End of World Businessman

Chapter 027.2: Base Leader Duties [2]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: ?

Chapter 027.2: Base Leader Duties [2]

And, while the second young master’s expression remained indifferent on the surface when he saw the three ability users looking at him with clear approval in their eyes, deep inside his heart he was very satisfied, and silently gave his dashing appearance 32 likes.

Today’s mission had just begun though. According to Qin Wuhua’s plan, they would hunt enough new zombies before the zombie tide came tonight. After all, should they missed this opportunity, when the time came, the battlefield would eventually move to the base wall. In that kind of melee, the chance of getting a shot at the new type of zombie was too slim.

At the beginning, the three new ability users thought it was impossible when they heard Qin Wuhua’s plan.

Capturing five new zombies in one day? How was that possible? Did he know how many second-order ability users who were being chased by the new zombies? How many zombie hunters who were torn to pieces by them in the matter of minutes without their team? The three of them were here only for the sake of the high commission.

In addition to the minimum commission they would get, Wu Ye had also promised them that should they capture a new zombie, they would be given an extra 500 nuclei each. And, if they caught five, they would be given 5000 nuclei directly. Now, after seeing Qin Wuhua’s fighting power and novel methods, they no longer thought about the 5000 nuclei in their hearts. Instead, they wished that they’d be able to stay in the team.

Because they had a premonition in their hearts that this team, which didn’t even have a name yet, would one day rise to fame sooner or later.

Yang Qi and Yang Li Na exchanged a look between each other and knew that these three people had the same thoughts as them. It’s a pity that Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua had not declared their position on this matter. These days, they have been working with them constantly and got paid based on commission at a clear price. From this fact, it was obvious that they had no intention of recruiting them. However, if this mission could be successfully completed and they managed to get the tax-free store reward, Wu Ye would probably need some extra manpower.

“Ji Yun is in charge of surveillance. The ability users should seize the time to absorb the crystal nuclei and restore their power as soon as possible. We will continue to move one hour later.” Qin Wuhua said in a cold voice, solemn and dignified, making people instinctively feel like they want to surrender.

“Yes!” Qian Xin replied, seemingly returning to the time when he once worked with the devil instructor. Thankfully, his reply was not too loud.

It’s not the first time for Yang Qi and Yang Li Na to work with Qian Xin. They already knew a little about his loud voice. And the three new ability users in there were also not shocked.

Second young master Wu was so proud of his younger brother. If he could also awaken his ability, he would have even more face.
Wu Ye found a corner to sit down. Then he summoned out the control panel, which showed that his task of killing the third-level mutated zombie had failed.

【System, this is not fair. When others contribute, you deduct my points, and that’s fine. It’s fair I admit. But now that I had clearly worked hard and contribute, I once again is not counted to the completion of the task.】

The electronic sound of the system when it replied to Wu Ye did not fluctuate:【Because the third-level mutated zombie is not hunted directly by the host. Therefore, the kill is not recognized and bound by the system. It can’t be counted as host’s task being completed and therefore can’t be counted as points.】

Wu Ye usually was not keen enough to catch the fact that there seemed to be other meanings in the system’s words, but this time, he was keen enough. He asked:【Wait a minute, what do you mean by ‘the binding was not recognized by the system’? Can you still bind them to Wuhua and the others?】

【Each time the host unlocks a level from the gene-chain, it can bind one comrade-in-arms. The host can do this up to nine times. During the task, the system can convert the contributions made by the comrade-in-arms into the host’s account. In return, the comrade-in-arms can enjoy the skills provided by the system.】

After hearing this, Wu Ye’s eyes became clear and bright. He wagged his big tail and asked:【Is it a free skill?】

The system’s reply was cold and exuded nobility:【Dream on.】

【You mean I still have to spend points and crystal nuclei to exchange those skills for them?】

【That’s right.】

In the higher universe, there were many kinds of methods available for humans to practice, but there is no free lunch in the world. Who was willing to show his own secret skills to outsiders?

The cosmic mercenary system itself was a wartime product. At that time, a large number of qualified and powerful soldiers were urgently needed in the protracted racial wars. And for the battle at that level, the soldiers were not only required to be able to drive a spaceship and mecha robot, but also needed the soldiers to possess a strong combat strength.

The only way to obtain strong combat strength was to practice cultivation. Therefore, the cosmic mercenary system was developed by the government. And the government had included numerous skills that it had gotten through various measures into the system.

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