. It could only maintain the minimum demand of the human body, but even so, no one dared to say a word of dissatisfaction for it.

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