End of World Businessman

Chapter 027.1: Base Leader Duties [1]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

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Chapter 027.1: Base Leader Duties [1]

The speed of the third level mutated zombie was very fast. It only took one minute for it to appear within everyone’s sight. It was not only fast, it was also very cunning. It was passing through a large number of clumsy first level zombies in a flash, and in such a dense group of zombies, it was extremely difficult to catch it, let alone aimed at it.

The three first-order ability users that Yang Qi found for them were usually good at hunting, but they had never really fought hard in the zombie wall. So, looking at the zombies surging forward like the tide, all three of them felt numb and timid.

At the moment of life and death, a single mistake would lead to a complete loss

The three men’s hands shook a few times when they changed their magazines. It was a glaring hole in their flawless co-operation. The zombie tide, which was originally contained at 30 meters away suddenly surged forward nearly ten meters.

Wu Ye almost instinctively pulled the trigger, the heavy machine gun spewed out a long tongue of fire, and the zombie fell to the ground. The three people were horrified to see that every bullet Wu Ye fired was accurately embedded in the zombie’s brain. Motherf*****, he unexpectedly used a heavy machine gun to produce the effect of a sniper gun.


War weapon.

The three people couldn’t help but think of this terrible title in their mind. However, since the battle of life and death was just around the corner, they didn’t have the heart to think about anything more, but they suddenly had a little more energy in their hearts. Their shooting skills have recovered to the peak level, and with the help from Wu Ye and Yang Li Na, they would restrain the zombies.

In just a moment, the new zombie was nearly a hundred meters away.

“Qian Xin, pay attention to persevere your ability! 3, 2, 1……” Qin Wuhua counted down to 1, and the golden sniper bullet rushed out of the barrel. If it’s possible to put the scene in slow motion and make it look like a special effect from the movie, then you could see several circles of electric light on the golden copper bullet shell. The circle of light swam on the shell, and at the moment of impact, you would swear that there was a slight inaudible sound coming out.

The cunning mutated zombie seemed to smell the danger as it suddenly hid itself behind a group of zombies. If it had thought like a human being, then it would have been smug that it had managed to wisely dodge a bullet.

The three people got distracted as they watched the new zombies hid itself, their heart losing hope as they despaired.

However, the next moment, a strange scene happened

The bullet actually turned a corner. Another point to note was the fact that it also accelerated!

Paralyzed, it’s simply more deranged than a zombie.

The third-level mutated zombie was heavily knocked to the ground by the force of inertia, and despite being mostly made from iron and steel, it’s temple was slightly more fragile than the rest of its body, enabling the high-speed rotating sniper bullet to chisel it out. The strong current that was carried by the sniper bullet then directly burned all the nerves in its brain. For ten seconds, the third-level mutated zombie’s whole body convulsed violently before it died completely.

However, at the next moment, something even more inexplicable appeared.

Some of the zombies who were crazily attacking people actually stopped, turned around, and ran to the dead third-level mutated zombie. They had a scuffle and even fought with each other in order to get to the dead third-level mutated zombie.

What’s going on here?

There must be something weird behind every abnormality. And this. This was abnormal behavior.

Under Qin Wuhua’s command, Yang Qi and Yang Li Na retracted their abilities at the same time. Then Ji Yun stepped on the gas pedal deeply and crashed the truck into the zombies before he pressed the push button on the truck, and suddenly a few meters long mechanical arms grew from the back of the truck. The arm fished amongst the zombies and tightly tied the third-level mutated zombie before the arms shrank back as it lifted the zombie body and let it be slammed down into the truck’s open-topped container.

Seeing that the amount of the zombies around her was too high, Yang Li Na put her hand to the truck’s body. The truck then flashed golden as a half meter long thin knife grew out of the truck wheel; coupled with the ever accelerating speed, the heavy truck became a ‘human’ eating weapon as the zombies close to the truck were all cut off.

Ten minutes later, the truck was parked in a safe area with fewer zombies.

The battle just now seemed quick and easy, but truthfully, it wasn’t.

In such a short time, Yang Qi and Yang Li Na had spent at least half of their available power.

Qin Wuhua himself had attached ⅓ of his power to the sniper bullet, and the precise control he needed to do it had consumed most of his brain power.

In order to control the trajectory of the sniper bullet, Qian Xin was almost drained of power, spending 200% of his concentration on that task only. And now, after the battle, he didn’t even have the strength to speak.

The three first-order peak ability users had also not recovered from the shock, holding their water bottle and drank from it in a daze.

Wu Ye was also a little tired. It was mainly his heart that was tired though. Others only saw that he was using a heavy machine gun to shoot the zombies head like using a sniper gun, but they didn’t know that in that process, every time he aimed, predicted, and shot, he would consume a lot of his brain power and focus.

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