End of World Businessman

Chapter 027.3: Base Leader Duties [3]

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Chapter 027.3: Base Leader Duties [3]

The purpose of the cosmic mercenary system was to cultivate iron-blooded warriors. Of course, the skills collected by the government at a great cost couldn’t be shown to others in vain. Therefore, the more advanced the skill you wanted was, the more enemies you need to kill. Frankly speaking, points were actually contribution values. The greater the contribution, the greater the reward, and with the reward, the soldiers would finally embark on the road of the strong.

Even after the war was over, the cosmic mercenary system was still active in the black market trade. The reason was because there were functions in the system whose value couldn’t be measured. However, since the system was created through many cutting-edge technologies and merged with trace of the universe original law, it couldn’t be deciphered by the hackers irrespective of how skilled they or their group were.

So, regardless of everything, regardless of their identities, if one wanted to get anything from the system, they could only exchange for it through points. At the same time, the skills that were exchanged would be directly passed on by the system without the receiver being able to put into words what the skill was, only able to understand it intrinsically. This was the confidentiality agreement that the government initially promised to the original owners of the skills.

Now, Wu Ye simply didn’t realize the real value of the system, and simply regarded the system as an existence that could shuttle him through the world and the place where he could exchange for magical things.



【You’re forever deceptive!】Wu Ye finally growled, unable to help his frustration.


Wu Ye still wanted to nag to the system. However, it stopped him with just one word.

【When will you pay back the credits you owe the system?】

The second young master Wu immediately changed the subject, feeling guilty as he did so.【By the way, do you know why those zombies rushed to the dead zombie just now?】

The dead zombie, naturally, referred to the third-level mutated zombie.

【The malignant D-virus infectee is not trying to rush at the dead body, but trying to devour the dead zombie’s crystal nuclei to complete its own evolution.】

When he heard that explanation, Wu Ye’s only thought was that it was unfathomable:【What? Those zombies can evolve through absorbing crystal nuclei as well? Will they kill each other then?】

【The nature of the D-virus will not allow them to do so. However, once the malignant D-virus infectee dies, other malignant D-virus infectees can sense the existence of the crystal nuclei. Then they will search for the source of the crystal nuclei and will devour the energy within to accumulate enough energy for its own evolution.】

Wu Ye suddenly thought of the zombies he had killed in the zombie wall in order to increase his points previously, but where he didn’t take out a single crystal nuclei from them.

T/N: Precisely my thought my dear.

【Is it because of me that these third-level zombies were born?】Wu Ye’s face suddenly turned pale when he thought of those who were killed by the third-level zombies, the siege that Lan Cheng base is currently going to face caused by the third-level zombies, and the sea of refugees corpses that was piled up outside Lan Cheng base. All these thoughts made Wu Ye’s heart feel heavy.

Those, those are all living beings.

【Only a few of them are.】The system stated in its own impersonal and objective way.【The evolution of the D-virus is an inevitable process. Before long, there will be even more advanced malignant infectees. The host does not need to blame himself for this.】

Listening to the system’s words made Wu Ye feel a little bit better, but his mood was still very low. So, he asked the system.【Do you have anything that can isolate the orange crystal?】 The system certainly wouldn’t lie. Besides, if he didn’t put the orange crystal away, they’d be in big trouble later.

As soon as it heard the question, the control panel changed its surface, showing an ugly iron box on it. There was a description accompanying the box: Low Level Isolation Box (Small), 500 points, 500 first-level crystal nuclei.

Then the system timely offered an explanation:【The low-level isolation box can isolate the energy emanating from third-level and below crystal nuclei from being felt.】

【......】He, with his negative points, didn’t dare to speak.

【You can buy it on credit first.】

【System! You’re so kind!】If the second young master had a long tail, it must be wagging right now.

System: Why is the chip hot again? It must be that damn cunning virus again!

The system quickly synthesized the low-level isolation box, which was put into the canvas bag next to Wu Ye before it hurriedly went back to check and kill the virus.

There were many things in the big canvas bag such as spare guns, bullets, grenades, field knives, car repairing tools, and so on. So, it was only after searching for a long time that Wu Ye found a square ‘iron box’ that was slightly larger than his fist.

Damn it! The system is really deceptive!

Second young master Wu, who was not familiar with the work, was fuming as he took a field knife, spending a long time prying open the zombie’s skull. Once he managed to pry the zombie’s skull open, he took out the orange crystal from its head.

This orange crystal was obviously a circle larger than other crystal nuclei he had seen. The crystal was clear and lustrous. The warm and pure orange color the crystal had made it looked as if a bunch of sunlights were imprisoned in it.

Anyway, the crystal nuclei that was needed to save Ah Li had been settled.

Wu Ye put the orange crystal in the isolation box, then meditated cross-legged as he practiced the 《Basic Breathing skill》.

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